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Thank you for your votes in the Mobbies! I’m so excited. It’s Day Three of Ten and my begging for votes is paying off. Imma have to shout this next part, I’m actually nominated for THREE MOBBIES!!!! Holy Mother of Pearl!!!

  • Best DIY Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Personal Blog

I didn’t even know until last night that I was up for a Personal Blog nomination. At first I was surprised. I mean, I’m a *sewing* blog, right? But, I started remembering that it was here where I could say the things that I couldn’t in my offline life.

There was my first lesson learned in not sewing for other people. Remember my friend who was rather…. “unkind” about the hand crafted gifts I gave her for Christmas? Peeps. That one doesn’t even get cards from me now.

There is the refresher course in not sewing for people by way way of making seven-fold ties followed in short order by the epic breakup. No one here asked me why we broke up. You guys just gave me love and support. I was pretty much at my lowest self esteem point and you helped bouy me.

Of course, there was the debate on who the hostess serves first: husband or guests. You’ll be happy to know that said guy is totally out of my life.

So, yes. I am a personal blogger. I sometimes worry I share too much. But, you’re kind enough to skip the posts where I blather on.

One last Public Service Announcement: Please vote for me today! You can use several methods to log in to the site including Facebook, Google, AOL, and Twitter!

Click here to vote for my blog ... early and often

You can vote in all three categories of Lifestyle, DIY and Personal blog. And, at the end there is an option to vote for me in Best Overall Blog.

Thank you again!


  1. No, you don’t blather! You give a lovely insight in who you are and that is a great companion to reading about the clothes you make. I really enjoy the mix – keep it up.

  2. Stupid site finally let me vote for you. Consider it done. I’ll stuff the ballot for you again tomorrow!

  3. I, for one, truly appreciate the reminder. When it pops up, I think to go vote right away, otheriwse I am forgetful. Total subject change: Since I don’t live in the East Coast metropolis area for those lovely get togethers, don’t you think that on one of your future Tampa trips we should have a Sewing Bloggers Luncheon for the FL sewists?

  4. Yes, please keep posting the reminder! I plan on voting every day! I have a weird girl crush on you and nicegirl, if nicegirl was nominated for something, I would vote for her!

  5. Shill and blather away, you have my vote. I enjoy your sewing subjects and your personal anecdotes.

  6. I tried voting for you but it only goes so far then I get a blank black box on the screen. While the vote may not count here, I really wish you all the best. I enjoy visiting your blogs from time to time.

    God Bless!

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