Running Boy Shorts

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Brrrr. Dont’ worry. It’s already too cold (for me) on the east coast to wear running shorts. But, I have taken up running. Well, I’ve been three times in the last week. Considering I despise running with every fiber of my being (second only to hiking), this counts as ‘taken up running’ for me. Why am I running?  Because mid-30s spread isn’t pretty. It’s super efficient. I love the idea of running. And, it’s kind of the easiest form of exercise there is, no? I know I should find exercise I love, but those all cost money (ballet, swimming, Bikram) and this is kind of… free.

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

I’ve noticed when I run that, I um, sweat — everywhere. I’ve been to the Under Armour headquarters and I thought it was so funny when I saw they made underwear. It seemed like a great way to gouge people. $19 for shorts that I won’t even look cute in! Think sausage legs with a jelly roll on top. But, now I know why moisture wicking shorts exist.

I’ve isolated a pattern from Patrones. Something I’ve made before as a swim bottom. But, I think with a few small alterations, they will be good exercise base layers.

I plan to work on them this weekend. We’ll see! Best laid plans and all that 🙂

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  1. My favorite running shorts have boy cut leggings inside them. I can’t wait to see what you make. I think that swimsuit pattern looks perfect for running shorts!

  2. Those are a great idea! I have some underwear like this and would add elastic on the back half of the leg if making them myself. Otherwise they like to squirm around.

  3. Shorts look great! I am not a fan of working with stretch – but I ought to give it a try… Yes keep the reminders coming re the voting – we are all championing your blog! I love to run and find an ipod playlist (with some rockin’, bumpin’ tunes) is the only way to get through it, (that and a little visualisation about how much good I am doing whilst dragging my behind round the course) – good luck! – amanda

  4. I also hate running. Luckily, it messes up my knees pretty bad, so at least I have a good excuse. Instead I’ve been using almost all of the beach body workouts. I’m a big fan of all of Chalene Johnson’s videos, and I don’t have to leave the house to do them (turbojam, chalene extreme, turbofire). On the shorts front, do you have a Joe Clothing where you are? They have very cute work out wear, and I especially love their active wear sport shorts $19 ( I have what I like to call muscular thighs, and they are just long enough to be flattering, but short enough to keep me cool. Here in Saskatchewan, we have Joe Clothing at the grocery store, but I think there are some stand alone stores opening in the NY area right around now.

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