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Missing the Boat

How did I miss the most recent Burda Easy Fashion? Currently, it seems to be published in French, German, Italian and Russian.

I used to have a subscription, but about two years ago realized I had just plain aged out of the magazine.  This morning I was looking online and saw some images from the Winter 2011/ Spring 2012 which came out in August 2011.

Most of it doesn’t appeal to me, but am totally digging this shearling aviator / motorcycle jacket. Methinks that jacket will be a very easy sew. Princess seams should make fitting easier than the first time I attempted one of these!

I also like the all-leather version of it they made up

I think the lingerie in this edition is super pretty. There’s this lacy kimono

And this chemise

And, of course there are the things that I wouldn’t bother with

Not meant for my thighs (and I’m annoyed by knitting patterns in my sewing magazines)….

Not meant for my life….

Not worth buying a magazine for

Since the magazine came out it August it is long sold out of GLP News. My backup is usually GCN News and they had a French language copy available!