Missing the Boat

How did I miss the most recent Burda Easy Fashion? Currently, it seems to be published in French, German, Italian and Russian.

I used to have a subscription, but about two years ago realized I had just plain aged out of the magazine.  This morning I was looking online and saw some images from the Winter 2011/ Spring 2012 which came out in August 2011.

Most of it doesn’t appeal to me, but am totally digging this shearling aviator / motorcycle jacket. Methinks that jacket will be a very easy sew. Princess seams should make fitting easier than the first time I attempted one of these!

I also like the all-leather version of it they made up

I think the lingerie in this edition is super pretty. There’s this lacy kimono

And this chemise

And, of course there are the things that I wouldn’t bother with

Not meant for my thighs (and I’m annoyed by knitting patterns in my sewing magazines)….

Not meant for my life….

Not worth buying a magazine for

Since the magazine came out it August it is long sold out of GLP News. My backup is usually GCN News and they had a French language copy available!


  1. Like you, I really like the motorcycle jacket too! I hope you find the magazine because I’d love to see pics of your version of the motorcycle jacket in your blog. Can’t wait : )

  2. The jacket looks great. congrats on the blog winning! That is wonderful! I could never get a copy of that magazine in Canada — maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. Season 4 Being Erica is very good and think you’ll enjoy it in the New Year when it goes States side. My one blog post of meeting Erin Karpluk, to be the most often hit post on my blog. Amazing how popular she is. Delightful Oh, Erin Karplu and making a ballet dance suit! LOL Go figure!

  3. There is a better dupe of the jacket on hotpatterns.com I believe it is listed under their vintage patterns. It has flared sleeves which I think are cooler than this version. but the same princess seams and side zip. Anyway, super easy to get and less than $20.00

  4. Let me check if I don’t have it. I vaguely recall subscribing to EF but not sure when it ended. I’ll email you. Why not post on PR for a loan? or outright buy it from a PR member?

  5. Kwik Sew has a very similar pattern for a motorcycle jacket. I made it in leather it turned out well, I am just trying to get brave enough to try gluing the hems and sleeve hems. I understand this is what is supposed to be done with leather. I normally sew a 20/22 pattern and I made it up in XL and it fits like a dream. I really enjoy reading your posts. You inspire me!

  6. Re the jacket…Vogue Fabrics has online some great sherpa-backed suede (http://www.voguefabricsstore.com/Sueded-Cuddle-Black-Grey.html) that’s used by RTW manufacturers (the Gap, etc.) It’s easy to sew with a teflon foot, but MESSY to cut. I’d rent a room (which I often) just to cut! This stuff gets everywhere including nostrils…but it’s wonderfully washable. There’s also a faux sherpa on the site…which I haven’t sewed it, but somehow doesn’t appeal to me as much but would rock an Amelia Earhart or Anne Morrow Lindbergh flight jacket…Also LOVE the lacy kimono would be great cover-up for a pair of jeans and a stretch lace top. I’d make it in a retro combo of pink and baby blue.

  7. Cidell, the silk skirt, second to last pic, would make a great ballet piece, don’t you think? But you no longer dance….sigh!

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