Being On Trend

I’m still waiting for the Burda Easy Fashion with the shearling bomber jacket pattern to make its way to me from Oh, Canada!

I have this gray and black shearling from FabricMart for it. I think I will not have enough skins to make the jacket happen. But, I definitely have enough for a vest. I wanted the pattern to come before I left town for Florida / Thanksgiving with my parents. I was going to lay it all out and see if I had enough material. I’m so obsessed with this idea that I won’t be able to think of much other sewing until.  If I did come before I leave (Wed. night), I figured I could cut it at my parent’s place and leave my mom to contend with all the bits of cut fur / wool…. But, it’s not here yet.

I was thumbing through my crack US Weekly and saw this awesome faux shearling from H&M. I thought it was *so* cute. I thought, ‘Oh, if I had a jacket just like that! Where is my Burda Easy Fashion!’. And then I realized, ‘Crap. Dumb Dumb. You bought that jacket three weeks ago.”

You see, I bought it three weeks ago but at $50 I wasn’t sure it was ‘worth’ it. Not because I’m cheap. But, because I knew on a good sale I could get enough ‘real’ shearling to make this up. So, it’s been in a bag in my living room while I decided if I was going to keep it.

I really liked how it was sewn and wanted to keep it around for construction technique. But, after having my taste validated in a gossip magazine, I’ve decided to keep it. It’s super cute. And warmer than you would think. Warmer, but *not* breathable.

I’ll need to look out for the next FabricMart shipment of shearling. Actually, I’m pretty sure when they get it again I’ll finally just roadtrip out to PA to purchase. Then, I can make sure I have enough material.


  1. your shearling is gorgeous.
    And why did you have to bring up the concept of FabricMart /stalking /roadtripping.
    I’ve had a latent desire to sew something out of leather.
    and so it begins.

  2. Oh that jacket is so cute. Where did you finally find the pattern? I remember noticing that jacket when it came out and thinking hmm I should get a copy of that. And then never getting around to it. Well, let us know how it comes out!

    • “I’ll finally just roadtrip out to PA to purchase. Then, I can make sure I have enough material.” How could one take a trip to Fabric Mart in person and leave feeling one had enough material? Hmm, I’ll take another gander at BEF here and see if it turns into a must-have 🙂

  3. Your real shearling is lush! I’ve seen some jackets around here where the sleeves are coat-weight wool and the body is made out of skins. That might be an idea if you can find the right cloth to coordinate.
    Your faux shearling jacket is cute and very much on trend, but I wonder if the fact that it doesn’t breath will be uncomfortable when you are biking around. I hate to sweat when it is cold.
    I just bought some leather and some shearling. All the muslins I am making, really slow me down compared to my usual “have a go” attitude when sewing. That said, my husband would like me to hurry up and get all these skins out of the dining room! I think he finds it a little, er, unappetising!

  4. You’re right to keep the jacket. And sewing with leather must be in the air, I’m longing for a leather jacket as well (though quite different from yours).

    • This is giving me pause! I will organize a Fabric Mart trip I think. I’d like to wait until they have leather skins again. But, could definitely be talked into something in early spring like March if not.

  5. And the rest of us staying behind expect you to write a looong blogpost about that trip, y’know. 😉

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