I Bought A Dress

As I noted last month ‘we’ have won re-election. That means there will be an official evening ‘gala’, not unsimilar to this one four years ago. I had grandiose ideas of making a dress. But, succumbed when I realized the event was going to be in early December, not mid January.  I had a vintage dress in mind, but it kind of came down to just not having the ‘right’ material. I wanted a 4 ply silk and it’s just not in the budget.

It’s an odd feeling because I am  *so* used to making fancy dresses! I look forward to every bit of the process. You get to sew something you normally wouldn’t wear and you have a dress no one else has. But, it wasn’t in the cards this year. I also suspect I’ll be asked all night if I made my dress and will have to hang my head in shame when I say, ‘no’.

So, I found this dress at Neiman Marcus Last Call. It’s a beautiful navy and a gorgeous, thick silk. It was originally $540 and I paid $120.  Mine is longer than the model’s. Err, rather, I am shorter than the model. I  may take it up an inch or two.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be sewing *anything*. The actual swearing in will be outside. In December. For two hours. Brrrr. I do have a good winter coat and shearling boots. But, I need a warm outfit too that can transition into a reception following.

Oh, and before you ask me about shoes. I, um, don’t have any. I’ll make my mom go looking with me in Florida this weekend. I think she actually likes shopping. But, I’m open to suggestions on Zappos for under $100. Ideally, $50.  But, beggars can’t be choosers. I’m an 8.5 wide or a 9 in a pinch. Thanks in advance, LOL!


  1. My rule of thumb on this sort of this goes as follows: Find the shoes FIRST. I have never had any luck getting a dress and then going out and trying to find shoes; I’m sure they hide them. But when I go out and find a pair that I fall in love with, I can usually find something to wear with it. But, you’ve already gotten the dress….

  2. Well, I adore that dress, can’t beat the price and it’s nice to wear RTW sometimes.

    But, next time you want fabric, contact me!! If I have something appropriate in my stash, we can bargain (maybe make a trade? – I know your stash is formidable)

    I do have a couple nice pieces of silk from Elliott Berman and Chic Fabrics in NYC.

  3. Cute dress! I know it’s a bit more expensive than your $50 shoe budget, but I highly recommend buying shoes from either Born or Sofft–if you’re going to be standing for 2 hours in heels, you WILL want comfortable ones. I pulled this one off my pinterest board, I think they’re adorable and will work for your dress (though they may be cold) http://www.sofftshoe.com/Sofft-Reiko-in-Anthracite-color

    I hope that helps!

  4. Have you tried 6pm.com? It’s Zappos’ close-out sister site. If yours is the same color, I wouldn’t try to match, but rather go with silver and silver jewelry. For example: http://www.6pm.com/product/7420252/color/3397, http://www.6pm.com/product/7663946/color/64960 , http://www.zappos.com/bella-vita-geyser-ii-silver-metallic-satin I think these might work but closer to the higher end of your price range http://www.zappos.com/j-renee-fame-pewter-patent-floral-multi Good luck!

  5. OK…. You one a an award for a sewing blog but you are planning to show up to the award gala in a store bought dress?

  6. Pretty dress. When I started taking fashion design classes in New York, I thought the teachers and the experienced students would be dressed in clothes they made all the time.

    They hardly ever do, for a variety reasons: Lack of time, interest, the challenge of fitting oneself (most people say get help). I’m sure Donna Karan wears Donna Karan a lot, but she does not have to sew the clothes. 🙂

    Why should you expect more of yourself than do professionals or near-professionals? Enjoy it.

  7. Sometimes things are just outside of our control. I’ve sworn off purchasing clothing for 12 months (and then moved from hot Australia to cold Vancouver) and had to cave and buy a pair of pants for work and a warm wool sweater…. Sucked but had to be done! I wasn’t happy about it but I couldn’t make a pair in time nor deal with the cold having only 2 warm shirts.

    Maybe you can make a fascinator and feel better about it? It is a truly lovely dress and I can’t wait to see how you “own” it!

    Have fun!

  8. I am very interested in the shoe suggestions as well… I have a fancy work holiday event coming up and no appropriate shoes!

  9. It’s a very pretty dress and it’s a good color for you.and it’s a very good price. Just think, no last minute rush to get it finished! You can spend the time and give yourself a facial or whatever spa treatment you desire. Enjoy the evening.

  10. I found my most recent fancy shoes at a Dillards here in Tampa. They were just $40 on clearance. I’m sending good shoe vibes your way. The dress is gorgeous!

  11. I like that dress – yummy! There’s a local shoe chain in the Tampa/Clearwater area called Peltz Shoes that I can recommend. They are online, too.

  12. The dress is lovely, and I think you might seriously consider whether you really want to shorten it. To my eyes, it looks too short on the model, bony as she is, and I think it might be perfect on you in its current length.

  13. Why wouldn’t you buy such a beautiful dress at such a good price? I think if it’s well made from good fabric and is something you probably would have made yourself then it’s definately ok to buy a garment. It’s when I spend money on something poorly made that I could have done a better job myself that I feel I’ve cheated myself.

    But yes, people who know you sew will excitedly ask you if you made that – I always feel that they think I’ve been pretending to sew my own clothes the whole time when I admit to one purchase!

  14. Ah ok for this time you will be all excused ;-))) I keep coming back every day on your blog to check if you posted pictures of you in it. I am certain you were gorgeous in it and so much more sexy than the model who looks a little bit too skinny.

    • LOL! I hope I’ll be gorgeous in it after this Thanksgiving weekend! I even went running twice to stave off the damage. The event is December 6, so next week I’ll have photos

  15. Oh man the place for shoes this month are the luxury shopping discounters like Rue La la and Gilt…So many good deals on holiday shoes! I’ll email you invites.

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