2011 Inaugural Gala

The swearing in was yesterday.  It was a really beautiful setting outside of City Hall on the plaza. Unfortunately, it was rainy. But, not torrential.

Later that evening was the gala / ball. The room was set up with murals of Baltimore with live painting.

Here I am with my work girlfriends. We’re a little Model UN! Eastern European, South American, Indian, German-American and me.

I was excited to see style blogger Jessica from her fun style blog, Get Jessed Up.  How sharp does her date look in his tux? I had to show off my my Princess Diana sapphire ring. I’m hoping to pull myself together to do a guest post for her soon.

Finally, here’s a photo with my frequent male companion. My boss loaned me the art deco inspired jewelry. She found the earrings at an estate sale.

Apparently, I can only take photos with my hand on my hip.




  1. Oh, how beautiful you look! And how happy everyone else looks to be there. Hope you had a wonderful time.

  2. It all looks so beautiful and grand. I actually got an invite (because I donated to her campaign, I suppose?). Of course, I could not attend, but I enjoyed leaving the invitation up on my refrigerator for all to see.

    yay for you! I don’t know if you read any interior design blogs, but

    Pigtown*Design is another blogger who posts interesting Baltimore things.

  3. I remember your post in which you wrote how you wished you looked chic. Well, I can assure you, you look very chic on these pictures! The icy blue really suits you, and I love your hair.
    Seems like the hand on hip is reserved for curvy girls – that’s my posture too!

  4. You look beautiful and the dress, divine. I remember reading one of your posts ages ago lamenting a lack of style and thinking that girl has it so wrong. Style? Babe you ooze it.

  5. You look Amazing! Did you make your dress? It’s so perfect on you, and I don’t doubt that you could have made it, you’re so talented!

  6. You look fabulous! I laughed at your comment about the hip thing….I always tilt my head for some weird reason.


    You seriously have a gorgeous eye for fashion. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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