Rebecca Bra and a German Request


Between holiday parties, tree decorating, last minute gift shopping and such, I managed to work on my Sewy Rebecca Bra . I made a second go with this Netherlands material after the last time I made this bra.  Back in August an almost perfect bra was too large in the band and wide at the bridge. This time I had actual Enlish directions thanks to a reader and I used the downward hike technique so the band would not ride up in the back and I shortened the band by an inch or two. I also took some height out of the cup.

The result? Well, the band is great. I love the layout I used for the lace this time (directional change). The bridge is much narrower and a better fit. But, the cup is too small. The center bridge does not lay flush against my breastbone and it gives me a double breast.

I suspect this is about a C cup. I’m going to shop it around at the office and see if someone wants it. It’s too pretty to salvadge for parts.

Now, the bigger problem. I cannot find this pattern in my stash. Normally, it would turn up. But, I’ve managed to throw away some things in the past (a year’s worth of contact lenses, the sleeve to my tuxedo jacket, etc.) in fits of cleaning. And, I think this pattern is a casualty.

Not a big deal, right? Just order a new one? Well, they are only sold on a German language site. I’ve emailed them in English and was not able to get a response. I tried to register on the site to place an order and that didn’t work.  A KIND KIND member was going to Germany. She contacted them while there and they sold her the pattern which she in turn sold to me.  While there she spoke with the owner and she’s not currently shipping to the US.

So, my Christmas plea. Is there a reader in Germany (or in the EU) that is willing to order this pattern for me in a Group 1 and let me reimburse them? I will happily (and quickly) paypal you the money. Or, if there is something in the US I have access to we can work out and exchange.

I think I’ve worked it out! It appears the site’s bugs are worked out. It’s letting me order now and ship to the US. It’s no longer getting hung up on Paypal or requiring registration. So, fingers crossed. Thanks Ghainsom!



  1. Use google translate to send a email in german. It accurate and easy to use. Good luck.

  2. I am sure someone will come to your rescue. In the meantime, have you tried Bramakers Supply patterns? I have Pin-Up Girls by Bramakers Supply, and the pattern has ALL sizes on it, and I have it in my Bawlmer apt. – happy to gtg with you and share.

  3. The bra is beautiful. Hope the pattern turns up. Have you accidentally placed it in another pattern envelope/file? I do that sometimes.

  4. My sister just traveled to Austria yesterday and she speaks German. If you still need help finding it I could contact her and see if she would be able to help you out. Is it sold in Austria? She is in Vienna. She will be there until January 1st. Email me if you’d like me to talk to her. Oh, and I live in the Baltimore area so it would be easy for me to get the pattern to you once my sister returns.

  5. Now I’m seeing your post with the picture… it’s lovely and looks perfect. What a shame the fit is no good. You’ll get there!


    Have you tried this site by any chance? It is wonderful. It is Dutch, but she does communicate in English and has an English site as well.

    She will do a CUSTOM pattern that you can download. She has awesome patterns and beautiful fabrics etc.

    I’ve ordered from her for a long time.

    You won’t be sorry. Oh and she is EXTREMELY reasonable.

    Definitely check out her site.

  7. You’re welcome! I totally forgot to say in my first post: the bra is a beauty! Too bad it doesn’t fit! And it almost got me considering trying to sew underwear. Almost. That’s a lot! 🙂

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