Happy Christmas!

Yeah… a week later, LOL. 

I spent Christmas 2011 in Ohio visiting my best friend from middle school and her three daughters. You may remember when we reconnected after 20 years or when I visited them in 2010. Steph and I met in Germany when our families were stationed there. I remember bawling my eyes out on my last night in town I was so upset to be leaving her.

This year when I visited the family in Youngstown, we did the touristy thing in Cleveland.

There, I froze my pajamas off by Lake Erie.For real. FREEZING. I now know what ‘Lake Effects’ mean.

We hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Loved every single minute of it. I love history and music and this was a perfect meld.

After four hours at the Hall of Fame, we had lunch at the West Side Market. By far my favorite public market is Pike Place in Seattle. But, this is a close second.

I couldn’t get enough of the pasta shop. Mmmm. Pasta.

I don’t have children and I’m the youngest in my family. So, I’ve never experienced the Christmas Morning Wake Up. But, with a 6, 11 and 15 year old around, my presence was requested far earlier than I would have gotten up on my own.

Christmas is seriously magical for kids. I didn’t realize that until now. All that double talk about Santa. I didn’t want to be the one to spoil the ‘secret’.

And, now I’m back home.  I’ll be doing my 2011 recap as soon as I get a new keyboard. What’s that? New keyboard? Yeah. I spilled wine on my iMac keyboard just before leaving town. It is kaput for real. A new one is coming soon and I’ll be able to update on other projects.


  1. I am the oldest, so I was going along with all the double talk for a very long time. I loved the magic of Christmas morning, I tried to keep it as long as I could. Right now, they youngest of my brothers is 30, my SIL, mid-20’s, it’s not the same without kids around.

  2. Christmas with children …. shudder! One of the many, many reasons I am childfree by choice 🙂 However, it’s still nice to experience christmas with children once in a while just so you know what you are (escaping) missing out on.

    Hope you have a fabulous 2012.

  3. Hey, you were in my backyard! I grew up around Cleveland and never realized how really cold it was until I moved back… from Minnesota! Ten degrees in MN is warmer than 35 degrees on the shore of Lake Erie.

    Looks like it was a fun holiday for all of you!

  4. Christmas morning is magical 🙂 My DD decided to ‘wash’ my laptop keyboard, luckily with jsut some drops from a sports water bottle but it was enough to rust the contacts of several keys. I’m typing from a new wifi keyboard on top of the laptop–would that work for you too? Or is there more damage done?

  5. glad to know i’m not the only one spilling wine on my keyboard 🙂
    Christmas with children is the only way to go. I have no children but make it a point to wake up early and go to my sister’s to see the kids open their gifts! Happy New Year!!

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