2011 Year in Review: I Sewed A Coat

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Well, this was my least productive sewing year as long as I’ve been blogging. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I said last year I was going to sew less throw away pieces and more staples.

First, let’s look at my planned out garments.

Wool Trench Coat: Yeah Girls!!! I sewed a motherloving coat! I pulled this baby out for the first time last week and wanted to just put it on the floor and make a bed. I love every single thing about this coat. Everything. It makes me want to sew a shorter version. Mmmm. LOVE.

Burberry Trench: Done. It didn’t come out the way I pictured, but it’s gotten and obscene amount of wear already. I didn’t finish it in January like I planned. But, it was ready for fall.

Birthday Dress: Ummm. No. I did end up going to Florida and made my mom an awesome blouse. So proud of it. I never sew for other people and she looked amazing and was so so happy I sewed for her.

Rain Gear / Netherlands: Yep. This, I did. I went to the Netherlands and made myself rain pants. Sounds like not that big a deal? I learned all kinds of new things and have actually gotten to wear said rain paints in my every day life.

Formalwear: Didn’t happen. Of the three black tie events I had in 2011. I was out of the country for one. Went in vintage costume for the second. And bought a dress for the third. I’m okay with this.

Seersucker Social: Yes. Done. But, not great. My first skirt was too friggin short. But, possibly the best my legs have looked. Ever. And, I gave away the vest because it was too big in the bust.

Overall, I met my goals. The highlight of my year was my trip to the Netherlands and meeting the Dutch / Belgian based bloggers.

I wish I could do that every year. I always say to my mom I wish I was blogging when we went to Australia five years ago. I’d have  a whole country of people I’d try to meet up with!

So, that’s my sewing 2011. Sorry it’s late!


  1. The coat is amazing! How long have you been sewing? I love the garments you made. I’m sure your mom was thrilled with the gift. I really like the yellow sundress in the slideshow too, but everything is beautiful.

  2. If you are happy with your sewing year then that’s the most important thing! And you DID make a coat! A pretty awesome one at that!

  3. Meeting you and the girls was also a highlight for me! You don’t get to meet blog heroines everyday! (I love, love the electric blue Paris dress, by the way)

  4. Both coats are gorgeous, & it was fun to see a retrospective on your sewing for the year. My personal mantra is “quality over quantity”, which is why I can’t actually seem to ever finish anything. Plus, I’m still in learning mode, so my version of quality is still unwearable!

  5. Looks like a pretty good turn-out to me! Well done. Love the black, border-print skirt. I have to make me one of these. I also wish you were blogging 5 years ago when you had your trip to Australia……..oh hang on…….I’ve only just started blogging myself!!

  6. Yeah, that coat is awesome and represents a lot of careful sewing. Well done you.

    Do you realize you could use your blog as a dating site?!!

  7. I think i may need to start planning my sewing projects in order to actually get them done and Ditto what lindsay t said

  8. So many great projects! But I think I like that fantastic blue dress best of all. It’s a great color and style on you.

  9. I think that two “serious” coats in one year is quite an achievement – plus all the other things! Happy sewing in 2012!

  10. That trench is to die for. I wish I could wear them where I live.

    Clicked through to your formal galas… I love your style. 🙂

  11. You have had a great year and your coat is fabulous! If you decide to come back to visit Australia, let us know – it would be great to meet fellow sewists!

  12. Hey Miss C
    You’re more than welcome to give the Australian trip another go if you want to get it right… ;-). Did you visit the West?

  13. You should be so proud of everything you made – some challenging stuff in there. I still totally love the grey trench coat and your mum looks BEAUTIFUL. Carry on inspiring us, please!

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