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There’s a fabric crawl this Saturday in Baltimore. There’s a thread on if you are interested. They’ll be visiting Guss Woolens, DuBois Textiles and A Fabric Place. Lunch may be at Pepe’s, one of my favorite pizza places here. I can’t be there the whole time – probably just A Fabric Place or lunch.

Fashion Fund

I finally bit the bullet and cancelled my satellite TV last month. Not that I don’t love TV. But,  I am currently living sans roommate with no immediate plans to change that.  No roommate means super limited disposable income. Satellite is $75 a month and I spend far more time on the internet. Any rate, I’ve been embracing my Hulu and Netflix through my Roku device. One new show I saw is Fashion Fund. It covers the CFDA Fashion Fund process. Serious fashion porn with people actually designing clothes and telling their story. It’s terrific.

If you never saw the HBO / PBS special on the Triangle Fire, it’s now also on Hulu.

Are you in the Chicago area with a vintage sewing machine from the 50s? Mary Beth of Yarn U is giving a demo on vintage sewing machines next month and is looking for machines to borrow. If you are on the north side of Chicago or in the near north suburbs (Wilmette, Evanston, Skokie) and want to spread the vintage love, let me know and I can put you two in touch. If she was closer I’d loan her my Kennie or my Featherweight. Hah! Did I tell you my friend Liz named her Kenmore 1030 Kennita?

My Trina Turk dress is done and it is awesome! Here’s a little preview I posted on Twitter last night.  I’m waiting until I get gussied up for dinner on Saturday night for photos. In the meantime, I’ve pulled out a red bamboo knit and am starting on a Butterick top!


  1. We gave up our satellite too a couple months ago, finding I don’t really miss it. We have hulu plus and went with amazon prime over netflix. With amazon prime get lots of free 2 day shipping too. We have the roku too I do miss a few cbs and tnt shows but love more worldly shows thinking about downtown abbey.

    • I’m so happy I gave it up. I watch more interesting shows and have greater targeted TV viewing. Plus, I watch all the movies that I never had time for before. I do subscribe to a few things in Apple that I don’t like to miss (The Closer). And I watch lots of stuff on my netbook in the evening that aren’t available streaming yet. I’m also doing Amazon Prime too!

  2. We bought an antenna at Costco. It is attached to the tv by a long coaxial cable and we just put it out the front door when we want to watch tv. We get a better signal then we did with cable.

  3. Cidell, thanks for the plug….Anyone who wants to attend the show, it’s the Chicagoland Vintage Clothing, Jewelry and Textile Show in Elgin. If you’ve got a machine I can use, you can reach me at gmail com address. Just plug in marybeth.klatt in front of the Thanks!

  4. I wanted to go fabric shopping in Bmore last weekend, but we left the house too late. Those stores close earlier than our regular stores. My mom wanted a crab cake from G&M.

    I ran across your post on the Japanese textbooks and am now on the hunt for at least one. Where can i find info on your dartless fba. Thanks for posting

    • It’s from a Singer Sewing Reference book. I’ll have to do it a post on it for my next garment. I’m not sure it’s the BEST way (versus adding a dart) but, it does seem to keep the original pattern line. I see in my version that there is still *some* pulling. Not sure if it’s because my adjustment isn’t big enough or if I should have just put in a dart.

      G & M is right by a friend’s office! I don’t eat shellfish, but I’ve heard great things about them.

  5. Thanks for the book reference. I remember looking at that book post yesterday too. I jut checked out the patternreview thread re: the fabric store crawl. I did not know you all had a super Joanns. Hmm maybe we can visit the zoo and that will be a excuse to get back to Baltimore.

  6. I haven’t had cable or satellite in going on 6 years now. Amazon prime is worth every penny. Besides everybody has that one friend with cable that will let you come over and watch Project Runway if you simply must.

  7. I love your new dress, especially the fuschia colour. I bought this pattern last year – and I really must move it up the priority list.

  8. I haven’t had “good TV” (or any TV) since 2008. I live my life via Netflix. To pinch even more pennies, check with your cell phone carrier to see if you can get rid of a separate internet service. For $30 more dollars, I use my cell phone as a hot spot, which saves me $15 a month.

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