Baltimore Fabric Crawl

This weekend there was a fabric crawl in Baltimore. I had a full day and wasn’t able to make it to all the stops. But, I did meet up for lunch a trip to A Fabric Place. There is currently a sale and I talked myself out of pastel yellow wool jersey.

It was great to finally meet Ming in person. Plus, I got to see Lisette who I hadn’t seen in two years despite living 30 minutes apart. And, of course Trena was there too. I also met SewRock who lives in the same neighborhood as my friend Liz.

Thank you for the comments on my Trina Turk dress. It proved very popular that night too! I thought I’d answer a few questions.

Lakaribane asked if I was wearing sheer pantyhose. Yes, I am. A few years ago I bought about two dozen pairs of this color marketed as the perfect skintone match for women of color. Most time people don’t even realize I’m wearing pantyhose. And, of course because I adore this shade, it was discontinued. I’m down to my last six pairs. So, I’m on the hunt for a new perfect match. I never really stopped wearing pantyhose. They’ve never bothered me and I never disliked my legs. I just thought you wore pantyhose to work / church / nice events. Well, apparently the Duchess of Cambridge is bringing them back, LOL.

GPetunia suggested “by increasing width across entire back from neck to hem before making another swayback adjustment.”

This is a good idea. I’m a 32 underbust and tend to make smaller sizes on top and an FBA. I could use some more ease in my upper back.

ReRe asked if there were any hiccups. Absolutely none. I do wish I had paid more attention in the hemming and made the back a hair longer. I really need to mark these better!

Several noted trepidation over the sleeves. I just want to reinforce that they are not tough at all. I had some puckering on the first pass with the sewing machine. But, serging (and reducing the seam allowances) made it go away. And, of course, press, press and press some more. I’ve always believed in fearless sewing.

I may have caused some confusion on the length of the dress. Kelly pointed out that I mentioned lengthening the skirt (which I did say before). I did hem by about 2.5 inches. I think the pattern calls for a 1.25 inch hem. So, it’s not what I would call ‘short’. I did lengthen the pattern at the bust for my dartless FBA. But, that didn’t impact the length.

Shirley told us about a navy blue and lime dress similar to the Trina Turk copy. I don’t want to tell you how much time I spent online Monday looking for those colors in double knit or wool jersey. I did find torquoise which I may indulge in. But, am still looking for lime green…. you know, if you see any, let me know!

That’s all for now! Thanks again and happy sewing 🙂




  1. Good luck on the panty hose search! I’m so glad someone else wears panty hose too! I like to think I’m stylish and modern, but I also have shockingly white legs and they really benefit from the slight color that panty hose provides. And when I have an important meeting for work or must appear in court, I think it’s much more professional to have my legs covered. That doesn’t stop the rude comments, though! (The nurse at the doctor’s office recently snidely commented, “Oh. I never knew anyone wore panty hose anymore,” when she handed me the paper gown!)

    • Yes, people generally make a bit of a face when I say I’m looking for pantyhose or need to change because of a run, etc. I also don’t even find them hot. Maybe because I’m always a little cold? I dont’ wear them with casual outfits though. But, almost always for work!

  2. Love the picture! There are some folks I haven’t seen in years there (Hi Nikki!). I’m glad pantyhose are making a comeback. Since I have Irish-white legs, I have had to either use spray-on leg cover ($$$) or self tanner (can’t stand the smell). So I’m one who is gladly embracing their return.

    • My legs have little dark marks and scars all over them. Pantyhose definitely keep them looking smooth. I would *never* leave the house without foundation on my face! It seems kind of the same concept.

  3. Sometimes pantyhose are simply appropriate for the situation-they make clothes fit more smoothly,not to mention that they protect ones shoes from ones skin, and vice versa, which is why I always wore them. Few people have such perfect skin on their legs that they won’t benefit from evening out the skin tone and color and providing a little cover up for scars and flaky dry skin, etc. I have legs so white they glow in the dark, and a tich of color definitely helps, but finding the RIGHT color can be so difficult. Often you get shades of red or orange, which surely doesn’t match anyone on the planet? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find another brand or shade that suits you as well!

    Oh, and I’m sincerely wishing I could have gone on the fabric crawl, one of these days I WILL get to Gus Woolens!

    • Yes! I don’t wear support garments. That’s what pantyhose have always done for me. Especially in a dress that could use a slip to smooth things out.

  4. Oh! I bought lime green double knit at about a week ago. Just look under double knit in the knit apparel fabric section. It’s called Sophia.

    I agree on pantyhose – I’m practically translucent, so I like my legs not looking blue-ish. And they do give a more polished professional look, IMHO. And they keep me from getting blisters from wearing shoes w/out any socks, etc.

  5. Hi Cidell. Regarding jersey fabric, have you looked at Tia Knight’s shop on Ebay UK? She has an amazing range of jersey fabrics and colours available. I don’t know about shipping to the US, but it would be worth enquiring. I’ve ordered from her and the service and quality are fantastic. Good luck!

  6. It’s nice to hear from others who wear pantyhose. I always feel kinda naked without them in a business or church setting.

    But really one of the biggest reasons why I wear them (and knee highs with my business pants) is because I CAN’T STAND TO FEEL MY SWEATY FEET MAKE DIRECT CONTACT INSIDE MY SHOES !!! All that sweat must make the shoes stink over time. Sorry for you girls with hot summers — I still wear pantyhose in our 90 degree July days.


  7. Thank you. Thanks you. Thank you for mentioning the Singer Sewing Library book and the full bust adjustment (fba) info that it contains. Do you have a paypal donate button on here somewhere?

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