Lemonade Out of Lemons: Burda Magazine 8-2011-116 (as a top)

As mentioned, I turned my cowl neck knit dress fail into a successful top. I’ve already worn this twice in the two weeks since it’s been made.

I find it needed belting to drape nicely — which is totally fine. It’s a great top. The belt gives it some more structure. This was my happy hour look last night t. I got several male compliments on it, some of whom I didn’t even know. I think men respond to graphic prints. Maybe that and the primary colors, LOL.

Not the dress for me. But, a great top. I can see myself making several of these from leftover knits.

Am not sure why I didn’t move that box at my feet and grocery bag in the kitchen out of the photo as I did with the 20 other things that were on my floor. Oh well. That’s just how I roll 🙂


  1. Great top! Being also hippy I did this with a tunic and a straight dress to good effect. I wear the resulting tops a lot with plain trousers.

  2. Top looks fabulous. Actually I thought the dress was nice also. Looks better as a top though. You do such great work and I always enjoy seeing what new item you make.

  3. Wow — although the dress didn’t flatter, the top is adorable on you! You know, the dress pattern wouldn’t have been bad if you added a little length and tapered the skirt a little. Would you consider making another one with changes to the skirt? The top half of the dress looks great on you. I share your thigh dilemma — it’s so maddening to see a model with emaciated stick legs in a cute little dress on the package, and then when I slip into my finished garment I wonder in amazement at how my legs have been instantly transformed into tree trunks by the wrong length/shape skirt!

  4. It looks gorgeous! Based on your experiences I made a muslin (probably my 3rd one ever!) of this dress and I think it could work on me, but it definitely needs a belt as you found with your top. Anyway I am forging ahead with it, but I will copy you and make some tops from leftover knits too.

  5. It’s adorable on you! I wish I could hire you to re-do my wardrobe! Maybe when I hit the lottery AND get my body into a smaller size. The second one WILL happen, not really counting on the first. 😀

  6. I definitely like it better as a top than a dress on you, and it would be really versatile in other colors and prints-a handful of those would perk up anyones wardrobe! Good save!

  7. I looked in your FAQ’s but couldn’t find the info – what sewing machine do you (mostly!) use? I think I’m in need of something new and would love a recommendation.


    • Ahhh. My sewing machine is a Kenmore that appears to no longer be available from Sears. It’s similar to a Janome. I honestly don’t have any recommendations 🙂 My machine is likely more than one person really needs. I’d say my imperatives are a fully automatic buttonholer, a few options with a button hole, a machine needle that automatically stays down if needed and that’s about it.

  8. I actually rather liked the dress on you (sans boots….), but it’s made a super cute top – and always better to have something that will actually be worn! The print looks great on you – you always seem to suit strong graphic prints. Is the hem cut to curve up at the side seams or is it just the belt giving it that effect? Either way, I like the way that looks, it’s very flattering.

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