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Hey Girl. Remember Me?

Yes…. this. This jacket is cursed. It is the Christine of jackets. I started this tuxedo jacket in Feburary 2011. Things were going swimmingly until I put the pockets in the wrong place.┬áThen, I didn’t have any lining and had to wait until a run to the store. Once I got the lining that would help the jacket match the tuxedo pants I’d already completed, I was over it.

Ten months later I picked the jacket back up only to realize one of the sleeves was missing.

This jacket just does not want to get sewn. But, that’s not enough for me to call it cursed. Stick with me here.
So, in the last week I’ve cut and sewn the lining. And, I cut and sewed a new sleeve. Well, cut a new sleeve after I spent over an hour looking for the hopsack material to cut the sleeve. Except, once sewn, I realized I’d put the sleeves in backward (wrong arm holes). Cursed.

I may possibly be over the jacket again ‘cuz the tuxedo trend definitely seems to be leaving town!

Oh. And remember how I sharpeid the grey cloth buttons I had because the shipping on black tuxedo buttons cost more than the buttons? Yeah. Couldn’t find the originals. I suspect they jumped ship with the original sleeve.

And this is how it looks tonight. One sleeve in. The other on the cutting table. I’ve done enough battle with this jacket for a few days. I don’t even know why I was so anxious to try and finish! Yes. Time for another break from the tuxedo I’d say.