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Sewing From My Stash

I’ve had extra time on my hands the last few weeks due to my frequent male companion’s six and now seven-day work week (project roll out). While I am sorry for him, I’m pretty happy with all the extra evenings I’ve been gifted. One of the projects I’ve tackled with this windfall of free time is cleaning up my basement / sewing area. Twenty minutes a night for a week seriously cleared out 50 percent of the clutter. I went through bins of fabric. Not organizing really, but taking a cue from Trena and making a concerted effort to sew from my stash.

I’m not even talking random projects to use up my stash. But projects that I actually already want to make.  In truth, I was shocked to see that I had at least 30 projects when I compiled my list. Thirty projects with pattern and fabric matched! I could sew at least two garments a month and still not be done in a year. And, I’ll be honest. There are still about 100 cuts of fabric outside of those 30 projects. My slide show is below (RSS Readers, please click through). Some of the items I’ve made before, but want to re-make. Some are so that when a wedding comes around I’m not scrambling for an outfit to wear (I have at least one, possibly three this summer in addition to two black-tie events).

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My goals are simple.

  1. Not sew maniacally for events because I don’t have anything in my closet
  2. Sew the projects that I’ve wanted to work on
  3. Not be distracted by new projects or fabric. It just takes time away from things I want to make.

By focusing on these projects that I want to make, I want to avoid the sewing slump of not knowing what I want to make. By sewing things I’m passionate about, I can make room for new things and fresh ideas. I’ve made two fabric purchases this year.

There is material in my stash I ADORE. But, I don’t know what to do with them. If i focus on what I do have ideas for, that will allow me to think about those other projects. So, there you have it. Sewing projects for likely the next two years. Crazy, right?

I’m working on uploading my spreadsheet to Google docs so it’s all on public display 🙂