Jalie 2796: Multi Sport Skirts w. Compression Shorts

Circa 2012

I went for a run the other day in my red and grey Jalie multi sport skirt with attached knickers (think cheerleading bottoms) and am 90 percent sure the bottom of my butt cheeks were playing peekabo with the hem of my skirt.  I was plodding along (I am ridiculously slow) and thinking my butt felt kind of cold then went in to a panic because I realized my butt wasn’t covered. Luckily, it was foggy and 6:00 a.m. so no one saw me ass out on the track. But, I came home and recognized I was going to need to make up new skirts with the compression shorts instead of knickers. I think the knickers might be better for me and biking or for those of us you who are less endowned in the rear.

This time I made three pairs with different fabric combinations. Here’s my advice when it comes to sewing these.

Plan on making multiple pairs with the same material. Each fabric produced a different fit because of changes in knit and slight changes in design.

Second, I lowered the waistband at center front. It rode way high on me as you will see below.

Third, I think the shorts are just too long for me. I’ve seen some running skirts where the shorts are visible. It’s not a look I wanted. Not having run in each pair, the length may be there for ease purposes. But, I think that you’re better off with very snug shorts that do not creep rather than longer shorts. Also, I don’t run long distances so chaffing isn’t an issue for me. Longer shorts may be better of that’s a concern.

I’m hoping these three pairs cover me through my (alleged) three runs and two bicycle commutes a week. I cut the US women’s size 8 / European 38 / Jalie ‘U’ initially. I should probably make the 10 / 40/ W with the size 6 / 36/  S waist if I stuck with this material. Any stretchier fabric and and I’d be fine having cut the size 8 / European 38 / Jalie ‘U’ .

 I’m also happy to report the compression shorts take care of my chub rub and have a slimming effect to boot.

There is a HUGE value in making a running skirt. I’ve seen them priced between $35 and $100 each. I like skirts because they are much more flattering on me and I always get stopped and asked where they can be purchased. Also, I feel less self conscious in a short skirt that short shorts.

For the main skirt of all of them, I used this cotton backed, navy blue athletic mesh with crosswise stretch I bought during PR Weekend Montreal two years ago. I think it was about $5 a yard.

Fist pair are my ‘M Go Blue’ shorts in navy and maize. I’m not a University Michigan fan and didn’t go there. But, I dated a massive Michcigan fan so I’ve seen more of their football games than I have of my alma matter, the Maryland Terrapins. The shorts on this pair are a nice thick, black wicking supplex from New York.

This was my first pair and I quickly found that the waist was too high at center front. And, ummm, way too tight across center butt.

The snug rear actually doesn’t bother me so much. But, I do think the skirt may ride up overall while jogging.

My second ‘Hooah’ pair in navy and grey are a bit of a mess.

I thought the first pair was too snug across my thighs and I decided to add some width throughout. Expect, I didn’t make the waistband bigger. So, there are some unplanned tucks in the waist band. Ultimately, shrug. They are going to be sweated in.

And, they were still too big in the waist — a problem I have with my original red pair (shown at the top)

The compression shorts on these are from my AMAZING wicking Suziplex material from Montreal. It’s smooth on one side and snuggly on the other. But, way too stretchy to actually compress in the size I cut. I need to take them in A LOT. And, I do not recommend making compression shorts in a light fabric. I look like I have on a diaper!

This final pair are the colors of my high school, so we’ll call them my ‘Shenandoah  Stars’ version. It uses the NYC black supplex for the compression shorts and I went with white for the pocket / side panel contrasts. This time I did a slash and spread in the skirt so I could maintain the nice snug waist line but get some more width at the saddlebags. Ahhhh, ease.

These were by far the best shorts! I found them in my sewing room, cut a few years ago but not sewn. They are the US women’s size 6 vs the siz 8 / 10 I’d been cutting. The supplex is strong and really compresses well. And, I hacked two inches off the bottom.

So, nothing too exciting, but absolutely useful. If you’re wondering when I became a runner, I haven’t. I’m on a the loooong  personal version of Coach to 5k  (It’s taken me three months to start Week 5 today!) I’ve also been an absentee blogger due to a fairly shittastic few weeks. There are people who clean when they are stressed. I am not one of them. But, I will exercise. Coupled by a lack of appetite and a general desire to kick someone’s — anyone’s— ass, these bouts are usually good for five pounds.

This was one of those times I’m happy I have a stash! I have two cuts of the Suziplex in eggplant and black and am thinking of turning them in to capris. My capris are both over five years old and size ‘small’ when I am currently wading in medium / large territory.


  1. Nice to hear from you! I exercise,lose my appetite and then clean =)
    Hope things get better soon! Very practical sewing, good for you.

  2. I wish I either cleaned or exercised when I’m having a shitty time. Instead, I just sit mindlessly on my couch. Your way – running – sounds so much better. (And also, I hope the shittiness soon departs…)

  3. your cute skirts (and cuter booty) make me want to take up running.

    sorry to hear about the ass-kick inducing shittastic weeks, i know the feeling.

  4. I thought this was very exciting. 🙂 Seriously, workout clothes are easily as useful to me as “couture” dresses. I also sometimes use compression shorts instead of Spanx.

  5. Maybe I should try a running skirt. I prefer fitted shorts but they are out of fashion now and I don’t want to look like a dork on the trail. The skirt gives you the best of both worlds.

  6. I have this pattern, yet to get it sewn up. Yours sure turned out nice. I run too, I always say it does as much for me mentally as it does physically. WTG

    You know it just dawned on me you are a bike rider! I am looking to get a bike, clueless on what to get. Not looking to spend the national debt but wanting a nice one to start out with that is not heavy, that I won’t be looking to trade up right away as I didn’t get something I would really need etc. Any info would be appreciated.

    I love your word “shittastic” LOL I am for sure going to have to borrow that!

    • My best bike advice is go buy used! Seriously. I spent $600 on a new Trek which I like. But, last month spent less than half of that on a folding bike on Craigslist. We have some bike shops that just specialize in previously owned bikes. The running for me has been greatly mental. As much as I hated it at the start, I find myself looking forward to it now.

  7. These look great!! Maybe it’ll be hot enough here this summer that I’ll actually sew up this pattern! And yay for Suziplex! Well worth remembering about their non-use as compression, though, thanks very much.

    • I think they can do compression. Just, size down. They have a LOT of stretch. I’m definitely working on capris with mine soon.

  8. They get rid of the inner thigh rub?! Sign me up! I have this pattern in my stash, and yours look really cute and if they really take care of chub rub, I’m going to have to whip up like 10 pairs of these. I won’t be taking up running though, my knees wouldn’t take it.

    Sorry to hear about your shittastic week, hopefully things get better soon.

  9. So sorry you’re going through a rough time. I hope it ends soon. You’re looking great in your new workout clothes, though!

  10. I found a lot of fabric that I liked on the SuziSpandex website, but I can’t seem to order them??? Have you been able to order from their website in the past?

  11. Cute running skirts! The last one seems just right!

    It took me about 12 weeks to complete a 4 Weeks to Your First Mile program. That was 3 years ago and I ran my first half marathon in December. So, just stick with it and take your time and remember that some runs – or weeks – are going to be wadders! 😉

  12. Oh wow, I’m doing that running plan too, and I’m also on Week 5! Funny. It seems like the end of this week makes a big jump, to 20 minutes all of a sudden….I might stretch this week out depending on how it feels.

    I love your running skirts, so much. I’m still not very comfortable with sewing knits, but maybe I’ll just jump in and give it a go at some point. I have only worn pants for running, but when it gets really hot out a skirt would be nice…

    • I am very nervous about this 20 minute run! The app I’m using has it in the middle of Week 6. I swear to you, when I started, I couldn’t even run 90 seconds without thinking I might collapse. We should keep each other updated on our progress.

  13. I have this pattern and love it. I have found the same thing as you though with the different materials and their stretchiness. Instead of adding the two side panels I have put only one on each side (squared at the bottom) and then a pocket on the back, just below the waist and.
    Good luck on the couch to 5k, that week 5 is a hard one.
    Btw love your blog, your clothes are awesome

    • What a good idea! I don’t use the side pockets. But, I do like the option for a pocket. My bike shorts have a little zipper pocket I like. I may add a pocket to the shorts. Thanks for the tip!

  14. So glad to see your post today. Don’t know you, but have been worried about you. No posts had to mean something not good. Hope whatever it was is resolved. Love your blog and your sport skirt.

  15. I’m sorry you are having such a rough time right now. I really hope things will get better for you. If it is any consolation, I found this post so encouraging. I needed someone to remind me that the first garment isn’t always perfect and that persistence can really pay off. I always get so frustrated with myself when my first garment doesn’t turn out perfectly. I spend so much time trying to alter the pattern to fit that by the time I get to the garment I don’t have patience with myself when it doesn’t meet my expectations. I love the way you keep at it until your vision of the finished garment is what you finally achieve.

    I love this skirt. I think you will be glad you perfected the fit. Think of all the wearing hours you will get from it! I think it’s a great investment of your sewing time.

    I also wanted to say your honestly is so refreshing. I really enjoy reading your blog. You have totally convinced me that I* have* to sew the Parisienne dress. Thanks so much for taking the time to blog.

  16. I never got far with my Couch to 5k but I wish you all the best. It sounds like you are quite determined. However I still love going to gym in my Jalie skort – thinking I need to make some more, after seeing your great versions!

  17. I think I need to try these skorts. They really are a good alternative. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a shitty time, but I agree about the exercise. My theory is that you drag the energy out of your overworked mind and into your feet so you can stop thinking for a while. Hope things get better for you.

  18. This looks like a great pattern, and I love seeing the “less awesome” versions as well. It helps remind me that no one gets it perfect the first time, and like you said they’ll still get the job done! I may have to check out this Couch to 5K thing, it sounds interesting. Hope your week gets better!

  19. I have a complaint! You are a fantastic looking woman, I just don’t think its right to call any part of your amazing body a “bag”. Ass out girl! It is the way to go.

  20. These are my favorite kind of skirts (actually, the only kind I’ll wear). I’m glad to finally see someone else in them! You look great btw. 🙂

  21. I wouldn’t mind a longer version of this for casual wear. Great work as usual.

  22. Very cute skirts – will have to put a couple on my list. I’m a reluctant runner, but I ❤ my bike. 🙂 Glad to see you back to blogging. Hope all the carp goes away.

  23. Thanks for this post! I am completely inspired. I wanted a biking skirt, but balked at the £40 price tag. This looks like just the ticket. Your pairs looks great, btw!

  24. So glad I came across your blog – thanks to Squirrellypoo on Patternreview. I have been laid low with Mono for the past 5 months and feeling pretty s***, no running, cycling or weights. Your account of over exposure on the track made me roar with laughter for the first time in ages & has inspired me to try a slow short run this morning. Do hope you are feeling better too.

  25. Wonderful post. Have been thinking about sewing more running wear and your troubleshooting is spot on. Thanks for posting the pictures as this will help others troubleshoot. Hope you are still running and sewing.

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