Lacy Nightgown: Burda 11/2001 #131

Burda World of Fashion 11-2001-131

I apologize now for not being able to show this to you on either my persons or correctly on my dressform. Because the bust cups are lace, they were not exactly internet appropriate. At least not the kind of internet that is free. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get it on my dress form either because of the small bodice and lack of collapsible shoulders on the form.

Which is the perfect segway into the nightgown (or slip. Take your pick.) I’ve wanted a nice night gown for a while. Well, I’ve wanted *anything* nice to sleep in for a few years now. I’ve made pajama pants in flannel and a full outfit back in 2007 but nothing ‘nice’.

This is made up in a silk/cotton blend from India that was a gift from Bhoomhika. I like to sleep under a blanket no matter the temperature. So, I wanted something cool and breathable for summer. The fabric has a wonderful hand a gorgeous sheen. It does ravel like you would not believe so serging was a must.

The lace is from Etsy and is a mirror image.

I cut the size 38 grading to the 44 through the thighs. For the bust, I made a 1 inch FBA. Now that I’ve tried it on, I could have (and have since) added at another 1/2 inch.

I didn’t really follow the Burda directions. For this version they do not  cut the dress on the bias. But, knowing you’ll be sewing from silk, they provide the full pattern piece (since silk is not as wide and would be hard to cut on the fold).

For the the side lace that was not scalloped, I used clear elastic and turned it down. I also used a little clear elastic in the cups to have them snug up (you do this when sewing bras).

For the hem, I attached the lace on top of the silk/cotton. This is called a ‘reinforced’ method taken from my Sewing Lingerie from the Singer Sewing Reference Library. I would not use this method again for a hem that is not perfectly straight. The lace doesn’t lay smoothly. I didn’t think about this when I decided to use this method. And, it may be better suited to a double scalloped lace.

This color  looks really good on me despite my cups running over. I’m a tad sorry you can’t see me in it! I may send this to my mom. I’m narrower through the rib cage than her though so it might be tough for her to wear.

I’m debating another version in  a silky mint green.

If you’d like a slip or nightgown and don’t have a 10+ year old Burda, have I got great news for you! Pattern, Scissors, Cloth has a gorgeous slip called the Ruby Slip for *Free*. I should have just made this myself!


  1. It is so beautiful! Is the pattern on the November 2011 Burda issue? I could not find it in the magazine.

  2. Nice! I was just about to link you up with the ‘Ruby Slip’, when I noticed it at the end of your post. I want one too!

  3. Wow that is gorgeous! I am amazed at that lace and how well you utilized it. Thanks for the tips on using lace!

  4. Oh, this is lovely. I bet it looks gorgeous on! I’d wear it as a slip, I get tangled up if I sleep in anything other than a singlet, though that might change now I no longer live in the subtropics.

  5. Pretty :O), I bought silk and lace for that Ruby Slip pattern. I have not got it sewn up yet.

    I got a bike! A Trek FX 7.3. a 2012. My husband liked it so much he got one too! I did check out Craigs list but being a total newbie to cycling it was very hard for me to know what to buy, what was what and even what size bike I needed LOL. I don’t think we have as good a deals down here either on Craiglist from what I saw. We did spend a little more yes on new but we learned a lot and got the right size etc. We have been riding daily, Its great! I think cycling will be a great compliment to my running!

    • What a gorgeous bike! Congratulations 🙂 I just came back from a ride and it’s a great duo activity and a nice way to get time outside. It’s funny how it uses totally different muscles too! My regular bike is a Trek and I love it. And, I bought it new too 🙂

  6. I love the nightdress. I want to make myself some full slips soon. DO you have anything to say about irons?? Mine just gave up and I’m going to shop for one immediately. THanks!

    • I have a $99 gravity feed iron that I quite love. I’ve had it for several years now. If not that, I used to have a Rowenta Sew n Press. I’m not sure if they still make it but I was a big fan.

      I think if I were buying an iron now and didn’t go the GF route, I would get something heavy and not worry too much about steam. I don’t mind using a water bottle for steam and spritzing. But, the weight makes a huge difference IMHO.

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