Dude, I Got a Dog

Hey there!

Meet Linus van Pelt

Yep. I got a dog. For reals. I was totally freaked out about it too. In the way that I panic when I think about having children. On our first night together, I got him home, walked him, fed him and then just stared at him. I just had no idea what was next, LOL. Is that what happens when you bring home a newborn?

Happily, things have been working out. Linus is three years old and already housebroken. He’s a 10 lbs Chihuahua (omg. I’m totally going to have to learn how to spell Chihuahua without relying on spell check). He was found abandoned in South Carolina, transported to a rescue here in Baltimore. He spent several months in foster care before I came along. The foster mom *cried* when she dropped him off to me.

He already knew some basic commands, he’s not a barker (well, he does bark in his sleep), not a whiner, fully housebroken and sweet, sweet, sweet.  The foster mom said (and was right) that he’s perfect for a first-time pet owner. I’ve NEVER owned a dog. I’ve thought about it off and on over the years, most recently when I dog sat Frida for a friend. You guys gave me some great advice and encouragement. So, this time I just decided I was going to do it!

I named him Linus after the Charlie Brown character (Lucy is my favorite character).

Since he’s a boy, I do not plan to fully emasculate him in frilly outfits. My friends got him this raincoat and he’s so stinking cute I can’t contain myself. He gets cold pretty easily, so sweaters are totally justified.

So, that’s my big news! I also want to say thanks to the readers who have checked in on me. I am sorry to report that outside of Linus, things are still pretty crappy over here. I haven’t been sewing (obvi) because I just don’t feel like it.  I commemorated  Easter and my birthday with a boyfriend break up. Let me tell you. Breakups are crap. But, a breakup over a birthday which  is pushing you in to the twilight years of your 30s *sucks*. Like sucks super crazy Hoover-level hard. But, it’s all good. Or, it will be in its own time. I’ve been to this dance before and these things have a way of working themselves out. Plus, each new boyfriend the last four years has been an upgrade on the previous years’ model. Who knows what’s next?  It might just mean that  Idris Elba and I have a real chance at happiness ;-).


  1. I am happy that you got your doggy. My sister loves Chihuahuas and they make good pets. I’m a cat person. hehe

    Funny you should mention Idris Elba as I just took a mini break from watching Season 1 and 2 of Luther all day long. Was feeling a little bit run down and there’s nothing like a little (or a lot) of Idris to make a woman feel better, even if he was born the same year my twin boys were born. I try not to dwell too much on that last part.

  2. Linus is adorable!!! So go to the fabric store get yourself a pattern and some polar fleece yes polar fleece this is for Linus! Make him several shirts, jackets, hoodies etc. Chihuahua are always cold it seems LOL… Fun fast sewing and he will totally love you for it! :O)…

    I am totalllllly loving my bike!

  3. Getting a dog with some training as a first dog is a great idea. We adopted a rescued Aussie (long story; he was a victim in a nasty divorce) who was 5 1/2 years old and he was the most amazing family member ever. Bravo for Linus!!

  4. So very sorry to hear about your love life trauma. But I think you’ve found someone who will love you unconditionally for the rest of his life . . . Linus looks like a real sweetie pie!!

  5. What a cutie!! My first dog was an abandoned chihuahua too! She was just like your boy too, no barking, housetrained, she knew the stay command and come here, etc. And she only barked 2x in the 1.5 years I had her before we got our new puppy. Now Kelsey will bark at a moment’s notice and not even know what she’s barking at! lol. So maybe he’ll come out of his shell if he gets around another dog.

    I hope you will start feeling better! I know it’s tough right now!

    Oh, btw, I’m a longtime reader, but I hardly ever comment. sorry if that makes me a creep! haha.

  6. Awww, Linus is adorable! He sounds like he is going to be a great companion for you.

    And, yes, breakups are crap. Total crap. Especially before/during/after holidays or other important events. Totally know how that one goes down, and I feel for you. Hopefully your new little buddy will help brighten your days!

  7. Enjoy your new housemate Linus. If he’s anything like my Chihuahua/MinPin was, he’ll snuggle into bed with you under the covers just against the small of your back, crawl under your sweater if you’re sitting down, and defend you fiercely against anyone brave enough to approach while he’s on duty. I sewed him a “trench coat,” with a beige twill outer layer and a lining made of a felted shetland wool sweater. I miss my boy.

    I’m sorry to hear of your distress. It will get better, and you’ll find someone who deserves you. Courage!

  8. Linus is adorable!! I love the way he’s looking at you through the camera – a smart little thing!. BTW yep, breakups suck big time – so so sorry….

  9. Linus is adorable. And you may find that Linus himself is an upgrade over most boyfriends!

  10. Yes! I have a “perfect first-time dog owner dog” too, and he is! Very soon you will look down at him in his bed and think, “Oh my God, I love him!” and you will really, really mean it.

  11. I’m not even usually a dog person, but I have to say Linus looks adorable – those ears! He will help you get through these tough times while you wait for Idris to come along.

  12. What a cutie! So glad you have him. I could launch into the many ways dogs are better than men, but I doubt that will help you feel any better. You’ve got the wisdom to know the future is bright, so I know you’ll do fine. I hope you find your sewing mojo soon, as I enjoy seeing what you create!

  13. Oh wow, Linus is adorable! I want to reach in and pet him. There is nothing like the happy full body greeting you get from your dog each day when you come home. Dogs rule.

    So sorry to hear about the other news. I hope your upgrades continue and there is somebody really wonderful waiting for you. (although you are awesome all on your own!)

  14. Wow, sorry about the excessive suckitudinousness. Why did it have to be the birthday? Unbelievably bad. Fortunately there is nothing better than a dog to make you laugh and feel better about pretty much everything.

  15. Totally awesome dog! As far as the boyfriend, you now have a boyfriend meter as well. If Linus doesn’t like any guy in your life, turn the guy in for refund. When the time is right you will meet a great guy. I have to say, though that you are an awesome human being in your own right. Being happily married since I was 18 (I’m 54), I am sometimes envious of your freedom to do what you want, when you want. You are doing just fine!

  16. I’m so sorry about the birthday breakup. Of course I don’t know why or how or anything, but I do know that you’re a really, really great person. Keep that in mind.
    And you have a super cute dog to boot! Do you have the December 2011 issue of BurdaStyle? There is a dog coat in it, Linus would look adorable in that. And a dog bed, Linus would look adorable on that. And dog collars, Linus would look adorable wearing one of those. Linus just looks adorable, period :-).

  17. Welcome to the world of crazy dog ladies. I never had a dog before Molly and she found me, rather than me looking for her and now I wouldn’t be without her. The US is way more dog friendly than Australia and you can take him to lots of places. Sorry things have been so crappy for you, but you know the drill; take each day as it comes. Sending you lots of cyber hugs and good thoughts!

  18. What a lovely little dog. I do like it when there are happy endings for animals abandoned. At least now you have someone who will love, adore and never leave you (apart from Idris of course, he is a hunk).

  19. I’m not a dog person but if i was, a chihuahua would be high on my list, so cute! Over breakups, yeah, totally sucks. Then again, we’re collectively sending you good vibes and positive energy, can you feel it? Wear your best dress, chin up and set yourself to conquer the world!

  20. Oh, Linus is too gorgeous – Lucky you ! There’s nothing like that little body snuggling in and cuddling up to you. Fair warning – My Alex didn’t bark til she was about a year and a half. 10 years later, we still haven’t found the ‘off switch’ LOL. As far as cold goes, she’s about the same size as Linus 9-10 lbs and is cold from about October til about March or April (coats and sweaters necessary when we’re out). Indoors, there are blankets and afghans in her usual places for her to snuggle under to sleep (her bed, pillow and the couch). Enjoy your new addition 🙂

  21. I’m so happy you found a dog to love on!!! He is really super cute! Sorry about the breakup, especially around a birthday. That does suck.

  22. Well, if I could I would send Idris Alba your way.

    Linus is adorable! Love him! I was just telling my famiy yesterday how dogs are my first love.

    Big hug!

  23. Congrats on adopting Linus! Dogs make great companions! I remember when I was single telling my friends I was going end up this crazy old lady who lived alone with a pack of dogs! I’m not alone, but the rest is true. Enjoy you new friend.

  24. Congratulations! Linus is super-cute, and looks like he’s pretty lucky to have you. Also, that’s completely hilarious and adorable, the “I got him home, walked him, fed him and then just stared at him.” Have fun figuring each other out! My chihuahua is one of the most fun things in my life (and the reason I learned to knit, in fact: she needed a sweater!)

  25. Ok – so you need to make him a little bandana, that says (not Yo quiero Taco Bell) but You quiero abrazos!!!! He’s so adorably cute – you will love having a pup around the ol’ hacienda!!!

    And of course you know you are so totally la crème de la crème and the rarely understood saffron on the shelf, not the ordinary common salt that is used every day and therefore only a few will “get” you…..and he usually comes from a place you least expect, so you hafta sorta prepare for that!!!

  26. He’s adorable and photogenic and timely! Enjoy eachother! Dogs are great for getting you out of your own head- and out of the house. I would recommend going for walks where you let him lead the way and determine the route. Do you have any local dog parks? Wishing you all the best of luck and patience and discovery and trust. You are an amazing person. Yup.

  27. I wish you years of happiness with your new dog. The unconditional love dogs give is healing.

  28. Renée, Linus will allow you to meet lots of gorgeous men visiting dog parks with there dog… a univers of new contacts is now opening. As for stairing at a new born and not knowing what to do, yes it is one aspect of the life of a new parent. In my case, I also felt very, very responsible for the life of a human being who could not take care of himself… which is not the case of your dog ;-). The good thing about kids is that they get to speak and exchange with you… When they grow up and become teens… you even regrets … on very very rare moments ;-))) that they actualy gained this ability of exchanging with you since what they say is not always pleasant or funny… like your dog chewing your shoes kind of. But, my son never does that of course… I mean telling me off, not chewing my shoes ;-))) Great dog Renée!

  29. Remember that dogs will love you unconditionally. I’ve had dogs all my life and now I have three little boys that I often mention in my blog. They are so much a part of my life and I’m sure Linus will be your pride and joy for years to come.

  30. Love the dog. They bring so much fun and companionship. For the breakup….you need to recelebrate your birthday. Just pick a day. My b-day is really the day after Christmas and it’s far better to just relocate it. 🙂 It’s your day…so why not?

  31. That is SO cool! A puppy (because they will ALWAYS be our babies/puppies) and someone to make stuff for! He’s adorable!

  32. Linus is sooo gorgeous…I may have to come see him in September. Et ses grands yeux d’amour, je fonds comme la neige au soleil! Sorry about the BF news but this is the right time for some visualization. Maybe you need a poster of Idris Elba?

  33. Your new little friend is just darling. I will share a little secret with you, the longer I have been single (15 years now) the more I love my dog! Boyfriends are highly overrated. Dogs are loving, loyal and will smile when they see you

  34. That’s pretty much how I felt when I brought home my daughter (now what???) – apart from the whole healing thing! I’m sure you and Linus will come to work out what to do with each other over time, too! (I love Linus! Such a cute name for a pup!) Hope you feel better soon, that is indeed a dreadful way to spend Easter/birthday time.

  35. Congratulations on Linus! He looks like a great companion. I’m your age, single and having cats makes it so much better. It is really tough to hit mid-30s and still be single. But you’re awesome and somewhere there’s a fantabulistic guy out there for you, and me!

  36. Happy belated birthday and happy homecoming to Linus!

    I hope that Linus’ company makes the breakup a little easier. Breakups are never ever easy, but it sounds like you’ve been improving your score with each one.

  37. Enjoy your puppy. He looks absolutely adorable. And he loves you unconditionally. And as far as men go, you’ll get your guy sooner than later.

  38. Linus looks like the soul of patience, standing perfectly still in his yellow slicker for a photo. 🙂 Listen Miss C, there is no substitute for furry, unconditional love. Linus will bring you lots of giggles and joy. Sorry to hear about the rotten egg in your Easter basket, the fly in your birthday cake. Trust me, Version 2.0 (or 5.0…6.0?) will be much better, swooping you off your feet when you least expect it. I will keep you in my prayers and send you some good vibes. Enjoy Linus!

  39. Hey, long time reader, first time commenter.

    I know it’s different for everyone, but I actually found sewing to be quite therapeutic with my last breakup. I got dumped while I was housebound with a broken leg (jerk!), so I made a breakup quilt, with lots of hand stitching (concentrating only on what my hands were doing, not allowing myself to think too much about “that jerk”). That quilt ended up in an art gallery show a few months later, and now I know how to meditate when I sew. Cool.

    After you’ve had some time to mourn, try some sewing projects. Easy projects, hard projects, whatever gets you off the couch. You might end up learning some new techniques, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    And congrats on the dog! He’s lovely, and what a great name.

  40. I’m happy and sad for you at the same time! Keep your chin up and feel better soon. I’m sure your little puppy friend is a good distraction, and how lucky are you that he’s already housebroken (unlike that boy toy who’s so past in your future)!

  41. Linus is a cutie… and good company in your situation. Things will be happier soon.

  42. Well, Linus is completely adorable. He will be your steadfast friend, and that’s a wonderful thing. A perfect dog…housebroken, and “mature”. So how is he doing during the day when you’re at work?

  43. I think I should get a puppy, might help with all the break ups I’ve been experiencing too…
    I’m sure Idris is right around the corner…
    but I wanted to cheer you up with this…I don’t have kids either, and I just turned 40 on Wednesday…I’m having a blow out party this Saturday and my last friend and I ended it last Sunday…so I feel ya, about the birthday, breakup, but now I don’t even have a date to my own party!!! but it’s all good, I invited enough single men to make up for it, and my dress is fabulous…

    I rarely comment, but I wanted to cheer ya up!!! I really hope to be as an accomplished seamstress as you one day!! HappyBirthday!!!!

  44. He is sooo cute! I don’t own any pets – but that ‘lil guy has the kind of sweet face that could convert a girl into a pet-owner LOL (even a bonafide cat-person like me)!

  45. Oh, Linus looks like such a sweetheart! I have two rescue dogs–both are chihuahua mixes and they are super-sweet. Even if I have a terrible day, they are ready for a cuddle. And taking them on a walk is my favorite daily ritual. Much love to you and Linus!

  46. That is exactly what I did with my daughter when I first brought her home from the hospital. Fed her, changed her, then stared at her while she slept, thinking—what do I do with her now??

  47. Congraulations with the new addition he is cute I am thinking about getting a dog also and I have never had one I have dog sat and the dog pooped an peed in the house and would not go outside even though I took him out every hour so I am a little nervous but you have given me hope. And things happen for a reason better things are in store for you just wait and see. That always works for me

  48. You have no idea how healing li’l Linus will be. Now you have a reason to talk to yourself- Um, I mean Linus. I think we all understand your sewing mojo being absent for a while. Nothing wrong with taking a break. Enjoy your new partner! (He’ll be better than some men.)

  49. He’s adorable! I used to have a chihuahua / dachshund mix and STILL have to look up both those words.

    I’m sorry about the guy. That just sucks.

  50. Linus is sooo adorable! Foster pets are the best – it’s as if they understood what you did for them. P’tite Mignonne is a rescue cat too and she’s been my rock. You may remember I went through a pretty crappy time 3 years ago and I would have drowned w/o her.

    And how yummy is Idris Elba, right? Good taste! (I watched The Wire a couple of years ago btw, and kept thinking about you!)

    I’m so sorry you went through a break-up, and at such a bad time – but I love the way you’re dealing with it.

    Give Linus a scratch for me – he’s so stylish in his raincoat. Now you’ll have to sew a matching one for yourself 😀

  51. OMG! Great for you. Having a dog changed my life- adopted a 3 year old boxer and she was wonderful (died of cancer eventually and it took so long to get over). then getting a puppy was even more rewarding. Potty training and training to sit and stay and pick up his toys- SO MUCH FUN! Linus is adorable. I wish my little guy would wear his raincoat. .

  52. Linus is just lovely. Congratulations on making the big move! Sorry about the love life, but it sounds like you’re coping. Who knows what the future might bring?

  53. I met the love of my life when I was 37. A prince among men. Married 11 years and never said an unkind word to me.

  54. I always visit blogs owned by people who visit mine and yours is GREAT! I want to start sewing now! Linus is adorable! He and Daisy would have the best pups – too bad we are a continent apart and I’m having her spayed this month. You’ll be a great dog mom. Chi’s have some blood sugar issues you might want to read up on; shaking for no reason is a symptom. As for the boyfriend thing, I got married for the first time 5 yrs ago at 44. I knew he was a keeper when I saw him w/ his dogs (and mine). He otherwise distinguished himself through the unusual level of effort he made both to get to know me and create memorable dates. Your man will arrive when you least expect it.

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