Burda Ballgown Update 11-2011-124

My silk lining came in! Whew. Having silk vs poly was well worth the wait and the extra money for express shipping from Fashion Fabrics Club. They must use Pony Express because without rush, my orders have easily taken two weeks to reach me. I cut out and sewed the lining Thursday night and Friday morning before work. It’s still not attached to the dress.

So, I mentioned that I worked on the dress all Memorial Day Weekend. Why so much time? Well, I forgot to tell you the entire thing is underlined. I handbasted silk organza and cotton batiste to the silk tafetta for structure.

The back skirt has the godet cut on, so I needed 60 inch wide fabric. Hence the cotton batiste. The silk organza is just 45 inches wide so I used that everywhere else.

The Captain’s Ball is in one week. But, Sunday I was at Seersucker Social in DC with Trena.

There were 850 people registered! The event sold out.

I don’t want to scoop her post. But, her dress is SO FUN. I looked like I was going to work in the office. Meh. I made the knit tee below. Post to follow.

It was 90 degrees and the photo below is after a 9 mile bike ride through the rolling hills of Washington DC. Shiiiiiney.

Last night,Trena stayed over in Baltimore so we can bike Tour dem Parks (26 miles!) in the morning.

Here she is with Linus on her lap. He *loved* her.

So very limited sewing time this weekend. It’s been a bikey weekend.

My two bikes in the living room. Yes, two. And, I suspect I’ll have a third by the end of the year. I want a mixte, bad.

Hopefully I can eek out the hemming and zipper insertion after work this week.

Oh, thanks to BrocadeGodess, I’ve readjusted my starburst pleats and they now point the correct way.

Next week is going to be crazy busy. My big two year project is kicking off:

I’m going to try and post my red/white/blue themed clothing board.  But, it may have to wait until after the 40 ships leave town!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wonderful progress on the dress. And I’m impressed by the amount of biking you’re doing in this heat. Looking forward to the downtown Baltimore fun this weekend. Nice to know you played a part in the big happenings.

  2. I am so jealous of your seersucker social! I follow the D&Q on twitter and it is such a tease to read. There are not enough events that require seersucker.

  3. Bike weekends are good! We keep our bikes in the house in the office. I can understand having more than one bike. No longer than we have been cycling I can see that :O)… Can’t wait to see the gown finished!

  4. Were you able to finish and wear your gown to the ball?? I’m interested in viewing a post of you in your gown.

    Re: the Seersucker Social – Please provide more information for me — Is this related to a bicycling organization or some other group to which you belong? I have viewed some of the older posts on other Socials that you have attended.

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