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Star Spangled Sailabration Outfits

So, my crazy work week is over! And, all my nautical sewing and clothing paid off.

The 39 ships and the the 3000+ sailors that came with them leave Baltimore on Tuesday. We had ships from the US, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Norway, and Japan are leaving on Tuesday. Now, I may be an Army brat, but men in white are a beautiful sight.

I don’t do Me Made Months. But, I’m going to do a mini Sail-A-Brate Good Times clothing post. I planned to wear red, white and blue all week. Partly out of patriotism but also because it was fun to find ways to dress without looking like a flag. In addition, it was also fun to have people at the office kind of ‘waiting’ to see what you came up with next. There are a few outfits I didn’t get photos of, but here is some of what I wore.

While it may not seem like it, I was actually working, LOL. I was on a planning committee for the event overall and the reception invites came to the office. Someone had to go and I decided that someone was gonna be me 🙂

Day 1 was the the Welcome Ceremony and I wore my Jason Wu for Target dress. This dress had been burning a hole in my closet waiting to be worn. But, in truth, I almost had a wardrobe malfunction. I was on stage a bunch with this dress and it was windy. The combo of a full skirt and wind made me use the program to keep things appropriate.

That night I attended a on-board reception for Brazil in a black H&M dress. They served one of my favorite drinks, Caipirinhas.  The dress for this evening a black chiffon dress from H&M.  A dress that I paid $15 for because I cleaned the store out of the opening day ‘specials’ when they opened. I have this dress in three colors.

On board the Cisne Branco, Brazilian tall ship

I also went to a reception at On Top of the World Observation Tower, where you have a panoramic view of the City. There were nine tall ships in the Inner Harbor and grey hulls in Canton, Fells Point, Tide Point and Locust Point.

Here I am with other friends at On Top of the World. You can see the dress slightly better. Apprently I didn’t get the memo to wear summer whites, LOL.

Day 2: The next day in the office  I wore my funnel neck red, white and blue tee with my blue drape skirt. Sorry! No photos since we didn’t have events during the day. But, that night for the Japanese, Mexican, and Ecuadorian receptions I wore my denim trench dress.

The Japanese ship is docked outside of the Under Armour campus. They went out of their way and had ‘Welcome’ signs posted in English and Japanese.

The crew of the Kojima (Coast Guard Training vessel) LOVED my buttons and anchor earrings! On board they served fresh sushi and drinks of sake. Plus they did a tea ceremony.

I’m still trying to sort out why their uniforms are cream instead of white…..

From Japan, we went on to to the Cuauhtemoc , Mexico’s tall ship.


They had a tequila bar. Funny how I thought I didn’t like tequila. Turns out, I do.

This server walked around with tequila in his holster. Check out his pant leg!

Little anchors and wheels are embroidered! I didn’t get a shot, but the back of his jacket had an embroidered rendering of the ship. It was stunning.

And, check the back of this real sailors’ pants! They are lace up, just like my sailor pants.

After Mexico, we headed to Ecuador’s ship, the Guayas. There, I was asked several times if I speak Spanish. My response, ‘Enough’.

There, these sailors served rum and cokes from the lifeboats. I also danced a lot on the Guyas. So much traditional dance that my hips were hurting the next day.

Day 3: Saturday night was the Captain’s Ball. I finished my dress! But, that’s another post. I’m really trying to hold out for good photos from our staff photographer. But, as one friend put it it, that’s like waiting for the Tuesday after never.

Day 4: Sunday was the  Blue Angels airshow and I finally got to wear my HP sailor pants with a purchased H&M top.

I will rethink these pants the next time I go someplace where the bathrooms are port-a-potties. These are a lot of buttons in a port-a-potty. A. Lot. In fact, I came out of the john with only the corner buttons done. Liz (above) started to tell me, and I was like, ‘I can’t stand in a stinky, hot, enclosed space and do these up’. Stood right there in the fresh air and finished them up.

Oh, and Linus got in on the action too 🙂 Here he is in his little sailor shirt.

And, lest you think I let my Union Jack design fetish go, I didn’t. I wore this necklace as a bracelet much of the week. And, on Monday I wore my Union Jack rainboots to the 200 years of Peace ceremony. It was a rainy cool day for the outdoor event. So much so, that the UK Ambassador to the US thanked us ‘for the British weather’.  Oh, I also learned these are called ‘Wellies’.


My boss did ask me whose side I was on when she saw these boots. I just said, ‘The right one’.

The ships leave on Tuesday and my work life gets a back to normal. This has been a primary project for me the last 18 months and I’m a little sad it’s over! But, I am *beat*. Mama can’t hang like she used to 🙂