Mini Break in Boston

Hello there. My friends and I took a last minute trip to Boston. That’s Catalina above driving Nigel.

We wanted a weekend away and something fun to do. I hadn’t been to Boston since my sophomore year of college and remembered liking it then. I couldn’t indulge in the lobster or clam chowder, but I ate my way through the South End.

We stayed in Back Bay and spent our time in the North End, the Fish Pier, and the South End.

Boston was hosting the tall ships this weekend too which was nice to see how differently we did our events.

We also took a bike tour of Boston on Sunday evening. I swear this is the best way to see a City. I’ve done them now in Montreal and Shanghai. Maybe I should start one for weekends in Baltimore, huh?

We’re heading to New York today. I’m going to visit with family and see off Elizabeth before she heads to the west coat. I’m also meeting with the couple I’ll be marrying in September. Oh, and pizza. I’m going to eat A LOT of pizza. Multiple times in 24 hours I’ll be eating pizza.

Miss Celie
Award Winning Blogger and Officiant (I’m testing this out)


  1. Just be sure to write “officiant” and not “officious.” I think that Award Winning Blogger and Wedding Officiant should have her own float in the next Baltimore parade.

  2. I was in Boston on the way to NJ for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Only enough time to see a ball game, but it was lovely. We definitely want to go back. Love your hair by the way.

  3. Good choice for this weekend! We got nailed by the storm here – we were out of power for 24 hours, and there are apparently parts of the neighborhood that are still out. Have tons of fun. And yes, I like the idea of biking Baltimore (says the person who just got her first bike in more than 20 years…)

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