Boston – NYC Leg

Man, I hate traffic. A four hour drive from Boston to New York took 6.5 hours on Monday. There was a bad accident somewhere in Connecticut and we sat on the highway for almost two hours. It did make for some fun photos though.

But, it was worth it! I dropped my friends off at the subway and they went on to Harlem to see friends and I drove to Brooklyn to have dinner with the couple I’m marrying. I can’t believe how much Brooklyn has changed from my visits as a kid. I knew I was in a gentrified neighborhood because the restaurant didn’t have a name on it. You know, one of those places that you’re just supposed to know about and is too cool for a SIGN. No name on the door. No banner. No awning. No STREET NUMBER. Ask me how many times I drove around the block incredibly confused. In fact, I called the restaurant and asked what they were near. He said, ‘A block down from the museum on Eastern’. I was looking for ‘next to the Lucky Liquors’. For real. I have apparently become too old (and square) for Prospect Heights.

Tuesday morning I spent some time visiting with my grandmother and made it into Manhattan to see off Elizabeth on her last day of work in corporate America.

But, the highlight, HIGHLIGHT of my trip was my stop by Mood!

You know, I’ve never been to the garment district solo? I always have someone to show me around (Karen, Trena, Elizabeth, Carolyn). My time was SO stinking tight on Tuesday and I had serious shopping to do and I needed to be alone. I’ve come to realize I don’t like shopping in general and I’m not great making decisions when I have too many options. I kind of feel like I’m getting hives.

That, and I’m not a communal shopper for either clothing or fabric (show me what you got? What are you making? How does this look on me? What do you think of this?). Fabric doesn’t speak to me. It doesn’t tell me what it wants to be.

I understand part of the fun for some is working through the selection process. But, again, for me, too many opinions and too many options = a horrible time.

Silk Taffetas

Meg was at Mood and of *course* I had to say ‘hi’! I’d have a photo of her, but no camera. We had a wicked storm on Friday night in Baltimore and I lost power while charging my camera battery. When I was leaving for Boston on Saturday morning at 5 I did so in the dark and totally forgot (didn’t see because it was dark) my camera battery. And, my cell phone(s) batteries were conking out by the time I got to Mood.

It was nice to shop with a specific garment in mind. I’m trying to stop with the mindless shopping and buying of material. Plus, I want to make better and higher quality items. I’m fine with and focused on having a core wardrobe.

With Meg and fabric consultant / sales associate Ann’s guidance, I picked out something amazing for my Celebrant duties in September. But, that’s another post. I will tell you it’s BEAUTIFUL. And, not at all what I thought I would get. It’s not lace and it’s multiple colors.

I love the NYC Garment District. Like, seriously, love. Every time I leave I wonder why I don’t go more often or for longer jaunts.

After my time at Mood, I went to a trim store or two and got back on the subway for the hour ride back to my family’s. My friends and I were back in Baltimore around midnight and I plan on spending the Fourth working on my July project.

Great mini-break with Las Bostonians. 


  1. I have been enjoying your posts on this trip. We also lost power and left the next morning with a similarly jumbled up packing job. It was a relief to leave that problem behind! Ive been working the long hours I expected (deadlines don’t care if you are slow because it’s your first time!) so I
    missed Elizabeth’s farewell cocktail meetup and haven’t been to the garment district AT ALL yet. So nice to read about it. Like you I hate shoppIng! Looks like a great trip!!

    • Getting my fabric reminded me of the time I called you to help me! I just get so overwhelmed with options (especially when I need to match a color). My power came back on Saturday night (per my dogwalker). Whew.

      • Oh I had wondered whether ypu’d taken your adorable new dog with you. We have cat-sitters and I am really hopIng to hear that the power is back on when I call tomorrow.
        Cool that you had Meg to guide you through the inventory! I will remember to ask her advice when I shop for fabric – she has such a great eye for matching fabric to the pattern!

  2. I completely empathize with you about shopping. I hate it mostly because I get overwhelmed. My husband and I went to mood when we were in NY, but I wish I would have been by myself—not that he put any pressure on me to keep moving, but there was so much to look at, I almost balled myself up in a corner and started rocking. The giant fabric store in Rome was a similar story, except add a language barrier.
    Looks like you had a great trip!

    • Yes! I feel somehow responsible for people’s happiness/ comfort while I am shopping. I LOL with you are the corner and rocking. I do like that Mood has a lot of space, a rarity in NYC. I think Parons and BJs are good for space and not feeling crowded too. I would die in that Rome fabric stores. Die. The good thing is when I am looking for something specific instead of general shopping, I am better. But, still.

  3. How fun! I really really love that first picture. I would love to get back to the garment district – it’s been many years!

  4. I just loved seeing you yesterday and wish we had more time together. So much to talk about, right? Your Celebrant dress is going to be tasteful, elegant and timeless. I’ll be happy to walk you through the steps once you’re ready. The whole thing will go together faster than you expect.

  5. I got a migraine once that I directly linked to fabric shopping…I just spent too long doing it, I was with a friend, there were too many bright colors, too many stores, and it was hot that day! I try to limit my Garment District jaunts now to two stores max and am much happier that way…

  6. I agree with you 100%. I grew up with my mother sewing everything for me so we never went clothes shopping. I HATE clothes shopping. I much prefer to shop for patterns and fabric alone (unless I’m shopping with granddaughters picking out fabric for them 😀 ).

  7. I can relate to you on shopping, I’ve never understood why some women consider it to be some sort of sport worthy of an Olympic medal or something. I’m more of a get in, get out, be done kind of shopper, though fabric is a bit of an exception. I’m not sure what I would do with a selection of that magnitude though, I’d probably be too overwhelmed to buy anything. Glad you had a great trip though! 🙂

    • That’s exactly my feeling-I can spend hours in a fabric store, but shopping for anything else really bores me. I think fabric shopping goes deep into my heart and I can see clothing already made.

  8. I agree that shopping is a dismal chore, but I actually love browsing in a fabric store. I would guess this is because my mother made all my clothes when I was growing up, and she and I had more fun at the fabric store than anywhere else we went. No pressure, we just browsed, sometimes together, sometimes apart, I miss her so much! So, it’s a place of great memories for me, maybe that’s why it’s the only kind of shopping I like. I can’t wait to hear about your plans for the wedding garment. Do tell, Miss Celie, do tell!

  9. I would love to make a visit to the garment district. Heck, I’ve never even been to New York! Or Baltimore, or Boston… get the idea. I am one of those people who have the fabric speak to her-and I really prefer to shop alone so I can get the grey matter going. But a trip to the garment district would have to involve a good sewing buddy-at least the first time. Someday.

  10. Oh my! I would absolutely love being there and having those kind of options…it’s like a kid in a candy store!! So happy you had fun and hope you made some good selections! Can’t wait to see your next project!

  11. I had a total brain malfunction and read your statement about the couple you were marrying for a couple of minutes I was thinking–wow–she’s a VERY interesting person. Then I thankfully remembered that you were the “wedder” Can’t wait to see the dress. Thanks for posting about NYC. I would love to fabric shop there someday!

  12. That is how it is when you go to the fabric district in Dallas. Warehouse after warehouse of fabric! Many of them are home decor fabrics but there is one giant one that is more clothing and some quilting fabrics. So many bolts of fabrics its overwhelming, but fun!

  13. Thanks for the travel log. The three “Bostonians” look absolutely lovely. And I love the yellow dress

  14. I like your yellow print dress in the last picture. the color is perfect; it looks like somebody designed that print for you!

    I hate the Boston to CT drive, having lived in CT for many years. Sometimes I’d drive miles out of the way when I-91, the Mass Pike or I-84 were clogged. And I’d never drive I-95. Too crowded for my taste.

  15. Thanks for all the pics of NY Fabric District……I love it so much and miss it. I needed a quick little fix – but I really need my own trip, and also prefer solo trips as I’m on the hunt for clients and such and can work from one section to the next in pretty good time!

  16. I hate to shop, too… but somehow, since the garment district feels like a second home to me, it doesn’t bother me at all! Glad you found something you love (with Meg’s help!).

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