Credentials and Dress

Yes, that’s right. I am now a minister of the Universal Life Church. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about being ordained in a church that isn’t the one I grew up in.

Here I am getting ordained while at my desk. It’s free for the online ordination. $6.99 for the certificate and another $8 to have it mailed to you……

I actually don’t need to be ordained in the state of Maryland to perform the ceremony, but I’m doing it for good measure and for my hoped for mention in the New York Times wedding section (affectionately known as the Sports Section for Women).

The bride has submitted the announcement and I’m sending positive thoughts that it will be selected. I’ve always wanted to be in the NY Times wedding section. Preferably as the bride, but I’ll take what I can get 😉

Now, about my dress. I’ve decided I want to make Vogue 8280, the infamous Galaxy Dress. I wanted something tailored like you guys suggested but with *some* interest. I think the sleeves provide the perfect interset. I’m going to muslin the sweetheart neckline. It’s not a neckline I normally wear, but I thought it would be less ‘rigid’ for the wedding.

The material I bought from Mood is a Carolina Herrara jacquard. It has plum, black and grey (with some shimmer). The plum alternates with the black depending on the light. The bridesmaids are in charcoal gray with plum accents. So, this pulls in the wedding colors nicely. I originally went in looking for a solid fabric. But, Ann showed me this and I fell in love. I emailed it from my phone to the bride and everything was in motion. I totally understand if you can’t see it yet. But, I can. And, it’s going to be epic 😉

The wedding isn’t until early September so I’ll start muslin / sewing in late July/ early August. I also reserve the right to chose a different pattern should the mood strike or if the muslin doesn’t do me any favors.


  1. Lovely fabric! I totally love my version of this Vogue pattern, and I still wear it years later, too. IMHO, the only “infamous” part of it are that the instructions jump around like mad, so it’s really worth scanning them and cutting and pasting the parts for your view back together in the right order in photoshop first, otherwise it gets really confusing!

  2. Wow, at first the fabric on its own didn´t impress me much, but after your description of the bridesmaids´ colours, I think it will be simply perfect! The pattern will be next in my list, I like it a lot!! Good luck with the making and I am excited to see the results!

  3. Oooh! That’s one of my favourite patterns! I made a sleeveless version of it some years ago and still love it get tons of compliments whenever I wear it. And thanks for reminding me that I’ve had it packaged together with some fabric to make a sleeved version for at least 3 years now. Must add that to the fall sewing list.

    I’ll admit I don’t quite ‘see’ the fabric yet. But the colours are obviously just right for fitting in with the wedding and I trust you – like that matters, lol. I am very much looking forward to being inspired by how awesome you make this!

  4. That pattern has been on my To Sew List from day 1. I agree that a muslin is best. I recall a lot of talk about the flanges needing to be sewn down. Or something. (Also, the original has built-in spandex, IIRC)

    And your fabric may just kill me, I’m chocking with envy.

    And, as a [virtual] woman of the cloth, shouldn’t you be praying that you make the NYT??? Just kidding.

    Off to see what that section looks like, you have me intrigued.

  5. Cool pattern and the fabric is great! Everybody complaints about the instructions, but really, it’s not that difficult. I’d suggest you muslin the sleeves as well, mine turned out huge (HUGE!) and I read afterwards – of course – that they indeed run large.

  6. I love the dress and the fabric sounds divine – perfect for a Lady of the Cloth. Should we call you Our Lady of the Cloth now? 🙂

  7. I’ve thought about being ordained too. I don’t believe you have to be ordained to perform weddings in Montana either-brother in law is getting set to perform his second wedding. I would really would like to perform some kind of ministry so I should probably get some kind of education too. It would be nice to get close to my Reformed beliefs.

  8. I think your fabric choice is perfect! I always struggle getting sweetheart necklines right, so I often shy away from them, but this looks like it should be a relatively easy fit. I’m really keen to see this dress. As always, I wonder what shoes you’ll wear with it???

  9. Sounds like a plan. I can’t see it, but if you can, then I am sure it will be epic! Of course, you reserve the right to change your mind, and you should. Whatever you do will turn out well, and you will look lovely.

  10. Congratulations on your new credentials!!!

    Love your pattern and fabric selection. I know you’ll look Fab in this dress! I would highly suggest black shoes as apposed to the other colors in the fabric. However, sometimes, I opt for a neutral tan/biege shoe when there’s multiple colors in an outfit. Good luck and can’t wait to see your completed project!

  11. I like your fabric very much. Very sophisticated and that pattern is too. You’ll be quite the chic chica.

    FYI my friend became ordained as you did to marry two of his friends. He is now married to the woman he once married to his friend…just sayin’. Life’s weird…

  12. This is going to be beautiful. I have this pattern but have not made it yet. You’ll have to let me know of $40/yard poly is easier to work with and wear than the $10/yd poly they sell at JoAnns. (hehehe) It certainly is beautiful fabric.

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