Several t’ings

Thanks for the comments on my shorts. I forgot to say a few things about the pattern. The pattern is available for download on the BurdaStyle website for $5.40. Is it worth it? Well, I didn’t mention that I did not sew this pattern ‘out of the envelope’. I made my big fat adjustment for  full seat and full inner thigh and scooped 1/2 inch out of the crotch. I didn’t muslin them without the adjustments so I don’t know how they would have fit otherwise. But, they are a great pattern for me and will soon be transferred to sturdier paper so they may live on in infamy.

I haven’t forgotten about my officiant dress. Currently, it’s pinned to my dressform until I start the muslin in August. The design of the fabric places dark and light in different places and I’m pondering how to get the best placement for myself. I did buy the pattern at the last Vogue sale. But, it starts at a 16. I generally place into a 14 with the Big 4 (but make a 12 on top grading to the 16 on the bottom). So, I need to exchange / get the right size. I’m not grading. On sale the pattern is $3.99 and worth it to me 🙂

Finally, thank you for the very nice comments on my first two shorts (two more to go!).  I would be remiss in not assigning the compliments on my legs to my mother.

 She and my dad met while they were both nurses in NYC back in the early 70s. She always says it was her legs which got my dad to ask her out. I think it worked, because next month is their 39th anniversary.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m going to the drive in with friends this weekend and hitting up ARTscape here in Baltimore.

See you next week!


  1. I loved both of the shorts you made, can’t wait to see the rest. And the officiant dress looks very promising!

  2. Love the posts. Can’t wait until you finish the dress. P.S. tell your mother I have to give her the big hands up because she makes the 70’s look “gooooooood” and that ain’t easy. Her outfit looks as good today as it did back then. I guess style and taste are inherited 🙂

  3. Nice, nice, nice. Interested in seeing how your dress comes along. Also your mom-totally rockin’. I really like seeing pics of people back in the day- so much better than instagram XD

  4. I just made the same shorts straight up and I feel like I need a full bum alteration. I have a slight pull at the front crotch but there is definitely enough ease at the hip. But the seat is pretty taut, if you know what I mean. I’m definitely going to read up on what you do. I’m only recently coming to grips with the fact that I seem to need a full seat alteration and small bust alteration (sad face).

  5. That dress is going to be amazing. My two cents—I like the dark strip of the dress right where it is in your picture—wrapped diagonally across the torso. Very flattering.
    Also, I listen to podcasts of “Keep on Stitchin'” every time I go on a road trip. Every couple of months I drive to Edmonton and back for a doctor’s appointment (about 4.5 hours each way). I think I’ve listened to them all about 4 times now. Nothing else keeps me entertained like you and Trena talking about BWOF. I tried a book on tape, and another sewing blog, but nearly fell asleep while driving. Are you two still making those occasionally? I hope so. Great shorts too by the way!

  6. I’ve seen pics of your mom before and always think what a beautiful woman she is but I’ve never seen one of her from her youth-OMG she must have broken hearts left, right and center! I can only imagine the blood pressure problems her patients must have developed when she walked into the room!

    You know I wasn’t sure about the fabric for the officiant dress but it looks really nice on the dress form, and the colors will look wonderful on you.

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