Superstar Shorts: Burda 6-2011-111

My shorts wardrobe is nearing completion. I got a little behind with my posting this week. Work is getting busy again and I’m making a concerted effort to be more social. Enough of that, meet my Marc Jacbos Superstar Shorts!

Photos in the kitchen. It’s too hot and humid for outside shots. My makeup would just *melt*.  Maybe it’s time I set up a photo background inside 🙂 Let’s see, same pattern, Burda, June 2011 #111.

These are made from my Mood order using a  Marc Jacobs black embroidered star fabric at $18 a yard. I really wanted a pair of scalloped eyelet or embroidered shorts and thought these were a cute idea.

The original dress the fabric is made from retailed for $571!

The fabric is also available in blue and I had to stop myself from buying and sewing that up for the Independence Day like this Marc by Marc Jacobs top!


For this version, I made the dart into a pleat per the directions for 111B. I don’t see terrible much of a difference. I will say in black and this flowier material I liked the shorts slightly longer. Actually, of all my material (so far) these are my favorite for shorts (love the drape).

What else…

The fabric is a bit loose and see through, so I’ve underlined with some cotton voile in my stash. I think this stuff if from a trip to Jomar in Philly.

I skipped any back pockets and also eliminated the front pockets. Do you like my awesome use of navy blue serger thread and gray sewing thread? Clearly, I need to restock the black…

Man… look at that swayback / full seat adjustment, LOL!

I see these shorts as more of a go out for dinner or drinks shorts. Great with heels and slightly dressy.  The top is RTW from Bebe. I bought it ages ago for my high school reunion. Back when you could easily find tops like this in silk instead of polyester at midrange stores….

As you can see, Linus likes to get in on the photo shoots.

That’s all! We’re out of here for the weekend. I’m heading over to the Eastern Shore to visit friends. See you next time with my final pair in gold waxed linen…..


  1. These look fantastic on you and are so different from the first two pairs! Congrats on getting a really kewl shorts wardrobe. You’ll be prepared for any situation now!

  2. Your behind looks so cute! They look like a great easy, breezy pant pattern, and I ADORE that gold waxed linen!!

  3. That fabric is incredible! They look awesome.

    I have to say that I did almost exactly the same thing with thread, only I was too lazy to rethread the serger so it was beige, not navy. 🙂 Oops?

  4. Great job on your shorts. All three pairs have really extended your summer wardrobe and the metallic linen fabric will be so gorgeous too. Linus is a cutie!

  5. Love the whole outfit! 🙂 I do have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind. 1) Those side zipper shorts, do you feel that they are as strong as a fly front zip? I’ve looked at a few patterns that have that, but was concerned about durability. 2) What are those sandals? I keep looking for some in a similar style, but all I’ve found so far are either out of budget or lousy quality that kills my feet. 😦

    • Thanks! My sandals are amaze! They ar Born and I got them at Nordstrom Rack. They are still at I think they were $60? Down from over $100. My Internet is wonky so I can’t double check. I just got them two weeks ago so they are floating around still. They are SUPER comfortable and make me way tall.

      I feel good about the side zipper — mostly because of the underlining. I can do a front fly well enough, but I really wanted a super smooth and flat line at the front.

  6. Love this outfit! The shorts are great. Loved your red pair, and I can’t wait to see this in the gold linen!

  7. These are the bomb! And when that top, you look completely put together and very polished. I don’t think I have ever looked that good wearing shorts. Oh, and by the way, when was it that you could get silk shirts are mid-range stores?! I don’t remember that!

  8. Really cool shorts! I love this look on you! I agree with you about the RTW tops being polyester in moderately priced stores! It is truly uncomfortable here in the heat if Florida! This one is a gem and hope you get lots of wear from it!

  9. Love the whole out fit. Nice fabric for the shorts and the gold linen will also make lovely shorts. You look hot. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. Really cute outfit! I never would have thought to use that fabric for shorts, but then I can be pretty boring. It was an excellent choice.

  11. Love these, the best yet. I’m looking forward to seeing the gold, they should be wonderful.
    I’m with you on the overlocker thread, but I’m even lazier, I almost never rethread it.

  12. Loving the series of shorts. These are great. Thanks for the inspiration as I have these shorts in my pattern stash and wonder if I can get a pair made while the heat is still hanging tough.

  13. I have a sway back, too, and am never quite sure how to alter the pattern. My mom did it for me all the time, but I can’t remember exactly what she did. A custom fit is really the only way I can get a good fit in pants.

    And I love the snazzy fabric!

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