Roxy Print Swimmers and Elastic Guidance

Here is hopefully my last swimsuit for the summer from my Roxy material.  I know. Three sets in less than two weeks! I’m still tweaking the pattern 🙂

Since I’m changing the width here and there, I thought I would share the Singer Sewing Activewear guide for adjusting elastic below. I reviewed the book in full.

I have both rubber (left)  and swimwear  (right) elastic and I now prefer rubber. It’s much thinner and lays nice and flat. It’s also easier to sew / top stitch through with fewer skipped stitches. I purchased mine from Sew Sassy.

Guide below from Singer Sewing Reference Library: Sewing Activewear

Leg Opening:  Use elastic  2″ (5 cm)  smaller than cut leg opening

Waistline: Waistline, minus 4″ to 6″ according to how snug you want it to be.

Armhole: Measures to cut edge

Neckline: For a snug fit in low, scooped or V neck, use elastic 1″ to 3″ shorter than cut edge of neckline


For knickers, Singer suggests sewing the elastic flat at the front and putting the stretch to the back (so it will grip there). I’m glad I found that tip!


Above is the inside of my top. It’s lined with swimwear lining and has powernet (just in the front for this one) as interlining.

And, for activewear, I think I prefer a zig zag stitch instead of the twin needle stitch. I used a zig zag for the bikini top and twin needle on the bottom.

Finally, there was a wadder in all this swim suit sewing

I tried to make the halter from the same pattern (above). I’ve never been a big fan of halter tops on me. I think I’m too busty and don’t like things that knot around the neck because of slippage and comfort. But, this design was just too much material after my FBA and not nearly enough support. I looked like two small bags of pennies hanging around it there. It was quite sad. Yes, yes. It doesn’t look like it’s low enough in the front, but I had to really pull at the halter straps to lift me up. The design just didn’t work for me.

I said this on Facebook recently. But, for real. If you want to save money sewing, make your own swimwear, coats and underwear. My suits cost less than $10 each. And, they *fit*. I do have RTW swim that’s a bit racier but really like making my own fitness swim suits.

And now, I’m putting away my ball point needle. I have some sewing for hire to complete this weekend and I have GOT to start my officiant dress ASAP.



  1. Thank you for the elastic tips. This is Huge in my world!! I sew clothes for Grand Daughters over 2000 miles away! and I am always guesstimating.
    I love reading your emails and seeing your detailed photos of exactly what is going on.

    I love reading your

  2. I agree about the saving money. The last bikini I bought was $140 and I’d estimate it used about 1/4 yard. Now that I plan on moving back to the subtropics I will be making my own!

  3. Great! I agree that halters don’t work well in busty girls (unless you have some amazing inner architecture).
    I discovered that rubber elastic in old Jockey undies, the ones that used to last decades. The beefy fabric would be shredding and the elastic would be hanging tough. It’s chlorine-resistant as well. You can’t do better than that, and as you noticed it’s not that bulky either. Mind you I’ve used clear polyurethane successfully, it eventually got brittle but not before a decade had passed :-).

  4. Very charming! I think that this is the summer of the swimsuit (although I will probably be sewing mine in the autumn. LOL!). thank you for the tips about the elastic lengths. And I think that you are correct about it being economical to sew swimwear and underwear. I’ve never seen sew much charged for so little fabric (of course, what it covers is crucial).

  5. Thanks for all the great information. Sorry that the top didn’t work for you, the suit is really cute. I have been thinking of tackling panties, but I am hesitant. What is it about making small clothes that is so intimidating?

  6. I loved reading your post, it is beautiful to share as much information and the idea of ​​making our own swimwear is great for both our economy and for our comfort. Love all your bathing suits!

  7. I have been taking notes on your swimwear. I am still hoping to get to some activewear soon, so this info on elastic is good. I could use a swimsuit. Mine is ancient.

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