Sewing A New Ironing Board Cover

I’ve taken on some sewing work for a ‘client’. My friend needed her wedding dress hemmed, a bustle added, a matching sash sewn and a veil made. I said I would do it and I am scared to death!  The hemming seems to have gone well from what I can tell. The bustle will be done tonight.

I marked the hem in the cleanest room of my house (the guest room) because I was scared of getting *anything* on the white dress. But, imagine my panic when I came down to the basement and looked at my ironing board cover.

Yuck. It’s obvious where I do the bulk of my ironing too. At first I thought I could just wash this and re-sew on the elastic. But, I deided it was smarter and easier to just make a new one.

I made this cover back in 2008. Apparently, I said at the time I planned to make another one soon. I think four years is soon enough!

Here’s my new cover. Same method as before. I used the pad as a pattern to cut a new cover adding a one inch seam allowance. I then used my serger’s elasticator foot to apply my elastic.

The material is the wrong side of a  super dark sturdy denim from Joanns –originally purchased to make a bag I think. I pre-washed the material on hot about four times and dried it on high heat. My goal was to get out as much dye as I could and shrink it as much as it would.

I’m also happy to report that my old US Army blanket is still holding up well after four years! I use this as my pad. The wool is great for retaining heat and steam.

For something that takes less than an hour to make, I’m sorry to say I let it go this long! How about you guys? Do you make your own ironing board covers?

I’ll post more on the dress once I get her permission and the bustle and sash are done.


  1. Will definitely make my own now and now I finally have a use for all the old Army blankets that I’ve accumulated over the years.

  2. I made one, but I’m not sure if it is something I’d plan to do again. I don’t really like the one I made because it tries to come off no matter how much I tighten the drawstring. 😦

  3. I made my ironing board cover! It’s holding up pretty well – of course, it’s only about 2 years old too 🙂 But I do need to put some more cotton batting in there, because it’s a bit thin. Ironing board covers are one of those *boring* things to sew (like curtains & pillows) that I can’t bear to actually pay for pre-made because they are so expensive.

  4. I made mine 3 years ago. I used a light-colored denim and several layers of felted wool underneath. I love it and it’s holding up well.

  5. Doesn’t it feel good to have something new and clean and pretty in the sewing room? Doubly so because you made it? Good luck on the rest of the wedding dress alterations!

  6. My cover is so trashed-it’s a purchased one that is years and years old. I keep telling myself to make a new one, but somehow I’ve put it off for a long time…….

  7. What a great idea! I’ve thought about it but never done it. But, I don’t have the foot to apply elastic like you do. That would probably make it much easier.

  8. I contemplated making my own ironing board cover last time it needed replacing, but then I happened to run into one that had a grid and measurements on it and that just seemed too practical and useful to pass up (and honestly, it is!)

    I’m really jealous of your elasticator foot. It seems like such a good solution to so many sewing issues!

  9. I’m curious. Is there a particular reason you chose to use a denim or did you just use that because it was in your stash? Now I’m wondering what the best fabric characteristics are to use in an ironing board cover; I’ve never really thought about it before. Good luck with the project!

    • You got e! I had it in my stash, but I really wanted a heavy twill or denim. So, it worked out. I would have prefered white, but didn’t want to go out and purchase.

  10. I made my own using ikea canvas, I think it’s a quick way to spruce up the look of such a boring (but important) item. I liked it so much I recovered my sewing chair to match 🙂

  11. I’m desperately in need of a new cover but as much as I want it and don’t want to shell out 20 bucks at Target for a new one I’m just not sure it will get moved to the top of my to do list.

  12. Oh, thank you so much for this post! It’s karmically perfect, as I’ve had a closet leak and my ironing board cover is now moldy – eeuuuuW!!
    Wool blanket – check. I agree it’s perfect for pressing. But really, just elastic will do?!? Got to try this, you’re rearranging my entire head about it. I might need an elasticator foot as well.
    Mind you, this has been a perfect pretext for showing up rumpled all summer, I can’t say I haven’t appreciated the excuse from a chore I don’t enjoy.

  13. Arrrrrgggghhh! I KNOW I should get off my duff and make a new one, but there are so many pretty patterns I just picked up at the .99 cent sale…

  14. You know I didn’t even see the pattern of the fabric until I saw the pre-shot and had to go back to see that yes, that was the same thing?
    I keep thinking it’s something I should do. The ironing board I use for sewing is a short apartment sized one so it moves around a bit. There isn’t nearly enough padding and it is starting to look a little worse for wear. Thanks for the prompt, I really should do this myself.

  15. I always make my iron borad covers but my ironing pad . . . ick. Here’s an FYI when you are working on the gown – put a clean bed sheet on the floor. Bustles take time! Have some ice water on hand to drink. Wedding dresses get hot! Good Luck!

  16. I’ve seen wonderful home sewn ironing board covers, but after putting off sewing one myself for months and months I finally caved and just bought a new cover from Target. I don’t have a lot of time to sew and I seem to not put a high priority on making things that me or my girls cannot wear. (mostly me, you can outfit kids for cheap in RTW and they grow too fast to wear the clothes out)

    I’m impressed that you took on wedding dress alterations, and I’m looking forward to seeing your officiant dress!

  17. I made new ironing board covers when I got the sewing room painted. One matches the walls, one is neutral and one is a lovely print that matches the accent color in the room. Every few weeks I throw one in the wash and put on a clean one. And yes, I am a busy person too.

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