Marc Jacobs Solid Gold Linen Shorts: Burda 6-2011-111

I’ve been making these shorts for weeks now. First, I was going to make them to go to Boston almost two months ago. I needed a ‘club’ outfit according to my traveling companions.  They also said I needed to stay up until 3:00 a.m. and that didn’t happen either…

Then, I thought I would finish them in time for Artscape and wear them out that weekend. But, that also didn’t happen. Finally, two weeks ago I got around to making the shorts and trust, I am totally looking for someplace to go because I LOVES them.

I look like I should be a Solid Gold Dancer. 

The fabric is a Marc Jacobs laminated / waxed cotton/linen/silk blend from Mood Fabrics. At $25 a yard it felt like a splurge. But, shorts are just one yard and I thought these would look good with my skin tone. I would totally buy shorts for $25 and these are custom fit! I brought them in to the office when I was seeking advice on what to wear them with and my friends and colleagues *gushed*.

When the material first arrived I was kind of nervous. I mean, I’m in my late 30s. Do I need to be wearing shiny shorts? But, all the young hot things in my office told me they thought they’d be spectacular and they were right!

For this pair, I still omitted the front side pockets. I really just need someplace to put my Blackberry and ID. So, I made (somewhat) matching single welt pockets in the back.

These shorts could easily be too much. So, on the advice of friends I went with a simple tank and dangle earrings. These shorts totally make me want a pair in leather. Is that strange?

As an aside, I was kind of ‘mad’ at myself when I cut down 22 inch zippers for these shorts. I almost went out to buy a shorter one so I wouldn’t ‘waste’ my zipper. While debating this, I stumbled on this post from China and another from Panama. The zipper in these shorts were just  8 cents from Xiamen, China. Eight cents. A new 9 inch zipper from the store here would have been $2.25 easily. I was fine with cutting it after that. But, wondered why I didn’t buy MORE zippers then!

Well, that’s the last of my summer shorts project!  As much as I’m wearing them, I can’t believe I didn’t own a single pair for years. I’ve made four shorts this summer — each with distinctive personalities. Working from one pattern to create multiple items was great for me. I hope to do something similar this fall / winter with jackets and next summer with capris. I’m glad I took this on. It’s quadrupled my summer wardrobe and I finally have some dog walking clothes 🙂


  1. These are fantastic! I understand why you “love” them! And you really do need a pair in leather with scalloped edges…

  2. LOVE these!!! And they really don’t look that ostentatious in the pictures. I think you look great! BTW, I totally want some leather shorts for fall but they don’t really fit into my SAHM lifestyle.

  3. This pair makes me want a pair and I don’t even wear shorts. I have some of that linen. It is gorgeous.

  4. I think all the work you’ve put into fitting this pattern really paid off, the fit is great, the length is absolutely spot on, and they have just enough “bling” to be noticeable without it being too much. Absolutely wonderful! (I can so see these in leather!)

  5. Your shorts look great. I love it that you did every pair a little different style and – of course- different fabric. Dog walking clothes are a must have! In my dog walking group the first question I am asked each evening is, “Did you make _______?” Because they know I sew my own clothes. Of course, they keep asking when I am going to branch out into ‘dog outfits’. I am sure that day will come!

    • I’m with you – now, if they’d been lame, I think that would have been just a little bit too much, but this is very classy looking.

  6. Wowza!!!!! These shorts look marvellous on you! Are they going to be part of the dog-walking-clothes rotation too? ‘Cause I don’t think these beauties should be just for special occasions!

  7. Amazing! Love these shorts. I really like the way you styled them with the plain tank to tone them down, but I also think you could glam them up to wear out in the evening, especially during the summer, maybe with sequins and a cropped blazer. I have enjoyed seeing all of your shorts and totally think you should go for a version in leather – they would be fabulous.

  8. Love the fabric. The fiber blend sounds delicious and the gold is just the right level of shiny to remain outside of Go Go Dancer Territory. The styling is perfect, too, IMO, you got great advice. And I vote for the leather shorts. How about black or brown leather (suede???) bermudas for fall?

  9. They are fantastic. I’m glad you went with it and plan on wearing them. They look great on you.

  10. You are looking HAWT in that outfit! That’s a cute little pair of shorts. You ended your shorts sewing season on an excellent note!!!!

  11. Those shorts are hot! You look great in them. BTW, you can get zippers from what use
    to be Atlanta Thread and is now Wawak orwhatever the name is, for cheap, less than 50 cents depending on how many you buy and what size. I stock up at SIL when I am in the city since YKK zippers in 8 or 9″ is about $.75. Without the packaging you save lots of money.

  12. I love, love, love these shorts, the fabric, the fit, they are perfect! I just returned from a back to school shopping trip with my DD. In Nordstrom’s (juniors and other dept’s), there was leather or faux leather all over. Skirts, jeans, leggings, jackets. I say go for the leather shorts!

  13. I love these!!! I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of places to wear them out, they might be shiny, but I wouldn’t say they any different than those rhinestone covered jeans that people wear.

  14. These look great! I’ve been thinking about making leather shorts recently, too. I think they’d look great on you.

  15. These are FABULOUS! That fabric is to die for and they look so good- love the welt pockets. A leather pair would be a different kind of awesome- go with it!

  16. Super hot and fabulous! I’m months away from 50 and I would wear them in a heartbeat! In fact, I’m going to hunt down some fabric just like that and maybe I can wear the shorts to my 50th birthday party. Yes, please make a pair in leather. You’ve got fantastic legs and you look incredible. Wear then wherever you can.

    • Carol, you would be so proud of me. I bought crazy platform, 5 inch heels by Guess over the weekend. They are RIDICULOUS. If and when I do wear these out to a club, those are the shoes they’ll go with. I was seriously thinking about you when I tried them on and thought, ‘Carol would tell me to get these. She would say I’m not to old.’

  17. Fabulous, rocking shorts! I’d love to get my hands on some of this linen. Sadly at 53, my shorts wearing days are over!

  18. Awesome shorts…you will be a guy magnet when you step out in them. I must weigh in on the leather shorts. I bought a pair last year and wore them ALL the time with tights, leg warmers, boots, long sweaters. Get thee to the leather/fabric store…you won’t regret it. 😉

    • That sounds awesome! I may make them a little longer than these so I can wear tights, etc. I’ll def need some booties for the fall too. Thanks!

  19. Oh are these ever HAWT! I love them! And I think you would rock a pair of leather shorts. Do you think you could stand the non-breathability factor? I’m a gal that does a lot more than glisten when I get hot, and I know leather pants and/or shorts are out for me. But if you don’t have body temperature issues you really need to go for it!

    • That, is a good question and one I did not think of. Hmmm. Moisture wicking knickers would have to be had too, no? You guys have definitely talked me in to it though!

    • I LOVE this look!! Thank you! There’s a peplum in the August Burda that will work well for this. Thanks for the link! I am not great at putting whole outfits together. Individual pieces I can do, but the complete look I am all about copying!

  20. I absolutely love them too! They are super-flattering, the fit looks spot on and that colour – swoon. It just works so well against your skin tone. I want you to go clubbing in these shorts! (Do people ‘go clubbing’ any more? I have no idea!) Anyway, I want you to dance the night away.

    • Oh, man. I have to post the shoes they talked me in to. They are like 5 inch heels with glitter. I almost toppled over in them at the store. I haven’t been clubbing since college and the thought of going now exhausts me. But, the bulk of my local friends are at least five years younger and looove going out. But, these shorts were made with clubs in mind so I owe it to them to take them out.

  21. They look great! Don’t think they’re too much at all. I know someone professionally who was a Solid Gold Dancer, and though she’s at least 50 now, I am willing to bet she would gladly wear those shorts today, if she had them.

  22. You need not be nervous about the sparkly! You have Tina Turner’s legs, and would Tina wear sparkly gold shorts? I think she would, and then she’d dance around so everyone would be reminded how utterly fabulous she is.

  23. Those are awesome on you and I love how you styled them. I live in Boston, and have to say that Boston isn’t ready for this much style to come visiting! We are definitely a walking shorts and Tevas city.

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