Officiant Dress Begun

I finally started on my officiant dress  last Saturday night. The wedding is in ten days. Which would normally be plenty of time. But, because of my job, I’m working all Labor Day weekend (this weekend).

And, because I’m the caller on my office dragon boat team, I’m on the Inner Harbor all day, the day of the wedding. So, nights after work are kind of *it*.

I’m making this Burda 2-2009-124 pattern. Surprised? You thought I was making the famous Galaxy Dress from Vogue patterns, right? Yeah, so did I.  I went to four different Joann’s Fleece and Crap on two different pattern sale weekends to get the pattern and struck out every single time. And, for me who commutes 8 miles roundtrip each day, schlepping an hour roundtrip  to the suburbs to find a pattern times four makes me SALTY.

Then, I decided to just order it online with the last sale. Brilliant, no? Well, I’m an idiot because I ordered everything I wanted *but* that pattern.

So executive decision to sew this dress instead. It’s simple, good lines, should flatter the figure and was actually in my possession.

I cut a size 40 and made a 1 inch FBA by adding a dart at the side. I made two muslins of the top as my dart adding is notoriously horrendous. And, for some reason I can’t seem to grasp that I should make a 38 with an FBA.  But, I’ll tell you now, the fit is still kind of wonky. And, I think I look a little chunk (boxy)  in it.

The Carolina Herrera polyester jacquard from Mood Fabric is underlined in silk organza. I managed to get that done after work last week by hand basting and marking the darts with basting thread (not my basting thread from Amsterdam. I can’t seem to find the five spools I bought).

The lining is going to be half Bemberg half silk charmeuse. I unfortunately started cutting the lining first, before I added some width the to neckline. I have fairly short shoulders and in the muslin the neck was too wide for me. So, some charmeuse was lost in the making of this dress.

Now, I also need to continue writing my remarks for the day. Eek. Where does the time go? I’ll check back in after it’s done…


  1. I love that fabric so much! And I can safely say, from my personal experience with V8280, that your current schedule would NOT result in a perfect dress. The flange, the stupid, tricky, rebellious flange!!!!!!

  2. This is one of my all time favourtite patterns and it is so easy it almost makes itself – which it sounds like it needs to! The fabric is gorgeous, I think a simple dress will show it off perfectly. Good luck finishing it, hope you will be happy with the fit at the end.

  3. nothing like a bit (or a lot) of pressure to make you more efficient and turn out something great! I too love the Vogue pattern but it is fiddly, and this Burda is equally beautiful because of it’s simplicity. I know you’ll make something awesome, can’t wait to see yout finished garment

  4. Hang in (like you have any choice), you will get everything done! You do have a busy life, and you are ambitious in your projects, but you always seem to get things done in a miraculous way. The dress will be wonderful. The busy fabric will look great in a simple design. The words will come. There is a reason you were asked to do this most important task, and it will come to you. Good luck over the next few days with time management!

  5. Oh that would b actually kind of cool r they public where? R they near the aqauarium paddle boats?

  6. I hope you sort out the fitting issues because that fabric is fabulous! The end result will be great, I’m sure, and perfect for the ceremony 🙂

  7. It looks fabulous so far! The simple pattern really lets the fabric stand out, and it is stunning fabric. Can’t wait to see the finished dress.

  8. That fabric is so stunning it needs the simple lines of this dress to showcase it. Plus you’ll look like a dignified hottie in it.

  9. I love this fabric. I never think about this dress when I’m looking for a pattern but I have some fabric on my sewing table right now that would be perfect in this dress. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Hey, I couldn’t find an email to send this to you directly, but the Donna Karan coat pattern 2586 is on eBay at the moment in two different size ranges. I don’t know if your still interested or not but thought you would like to know.

  11. You chose THE perfect fabric for the simple silhouette of this dress. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised by how good you are going to look in the finished dress.

  12. Hope you survived the weekend! It was awfully gross out there. The dress looks like it’s going to be gorgeous, as usual. Take a deep breath; you’ll get it all done and you’ll look fabulous. 🙂

  13. I think this “simple” pattern will give the perfect frame for this stunning fabric and you will look gorgeous in it. You can make it work!

  14. i know you are busy this month.i am enjoying your sewing journals and wonder where you get all your energy ! anyway my husband has a temporary job transfer to philadelphia this keep busy @ our temporary lodging ,i took up sewing a wall hanging and some other small projects.i can read a pattern and assemble clothing but doing the tweaking and adjustments are a disaster.i just dont get it-so a dress can look like a potato sack on me.any suggestions or do you know of a place in the Philadelphia area i can take some lessons on the finer points of sewing/measuring ?im a hands on learner and retain more by a class than a book. thanks,laurali


  15. Hi, I sewed same pattern but yours is stunning. Fabric is very important and yours is absolutely great..Bravoo….

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