On Lace

So, I know nothing about lace. I just know that when all the lace outfits started appearing on the runway a few years ago I wanted one. But, I couldn’t find the kind of laces I was interested in. Something super textural — nothing  flat like lingerie lace. But, something that looked like my grandmother would have made.

This time at Mood I spent a minute actually looking at the laces I was drawn too. And, I left drooling and kind of wistful.

Wistful, because this is the kind of lace I want to sew with soon.

Drooling, because this stuff was out of control beautiful. And, none of it is on their website.

One last point. I’ve never thought of lace as older or aging. Sometimes it can remind me of the dollies my grandmother crocheted and dipped in starch. But, this lace. Sigh.  This lace makes me want to have tea at lunch and wear fascinators to church.

While I was there, I saw Susan Khalje is teaching a course at Mood on working with lace, probably based on on her 2006 Threads article, Amazing Lace. If I lived closer, I would definitely sign up.


  1. wooow, I like the silver guipure looking lace the most. It could be a really nice dress! Are you going to make any lace garments soon?

  2. Yes, and Susan included a ton of info in her book on Bridal Couture, which is so well explained that I sewed with lace back when I was quite the newbie. I might have struggled with knits, but I could sew me some lace (used it in my wedding outfit).
    I used guipure in a shrug, thinking it would be a versatile item – have not worn it one single time yet. I am not sure what I need in my wardrobe to go with it? oh well, evenutally….

  3. I’ve been having a little lace fantasy, too. I keep seeing really lovely dresses in exactly these kinds of laces and I think I want one. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.

  4. Irish crochet – there are some gorgeous Japanese how-to books, if you ever want to pick up a hook and make some of it by hand!

  5. If I understand you correctly, you did not buy any… A courageous woman you are. All beautiful they are, but the grey one is my favourite.

  6. I’m signed up for the lecture. I attended an earlier one at Mood, which was interesting, but there’s only so much you can expect from an hour-long talk.

  7. Miss Celie/RS/Blog Host:

    I’m surprised that you haven’t taken any classes with Susan Khalje as I believe she’s based in Baltimore. But of course they’re not inexpensive and run three-four (?) days. I’ve considered taking one, but I think it would mean shipping my sewing machine and tools down there and then there’s the cost of the hotel, the class, and days off.

    Maybe one day.

  8. Must be in the water, when we were in Barcelona recently, I found a fantastic fabric store, Ribes y Casales, and I came home with 2 pieces of lace.

  9. Oooooooo! Looks like Grace Kelly clothes to me, and everything she wore in her movies was to die for! I love lace, and I am usually not a girlie dresser. I think you should go for it sometime. You can sew anything!

  10. I soooo am into the lace trend that is sweeping in right now but alas, I too, have no idea how to sew with lace. I need to get back to Mood Fabrics and quickly! Love your site btw 😉

  11. If Susan has a Lace class coming up on PatternReview, take it. I did, and I learned enough that I made a guipure lace top right after the class. Lace is fun, and not so hard. You just have to pay attention!

  12. Oh my, those laces are too beautiful for words. I particularly love that 3D grey lace (sigh) utterly lovely. I sure hope you got some :))

  13. I’m in love with those classy laces you’ve shown here, especially the grey one. If anything, I’d love to make the nude Alexander McQueen dress that Kate Middleton wore to the Diamond Jubilee.

  14. I wish one of you nice ladies of the Mood Sewing Network would ask them why the nicest fabrics are not on their website (I.e. Jason Wu fabrics like Carolyn’s). Many of you are aquiring fabrics we can’t go and order ourselves. If they are trying to encourage others to buy from them, it doesn’t work if the same ole things are on their website and the desirable fabrics are only in the store. The fabrics I want are the ones ladies are bringing home from the store. Why can’t these be available from the website? Sure I could call and ask for something, but doesn’t seeing a fabric inspire the want? My mind doesn’t just dream up a fictitious fabric to ask for.

    • Thank you! But, that’s totally subjective. Several of the bloggers don’t have ready access to the Mood brick and mortar store (Erica, Amanda, and Amy) and they are making some pretty great garments via the online offerings. Of the shorts, officiant dress and today’s new post on my Purple Friday dress *all* of the material has come from the website. My next dress fabric is a silk jersey that wasn’t online, but there are dozens of silk jerseys on the site to choose from. Just not mine. After the aforementioned silk jersey dress, my next two dresses are from the website too. The Mood store is three stories and *huge*. They get designer ends too and only place online what they can easily supply to lots of people. That certainly prevents a level of discontent. So, I have to fundamentally disagree with you that only the desirable fabrics are in the store 🙂 I have a portfolio on the web site bursting at the seams of things I like. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. Plus, if you like what you see that we sewed and it’s not on the site, give them a call to order!

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