Re-Ruching Vogue 1252

Thank you for all your sympathy in taking out the stretch stitches. I’m just happy I’m not sewing this knit on my serger! Thank goodness I am a political nerd. I turned on the US Presdidential debates and sat down with my seam ripper. A cramped hand and a final debate later the dress was taken apart. Here’s a quick post on how I took the width out of the front bodice and back bodice pieces for my Tracy Reese ruched dress.

I saw that Amanda took 1.5 inches from the front. When I pulled my bodice front that much, it still wasn’t ruching. So I took three inches out the front by folding out 1.5 inches along the ‘fold’ line of the pattern (piece 7) which is center front. For the front drape, I shortened it by one inch — mostly toward the bottom / skirt portion. Probably a hair too much. But, it looked pretty good when I tried it on.

You’ll see now on the dressfrom that  the bodice is still not super ruchy, but, it doesn’t hang down at center front any more.

For the back, I got overzealous and took two inches out of each back section for a total of four inches gone. Total ruching and snug. Luckily, the lining is thick so I won’t have back fat 🙂

Here’s the original again: Big Diff

I think I’ll finish up in the next week. There is quite a bit more lining to install plus a FOUR piece skirt to construct. I don’t think I’ve ever had two mid-construction posts on non-black tie dresses — nevermind a knit. Heh.

Oh, I need a zipper too. I hope Joann’s carries nice bold metal zippers. I ordered my last one online for my purple friday dress and the shipping was high but the zippers were gorgeous.


  1. It’s looking good. I think that this is going to look fabulous on you. BTW I never use the stretch stitch on my machine; it’s too hard to rip. I just use a narrow zig zag. I’ve never had a problem. If I want a fake safety, I use that stitch and serge next to it. I totally love the leopard. It’s in my favorite black and white and it’s animal print. I know you aren’t in love with it, but there is no way that this dress could look old lady!

  2. Well its looking good to me :O). I can’t wait to see the total finish. That fabric is fantastic! I actually starting cutting out a garment today! Shocking I know.

  3. Love the dress, love the print, it is going to look fabulous. Of course, I am partial to animal prints.

  4. To solve the shoes / commuting problems I have a pair (sometimes 2 pairs ) of heels in the office which I will change to. I have a 15 mins walk from station to office so between home and office you will see me in flats… I try to make an effort with the photos though, i mean not only the photos with me in but also the progress photos. A good picture is worth a thousand words…and I totally agree with you about the lack of daylight in winter times!

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