When a Sewist Buys a Halloween Costume

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. –Cady, Mean Girls

You know what I discovered when I decided to buy my Halloween costume? Men’s costumes are goofy or scary and  female adult costumes are geared to make you look sexy.

Originally, I thought I would make a costume. I had a zillion ideas but simply no time to crank one out. So, I decided to buy mine.


I checked out local costume shops and the internet and discovered something totally interesting. Only 10 percent of the costumes were for men.


50 percent for grown women and the rest are for kids.


I’d never really looked for a costume as an adult so I was totally surprised.


And, definitely not work appropriate. When I was in my early 20s I wore a friend’s high school cheerleading uniform. That was about the last time I really got dressed up.


Online, outside of costumes shops women’s costumes were on adult themed web sites.

Wanna see my Halloween costume from this year? You know where I got it? The ‘gift shop’ at an adult store near my office. Sounds gross? The same costume was on sale on-line for $20 more than I paid. It was also the one with the longest skirt and I felt comfortable in.

 I went as the Baltimore Grand Prix to a Halloween party on Saturday night. My date work a grey tee-shirt and wrapped himself in chicken wire and went as a Race Wall. Totally clever. But, no photos. Maybe tonight from handing out candy!


See, no judgement on my part for going a little sexy at Halloween. I mean really. I’m so conservative in the way I dress it’s nice to have one night where I can be a little more out there. I don’t think this is any shorter than what my mom wore in the 60s 🙂

It was suggested by a few friends that I ‘pad my bra and wear fishnets. I decided to ignore both bits of advice.

Finally, these two posts on blogging have me thinking. The first is by Mimi G. She says a lot of what I think about blogging (and highlights why I’m not posting a photo of myself in my Halloween costume). In annoyance a few weeks ago I drafted a post titled Haterade and Malcontents. But, I’ll let her post speak for me too (hopefully she doesn’t mind).

The other is by Karen of Did You Make That on looking like yourself on your blog. I’ll answer the question now. I generally look in real life how I look on my blog. I take photos before work so that’s how I look on that day. But, the photos on my blog are the very best versions of me. By the time I get to work, my clothes are wrinkled, my skin is shiny and I’m definitely not wearing lipstick 🙂


  1. I’m glad that you found a costume. I haven’t been costume shopping for a while, but I’ve been following the women/men/ethnic costume situation on the blog Sociological Images. It’s worth a viewing.

  2. Oh, I appreciate how much of a commitment this blogging thing is, I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t. And, I understand why you put your best image forward most of the time. Who doesn’t (man or woman) look in the mirror before having their picture made, especially if it is going to be on public display?! I think it is a testament to you that your blog is so informative, interesting, and fun. Thanks for doing it; I really enjoy it. I’m impressed.

  3. Halloween isn’t such a big thing in Australia but it is starting to take off. I think I’d be in to it sorely for the chance to make an awesome costume 😀 Glad you were able to find a costume and I love the race wall idea! Hilarious!

  4. This is a fun costume! I bet you looked super cute. Halloween is weird– I’ve never felt comfortable looking “sexy” or putting lots of skin on display, so I always ended up in some sort of weird boyish costume. Ugh!

    Blogging is a strange thing, isn’t it? I really liked Mimi’s article– I think sometimes people forget that bloggers, even super stylish and cool ones like Mimi, are REGULAR PEOPLE! We all carve time out of our crazy schedules to blog, because we love it, so I’m always really sad when someone makes a mean comment or seems to think we’re all rolling in dough because we blog. 🙂

  5. I moderate comments because I don’t feel like letting anyone bogart my blog. I don’t get too many haters for that reason. Plus frankly, I don’t really care if people don’t like what I have to say. I generally avoid controversy and I don’t try to “poke the bear” too much. Except when it comes to pressing while sewing. Then I get on my high horse. 🙂

  6. On the subject of looking like yourself on your blog, I was VERY excited last Friday to see you “in person” on the sidewalk at the harbor in Baltimore……looking exactly like your pictures – I even recognized the dress! I was surprised, and riding herd on a grandchild, so didn’t say hello, next time for sure!

    AND I can testify that the blog pics are totally accurate!


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