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Oh Freecycle, How Doth I Love Thee?

My friends. I’m having a Peter-flavored purging / orginizational¬†week. It started during Superstorm Sandy. I needed to move my material out of harm’s way. In the process, I realized my stash was a bit — uneven.

My purging continued after I randomly decided to rearrange my living room and put up my Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day all by myself. This is as far as I got. My furnuture is heavy and the tree is boring by ones self. So, to complete one task, I went through my stash.

This 32 gallon bin is what I’m parting with. I went through my stash and did a quick purge of all the material I really didn’t think I would be sewing from anymore. Lots of big scraps and some yardages. Seems like a lot, no? Well, I have about six bins this size stuffed to the gills with fabric I *want* to sew.

This morning, it was all bundled up and placed on the porch for one of the 20+ emails I got from my Freecycle posting.

I almost took it to the DC/MD/VA Blogger meet up this weekend. But, my car is small and I didn’t want to have to bring anything back with me.

I feel so free!

Oh. My living room got finished and my tree put up. It was like the first photo for three days until I got someone over to help me. I don’t know what I was thinking.