Oh Freecycle, How Doth I Love Thee?

My friends. I’m having a Peter-flavored purging / orginizational week. It started during Superstorm Sandy. I needed to move my material out of harm’s way. In the process, I realized my stash was a bit — uneven.

My purging continued after I randomly decided to rearrange my living room and put up my Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day all by myself. This is as far as I got. My furnuture is heavy and the tree is boring by ones self. So, to complete one task, I went through my stash.

This 32 gallon bin is what I’m parting with. I went through my stash and did a quick purge of all the material I really didn’t think I would be sewing from anymore. Lots of big scraps and some yardages. Seems like a lot, no? Well, I have about six bins this size stuffed to the gills with fabric I *want* to sew.

This morning, it was all bundled up and placed on the porch for one of the 20+ emails I got from my Freecycle posting.

I almost took it to the DC/MD/VA Blogger meet up this weekend. But, my car is small and I didn’t want to have to bring anything back with me.

I feel so free!

Oh. My living room got finished and my tree put up. It was like the first photo for three days until I got someone over to help me. I don’t know what I was thinking.



  1. Great job–I know the fabric will be appreciated by someone. Sigh! I find it tragically amusing that I recognize some of the items in your stash.

  2. let a sista know if you give it away (gimme gimme) i need to find a way to make a scraps area rug. Whats the Blogger meet up sounds interesting. (indurea)

  3. I left three large bags plus a really old oversized TV outside my garage door this morning…though my bags contained clothing instead of fabric. Like the new living room arrangement.

  4. You know that “Peter-flavored” sounds slightly obscene to the untutored ear? 🙂 But I quickly guessed which Peter you meant.

    Your living room looks cozy and calm and ready for the holidays. How pleased you must be with yourself.

    I recently got some help with decluttering from a recent college grad. It helped that she’d been a psychology major because much of the challenge was mental.

  5. Celie
    A very nice thing to do with your materials no longer needed. And your room is really pretty. Have wonderful Holiday Season.

  6. I did the same thing near the end of last year with about 30 yards’ worth of fabric. It was definitely a freeing experience (until I remembered that I still had 200+ yards!)

  7. You should have called me! I’d have relieved you of some fabric (because I don’t already have 4-5 bins of my own…). 🙂 The living room looks great! It’s so neat; I’m so jealous. Mine’s a big honking disaster area. Always. And where did you get your squishy seating? It looks so comfy.

  8. Ohhh, your living room looks so nice and tidy now! I just had to clean mine out completely to fit my Christmas tree, too– ha! Holidays (and visits from my mother-in-law!) are the only thing that motivate me to organize!

  9. Oh wish I lived in your freecycle area! I love freecycle too…. I have given stuff away but I got a BEAUTIFUL 100 year old piano for my son (mover valued it at +$2000!). My son loves it and we felt so grateful we sent a generous gift to the woman giving it away. I wish freecycle would be promoted by local governments who collect peoples stuff they don’t use instead of filling landfill with still good useful stuff. Your living room looks beautiful!

  10. I’m also in a purging mood. I unfortunately can’t find the time to really give into it. My closet is next, but I know my room is going to look like your living room did for at least a week before I could get through it all. I don’t think my husband would appreciate not being able to find his dresser! Hopefully things will settle down soon. Your last photo is inspiration enough for me!

  11. I love the block colored walls in your living room…it is just so interesting.

    As for giving things away, I have to say I have never regretted getting rid of ANYTHING. It just feels so freeing to have less stuff around to feel guilty about, move around, dust, or forget about.

  12. Freecycle is pretty great. Most folks seem to be pretty friendly and excited about the giving/receiving. As far as fabric goes, I haven’t have much of stash to do any sharing. I went home for thanksgiving and raided my mom’s stash and NOW I can participate in a swap. Does anyone need material for costumes for a production of “Hair”? Yes, there was some of THAT in her stash 🙂

  13. Your living room looks fab! So clean and restful! I have never really purged by fabric stash — maybe in the new year. Such a good feeling — purging!

  14. Purging is a beautiful thing. Of course, the problem is the temptation to fill that space up with new stuff that you’ll have to get rid of someday. *sigh* Working on it.

  15. I look forward to reading your blogs. Did you paint that abstract wall. It looks great. Merry Christmas

  16. Beautiful. Wish I was there instead of the mess I have going on at home. LOL. You do such great work, and your such an inspiration.

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