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Pattern Review Meet Up (In Baltimore)!


I’ve been lucky in the last month to meet up with two different groups of sewists. If you’re in the DelMarVa area, here’s your chance!

Pattern Review is celebrating its birthday on December 12 all across the country. One local celebration will be here in Baltimore at A Fabric Place  in the Mount Washington area (known to many online as Michael’s Fabrics).

I joined way back in 2002! I remember (one of my) first posts was using my mom’s 3.0 MP camera in a dirty mirror. Heh. Man. I wrote a *lot* back then. Probably my excitement over having someplace to talk about sewing!!

I’ll be at A Fabric Place for the 11th anniversary of PR from 6:30 p.m. ’til 8 p.m. along with Robin from A Little Sewing. Are you planning on coming? It should be a great time!