Pattern Review Birthday Meetup

Yesterday after work I headed over to A Fabric Place in Mt. Washington for the Pattern Review birthday party. Eleven years! Crazy, right?

I was lucky enough to meet several new-to-me sewists in the area, including Tee of Dressed to a Tee whose photo I’m using (above). It was wonderful meeting so many new sewists who regaled me with stories of all the fabric stores that Baltimore used to have. They even talked about when you could buy fabric at the local Epstein’s Department Store. I also have a bug in my ear now to join Maryland ASG.

I’m wearing my Burda Melton Wool Trench from three years ago. I love this coat (despite the less than flattering photo. I really need to work on my posture).  I didn’t get to wear it much last year since it wasn’t terribly cold in Baltimore. I’m wearing it all the time this season! And, I’ve gotten multiple comments from people on the street every time I wear it. I can’t tell you how *great* that feels.

I’ve been thinking about making another coat. Something knee length without a vent in the back. For weekends and when I don’t need my legs as covered for work. But, my dilemna is color. I want a pale blue or cream coat which means I would spend every week at the dry cleaners! I also lack for time to really dedicate as I did for this coat. Oh, well. There’s always next year!


  1. I have loved that coat since you first posted pics of it, and it’s still gorgeous! I absolutely love a cream coat in winter, it’s so bright and fresh! I’m still waiting to find the perfect wool to make my own cream coat, but as you said, there’s always next year, right?

  2. Why not consider a fleece coat? Then it’s machine washable 🙂 I have just made a fleece coat from some good quality double sided fleece (two different colours) with a wind block layer in the middle – it’s not very stretchy, and not too thick, and looks great. I’m hoping it’s going to be super warm and really cut the wind. Drive myself nuts by making it in such a way I can wear it either side out!

  3. Were you here when Blanks and Renaissance Fabrics were still in existence? Sigh…I miss both of them. You’re a brave lady to even consider making a cream colored coat! But you know it’ll be awesome if you do!

  4. There’s no reason you can’t make a coat out of season and screw it – make the color you want! I’ve got everything I need to make the double breasted coat in Burda 10/2012 and I live in California. It doesn’t need to make sense, it just needs to be fun.

  5. I made my first trench in our spring and I used a bold blue/purple colour and I love it. The lining is red, a deep red. I like having a statement coat because I’m such a shorty that at least people will spot me in a crowd:))

  6. Make an I-don’t-want-to-clean-this-every-time-I-wear-it color of coat, with cream or pale blue accents (buttons, piping, pocket welts, undercollar, etc.) and wear it with cream or pale blue hat and scarf and mitts.

  7. OK, I’ll show my ignorance………don’t they make a washable wool fabric that would be suitable for a coat? I’m with you about coats. I am so sick of my dark wool coats that I broke down and bought a nice, long, red fleece coat that I love. Not as warm as wool, but I can throw it in the washer. I love your trench. It’s gorgeous!

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