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Bits and Pieces

I was rather productive in November with three dresses for me and three outfits for Sir Linus (my father’s very cute nickname for my dog). But, December has yielded not quite as much. I have a few things coming up that need to be photographed.  In the meantime, I will regale you with a minor project, a lingering UFO and a tale of woe.

First, tale of woe. My beloved gravity feed iron bit the dust last week after five years of faithful service. While working on a project, there was a spark, smoke and the shorting of an outlet. I’m not sure if I need an electrician or not. The shorting of the iron may have blown a fuse or blew out something (tripping the switches / circuit breaker got me nowhere). I just haven’t had the where with all to investigate. So, I’m back to my age-worn Rowenta Sew ‘n Press. I liked this iron fine when I bought it. It doesn’t cyle off (yeah!) But, I feel like I’m putting water in every 10 minutes and it wears 3 oz compared to my heavy gravity feed. Hopefully I’ll be replacing my gravity feed in the first quarter of 2013.


Minor finished project is another 4-2011-122 tee shirt from Burda. I’ve gotten so much mileage out of my other tops. They are great under jackets and wore well in the summer as easy tops. I’ve had this navy version cut out for months. But, was waiting until I had blue thread of the serger to finish.

My UFO. I just need to add buttonholes to the this Vogue  vest / cape. I know it’s not much to look at here, but withold judgement until I’m all done. The buttons I have are going to make it pop! The material is CRAZY thick, an Oscar de le Renta wool. So, I need to use my buttonhole attachment to make the buttonholes. And, because nothing is easy, I need to use a modification in sewing the buttonholes since the since buttons I have are too big for the template. I’ve decided to wait until the light of day and when I’m alert before tackling this.

Finally, one more Purple Friday outfit is on the cutting table. It’s a little sweater with a cowl neck. I’m going to a Christmas Party / Ravens Game Party on Sunday and would like to have this completed by then. It’s just 1.5 star pattern from Burda so shouldn’t take much out of me.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and managing to stay out of the mall for Christmas shopping. I know I am!