Burda Magazine 9/2012 #109: Blue Wool Sweater Dress

I’m continuing my current passion for sweater knits in this Burda sheath dress from September 2012. While I’m still tracing mine from the magainze (tears), you can download it for a mere $5.40 from the BurdaStyle website here.

This marine blue knit was purchased in the same bundle as the autumnal pullover I just completed. The knit is incredibly soft. I love the way the colors meld in this knit. I originally sewed this dress to wear to a Hanukkah party and have pulled it out a few times for work since then.

Since the pattern uses the same upper body model as my recent pullover, the FBA alterations on the French darts / busts were already done.

I love the sleeve technique used. See the pleat at the deltoid? It’s sewn in one fell swoop with the shoulder seam.

Next time I make this dress (and there will be a next time) I’m going to use the same back neckline  from the original pullover. I decided to skip the zipper, but you’ll see here in the back that this dress version doesn’t have the v-shape back necline as the pullover.

That makes the dress little bit of a stretch to get in and out of since I use interfacing along the neckline and armholes to reduce… well, stretching. Also, I think this a lot of dark fabric too close to my face. I thrive in color and I think something more open in the neckline might be more flatterning.

Is it strange that only in the last two years I’ve noticed how incredibly short my neck is? Strange because I’ve always thought my mom had a short neck. Now, I think *I* have a short neck. Which means, of course, that I’m well on my way to becoming my mother….

Notice I’m not holding a remote nor am I in my backyard or dining room? It’s was so foggy when I wore this dress. So, I talked my friend Liz in to being my photographer and this is our conference room. Man, it’s so much easier to have someone else take your pictures (as long as they know you need 60 to have one good shot).

Look at me! I’m ‘working’.

Look at me! I’m ‘modeling’


I’m a fan of this dress and have to thank Caroline for turning me on to the style! I feel more coming in wool jersey, don’t you?

I have two more sweater knit projects coming, including something I never thought I’d make. A cardigan! Stay tuned 🙂

The material for this dress was purchased in part using an allowance from Mood Fabrics for the Mood Sewing Network


  1. I love the dress version!! In fact, I have loved every version of this top so far. The knit you used is such a pretty color and you’ve managed a great fit as usual.

  2. Wow, it looks great! I find this much more inspirational than the Burda pictures 😉 we’ll see if I can overcome my dislike for tracing patterns for this. Is there any chance you could post a close-up of the fabric? I find fabric choice quite challenging (beginner here, hello!) and would love to have a better idea of what you used.

  3. What a lovely dress! I think this is my favorite of your recent makes, though I think that the Ravens purple might have something to do with it – as a Patriots fan, the Ravens must be hated. 🙂

    I have some sweater knit and a copy of this magazine… I feel some shameless copying coming on!

  4. This is such a great style on you! You have such a great figure. I loved the top you made that was similar to this also.
    *Oh, and don’t we all become our mothers eventually?

  5. You are ending 2012 on a high note, love your recent FOs so much! this looks great on you but I agree the little surprise of the V back on the top would work great on a dress too. Now you have me on pins and needles for the NYE dress I hope you are making…

  6. I think the neckline is VERY flattering on you. You have such a pretty face and it is framed wonderfully with this dress. Love the color too. Wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  7. Have you lost weight? This dress makes you look like you have. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, it is very flattering. Good style for you.

    • Sadly, I *wish*. Fall has not been kind to me, LOL! Trickery my friend! And, some serious sucking in. Thank you. This is a good style for me 🙂

  8. Your dress is great! Though I’ve designed/developed sweater knit fabrics for years (for others), I’m only now beginning to actually sew them myself. I’m sewing a sweater now. But you’ve inspired me. I may very well try a dress next!

    Though I love all your pics, I particularly like the one of you ‘working’. 🙂

  9. I wondered what this pattern would look like in a knit – answer – just great! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog in 2012. Happy New Year 🙂

  10. What brand and model of iron do you use? I’m in the market. Tried a Singer, but it was all modern and electronic – meaning that it took EIGHT thumb clicks every time I turned it on to get to the same setting I used last time. Not acceptable.

    Anybody? Irons with good water capacity, some heft, easy sliding soleplate and boring, easy to use (and keep the same temp setting between uses) controls?

    • Personally, I really love a gravity feed iron and can’t wait to get back to one. My Rowenta is perfectly nice. But, for the cost, I think a gravity feed is a better option (if you have space of course).

  11. Would you consider doing a tutorial on how to do a FBA for a french dart? I haven’t been able to figure it out despite people saying you just slash as usual…. There are a couple of burda patterns that I really want to try but haven’t because I need a 2 inch FBA…

  12. Love this dress on you!! perfect fit, the style suits your body shape and this particular shade of blue looks gorgeous on you!

  13. I love your blog! Your finished products never fail to inspire me, thanks for taking the time to share!

  14. The fit on this dress is perfect! I love sweater dresses, which I keep knitting, I think I should also start sewing them!

  15. I love all these knit pieces you are doing lately. Burda should put you on commission for all these. You look great in all of them. Make more. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work.

  16. I have recently rekindled my interest in sewing and just found your blog today. I have to say you are a great inspiration, not to mention a stunningly beautiful lady! Thank you so much and I will definitly be back on a daily basis:>)

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