A Two Picture Post

I’ve been using CollageIt lately for creating collages on my blog. It’s a fun little program that works on an Apple computer. 

My first project was this collage of mailboxes from countries I’ve visited.  Oh, wait. I see Grenada is missing. Darn. I need to do this again, LOL. For a while I was also taking pictures of public pay phones too. But, they started disappearing on me with the rise of the mobile phone. I was able to take most of these photos on my trip. Some I had to take from Flickr though after my backup hard drive crashed. Never thought I want a back up to my back up….

I’m thinking it’s not populated enough to work as the large poster I was thinking of for my bedroom. Should I try to do one of every country I can get a photo of?

Second, the Ravens play the Patriots this weekend. This game decides if we go to the Superbowl. Last year was a heartbreaking game (for Raven’s fans) against the Patriots in the playoffs. Here’s a photo of City Hall (my office) lit in purple for the playoffs. My fingers are crossed!! Just so you know, if we lose, we will not speak of it here.



  1. I hope the Ravens do win..don’t particularly like the Pats and it would be great for Ray Lewis since he’s retiring!

  2. I sooooo hope the Ravens beat the pants off of New England!!
    They did such a great job on Denver

    Hope the send Brady on an early vacation!!!

  3. Hope the Ravens win! I may not be a football fan but I am a fan of the purple clothes theme on your blog and hope to see more purple creations 😀

  4. I love the idea of mailbox pictures! Definitely starting that on my next trip.

  5. I love the mailboxes. What a clever way to commemorate your travels. I see you are succumbing to the nationwide obsession with football. I am still holding out. I take a certain pleasure in asking coworkers if they are talking about basketbal or baseball, even when I’m pretty sure they’re talking about football.

  6. I’ll try that App one day. Hope your team wins.. I have no interest in football of any kind however. Happy to see you have Australia Post postbox there. When did you come here and where did you go?

  7. Good luck! I have no interest in football either, but you have brought me joy, so I wish it back to you.

  8. oh Cidell, something very troubling has possessed me and I have been watching the NFL network on TV this weekend, while sewing. Yes. It’s bad …. I think that game last week pushed me over the edge – it was just so beautiful.

    and I LOVE the purple downtown. Well, whatever happens, it has been amazing for Baltimore.

  9. Let me be the first to congratulate you on the Ravens win!! Baltimore and you both look lovely in purple… Best of luck in the Super Bowl!! Best, TinaLou from MA

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