Blessings and Catching Up

Sign outside the VA Hospital in Tampa

A week ago Saturday I flew to my parent’s home outside of Tampa, Florida rather unexpectedly. There was a medical scare with my mom and I was on a plane in less than 24 hours. After a few days in the hospital, some bedside Scrabble and teaching her how my Nook works, I’m happy to report that all is seemingly well. But, I realized (again) how incredibly blessed I am with two awesome parents who are still with me.

The good thing about the trip is I got to spend a few days in the low 70s (22 C). The bad thing is, I returned to temps in Baltimore in the teens (-8.8). Dang. It didn’t even get below freezing last year!

Linus, my chihuahua, has not been doing well in the cold. When we got a few inches of snow, I realized that he just can’t walk in it. Well, he started to walk in the snow, then after five minutes begins screaming bloody murder and limping / lifting his paws. I never ever EVER thought I would be the person buying or sewing winter shoes for a dog. But, I sure did buy them like a chump.

Needless to say, he didn’t like them either. Above is a little video of his trying them out (first ten seconds is dark– skip to 15 seconds). Let me say that this was a VAST improvement. He spent the first 20 minutes outside literally in one place.

The cold snap here has been good practice for next week. I’ll be in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a few days (40 minutes outside of Detroit, MI). I have my thermals, Timberland winter boots (on clearance from Eddie Bauer!), Ukrainian fur hat and ski jacket already packed. I have tentative plans to meet up with Lynelle of You Sew Girl while I’m there. Probably lunch since I have evening plans the entire time I’m there.

Which means, I’ll be in Michigan for the Super Bowl!! I wouldn’t have planned it that way if I’d known the Ravens were going when I booked my flight.  These  tickets aren’t mine. But, aren’t they beautiful?? I watched the playoff game against the New England Patriots from Tampa with my dad.  He kept talking about what a great athlete Tom Brady was. I told him one of us was going to have to leave the room if he kept on about it. Yet, victory was ours! My Ravens watch group kept posting pictures on Facebook of the celebrations in Baltimore. I can’t believe I’ll be at a college bar in Ann Arbor when we play against San Francisco :-/

I was offered a chance to purchase tickets for the Super Bowl. But, I already had my trip planned to Ann Arbor and can’t afford $1,000 tickets plus flying in to Houston and driving five hours since the flights are sold out and scrambling for a floor to sleep on since hotels are requiring four night stays and $500 a night. That’s what my friends who are going are going through and it would have driven me bonkers and broke 🙂

I haven’t sewn in a few weeks and likely won’t before I leave. But, have a few planned days off for a little sewcation / house beatification around Valentine’s Day.



  1. So sorry to hear about your mom but thank god she is ok! Your little dog is so stinkin cute! Love the little snow boots

  2. Glad your mom is OK! The video of the snow boots cracked me up, I can’t imagine how he was walking with all 4 of them on, LOL!

    • I returned these! I bought an x-small and it turns out he’s an ‘itty bitty’. I’ve got the smaller ones on order.

      I am tempted to try and sew some instead since I’m appalled at how much they cost. But, they are so little and some fussy sewing.

  3. Linus is so funny with his boots on. I have a yorkie and I understand the dog boot thing. After going through many pairs of boots (because we kept returning from our walks missing a boot or 2). I gave up walkling him in extreme weather. I believe he would rather stay in than wear his boots. When it’s snowing or really cold, he makes a mad dash out to do his business and is back in a flash. Good luck.

    • He’s kind of a walker. Like, he totally needs ‘movement’ to get ‘movement’. I found myself carrying him back one screaming walk. When I put him down in front of the house he did ‘go’. What I really need to do is fence in my backyard so when he needs to go I can just let him out, LOL.

  4. Yes, you are very blessed to have have both parents, but I am so glad to hear that you will be continue to be blessed. Glad your mom is better! My dogs are the same way. They really don’t like to walk in the rain, but they will if I insist. Palace dogs, both of them! What are these boots made of? I can’t imagine what is so insulating in the snow. As for the game, console yourself with remembering you will probably have better seats and views of the game where you are than most of those in the stadium. Go Ravens!

    • At one point I was pulling him in the snow like a sled. Ridiculous. I tried two kinds. One that was fleece lined ($44!!!) and another that was not ($37!!). Both were made with leather and cordova. Both use velcro to ‘tighten’. I could slap some together I think from UA Coldgear and shearling I have. But, fussy fussy sewing.

  5. So glad your mom is better! We will land in Mazatlan about the time the game ends. Hubby forgives me. But we’ll be there for Carnaval and they aren’t the gougers American cities can be.

  6. My chocolate lab has snow issues, too. It’s -16C here right now. He loves the snow but the cold and salt are just too much for him. His feet are too tender from living the first part of his life on a concrete floor. Linus seems to be doing better with his boots than Chester; he figured out how to get them off in about 20 seconds.


  7. so sorry you and your family had to go through a scare! i hope your mom’s doing well.

    and your dad + tom brady is too funny. though. won’t be watching (so not a good idea in kalkatroona) i hope your ravens win. mainly because they play like maniacs.

  8. Hope your mum is doing better now. It’s scary when your parents get sick. There are several patterns on the internet for dog coats. I may have saved some links, so if I can find them I will email you. I bought an old blanket from the op shop and cut it up. I used ripstop nylon on the outside rain protection.

  9. Glad to hear your mother is doing well now. It can be hard living far away from elderly parents!
    Also glad to hear how impressed your father is with Tom Brady, the best player on my favorite football team. Too bad the rest of the gang didn’t play their best against the Ravens. Congrats to the Ravens, going to the Harbaugh Bowl, so to speak. I’m not a sore loser so I’ll be snuggled up here in Massachusetts, watching the big game.
    I hope you find time to sew soon!

  10. I officially love your Dad. The Patriots are our team, too, and Tom Brady is wonderful (but I do have to admit that Joe Flacco is pretty honkin’ good himself). Glad your mother is doing better; she’s a fine lady.

  11. Glad to hear your mom is ok! It is definitely a blessing to have your parents.
    You were down in my neck of the woods. So sorry you had to suffer the weather here, lol! If you get down this way for more than a quick family emergency, we should arrange for a meet up. Myra lives just across the bay, and works close to where I live. My hubby and I went to school right across from the VA. I had a few jobs at the VA during college days. It’s changed a lot since then!
    I’ve often wondered what our dogs would do in the snow – the Goldie won’t even tinkle in the rain!

      • I sure will! I will probably be back around Thanksgiving. This is good to know. The only person I could think of for sure was Debbie Cook. But, I was tied up with my mom. I’ll definitely look you (and Myra) up next time!

  12. So glad to hear your Mom’s ok. As far as Linus goes, I wonder if it’s salt on his paws. My Alex doesn’t like the cold either and doesn’t mind a jacket but not boots ! We’ve got a backyard so we’re lucky in that we just open the door and she can be as quick as she can. On the frigid days, we carry her out and put her down just long enough to do her business. Those -25 to -30°C days take her breath, literally. We’ve been really careful about her feet. Heard lots of horror stories about salt and we never use it on our property. This christmas we had our first ever experience with it. I never saw such a reaction ! The dancing and screaming from both dogs, and limping til we cleaned out all their paws and rinsed them off. We’ll be even more careful now. Hope Linus gets adapted to winter soon.

  13. So glad to hear your mom is doing OK. I love Ann Arbor (my oldest graduated from U of M and my youngest is a sophomore). A trip to Zingerman’s Deli is a must–it’s indescribable!

  14. I am so glad you mom is doing good! It is a blessing indeed!
    The dog shoes are cute and watching your Linus walk in them cracks me up.

  15. Oh my gah, Linus kills me! He’s just so adorable! My dogs hate to walk on the rock salt that people put out, so if I can’t walk them around it some way, I have to pick them up and carry them over it. Might be worth picking up some little shoes to avoid that (the 18-lb dog is fine, but the 27-pounder is a bit much to handle).

  16. Glad to hear that your Mum is doing better. Sorry that you and Linus had to return to the cold and snow. I am happy that Linus does not know how cute but funny he looks while trying his new pawwear on!!! Our dog doesn’t mind the snow so much unless it is really cold out too. She also dislikes going out in heavy rain! She is alot bigger than Linus but has her own diva doggy moments.
    We are another household rooting for the Ravens in the Superbowl!!

  17. Really, really glad that your mom is OK, and you’re right, you are incredibly blessed to have two parents still with us and have such a good relationship with them too. My mom moved onwards 19 years ago. You are blessed. Poor Linus is just not a snow dog, the little guy. Of course, he’s a Chihuahua, and there’s no snow like that in the desert. Sweet little soul. And you are cracking me up with the fear of weather in A-squared! I’m from Michigan. The snow here melted in rain last Saturday and I miss it. Must wait again for next winter and pray it happens, and we’re on the North Sea, for goodness sake. Enjoy its beauty!

    • Go Ravens!!! What a nailbiter the last few minutes of the game was! Hope you’re enjoying AA. And, if you haven’t made it to Zingerman’s yet, do try to squeeze it in. It’s not just a deli, it’s an experience. If I sound like a busybody about this, it’s because I’d been to AA hundreds of times without getting to Zingerman’s. Now I take everyone there who hasn’t been, because it’s that unique.

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