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Purple Monday

Purple Fridays

Well folks. It’s time to acknowledge what really made it happen for the Baltimore Ravens this season. It was my participation in Purple Fridays. I think it’s clear to all of us, right? I mean, until I made a conscious effort to sew and dress for Purple Fridays, we weren’t making it but two rounds in to the Playoffs. Yet, the year I make THREE different Purple Friday outfits, we win the motherloving Super Bowl!!

I went the ultimate Purple Friday and bought a Raven’s jersey. It is officially the most expensive piece of clothing / the most that I’ve paid for a clothing item in my closet today. And, this isn’t even the ‘expensive’ one with embroidery!

Today is Purple Monday in Baltimore and Tuesday will be the parade and celebration. Sadly, I won’t be there. I cannot believe I  am missing out on all the action and behind the scenes stuff.  I’ve done my bit of the planning before leaving town and one last conference call today.

I’m still in snowy Michigan. Seriously  If it snowed this much in Baltimore the state would shut down for a week! I’ve been wearing my melton wool trench coat and my fur hat all week. I tried to be cute with just earmuffs, but my face was SO COLD. Thank you, Lynn for telling me to bring a hat. Because, I wouldn’t have.

I can’t believe I wan’t going to get / bring winter boots. Thank you Facebook sewing friends for setting me straight! I walked three miles in the snow today!