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Purple Fridays

Well folks. It’s time to acknowledge what really made it happen for the Baltimore Ravens this season. It was my participation in Purple Fridays. I think it’s clear to all of us, right? I mean, until I made a conscious effort to sew and dress for Purple Fridays, we weren’t making it but two rounds in to the Playoffs. Yet, the year I make THREE different Purple Friday outfits, we win the motherloving Super Bowl!!

I went the ultimate Purple Friday and bought a Raven’s jersey. It is officially the most expensive piece of clothing / the most that I’ve paid for a clothing item in my closet today. And, this isn’t even the ‘expensive’ one with embroidery!

Today is Purple Monday in Baltimore and Tuesday will be the parade and celebration. Sadly, I won’t be there. I cannot believe I  am missing out on all the action and behind the scenes stuff.  I’ve done my bit of the planning before leaving town and one last conference call today.

I’m still in snowy Michigan. Seriously  If it snowed this much in Baltimore the state would shut down for a week! I’ve been wearing my melton wool trench coat and my fur hat all week. I tried to be cute with just earmuffs, but my face was SO COLD. Thank you, Lynn for telling me to bring a hat. Because, I wouldn’t have.

I can’t believe I wan’t going to get / bring winter boots. Thank you Facebook sewing friends for setting me straight! I walked three miles in the snow today!



  1. Welcome to the Mitten state, and we aren’t just called that for our shape! Yes, it’s been a very snowy and cold week, I’m glad that you came prepared! If you have the time, head to Royal Oak and hit up Haberman Fabrics, it’s the best in the state!

  2. Haha, don’t get mad at me – but I had no idea who was playing the Superbowl until this past Friday. My coworkers were asking me who I hoped would win, and my answer was, “Well, I have a sewing-blog friend who likes the Ravens!!” HAHA. Thanks, Purple Friday!

    Also, that fur hat looks amazing on you. I am so jealous right now.

  3. Congratulations to your hometown team for their victory last night. Too bad you have to miss the celebration, especially since it was your purple Fridays that brought the win!
    Purple becomes you, by the way. You look great in it!

  4. Love your coat AND your hat! You look great in both!! SO glad some Midwesterners set you straight about the need for warm hat and boots–so necessary.

  5. Now that is some cold weather. Love your fur hat and your warm winter coat. In honor of the Ravens win, I wore a purple suit to work.

  6. 1) Congratulations on performing the Purple Friday magic for your team Bravo! 2) Great looking and totally appropriate outfit for Michigan (or Canada, or Upstate New York, or Idaho….) – love the hat and the boots. Today when i walked to work, it was 7 degrees; I thought my eyebrows were going to freeze off. But the ‘weighs a ton’ wool winter coat (which at the time I made it, I thought I was going over the top in terms of how long I made it, but I’ve patted myself on the back ever since) came through like a champ. Now I need a hat like yours!

  7. ah ha ha, you DID help the Ravens win!! All season, our routine was to watch football and (I would) sew. When they played the wildcard game, I said OK, if they win, I will sew a properly cute purple shirt. Then I said OK if they win the playoff, I will sew a black jacket with purple lining. During the run-up to the Super Bowl I paced myself to have the final sewing saved to do during the Super Bowl.
    So then, as per usual, I stopped sewing at my normal stopping time in the evening. You know, tired people make mistakes. Then the power went out! Then the 49-ers started playing better! ACK! I started sewing again! Ha ha! Seriously, I could hear Ray Lewis in those interviews talking about being a team, giving all you have, working hard … and dagnabbit, I set in those sleeves! And they won! I felt like I SEWED LIKE A RAVEN!!!!!
    ha ha
    hey you look adorbable – your skin is glowing 😉

  8. It’s only weird if it doesn’t work, right? I predict more purple in your future!

  9. i won’t tell ruggy it was all you, because i want ruggy to like my friends.

    that hat shot of you is magazine spread worthy. who needs earmuffs.

    • you make a good point!
      As we often avoid speaking of politics, or religion, I have learned it is best to steer clear of football unless I know everyone in the conversation:

      a. is in agreement that we live in #RAVENSNATION
      b. can at least joke about it.

      Some of the terrible things said about our Teddy Bear Ravens has bruised my delicate heart.

      the one with her head in the sand
      Maryland, USA

  10. Hooray for the underdog! I am loving the hat! Definitely stop by Habermans if you get a chance! You may even see me there since that is my second home! They have a wonderful clearance section all the way in the back of the store!

  11. Michigan my home state!!!! Visit Christine Jonson’s sewing studio in Hazel Park, MI not far from where you are at all. Are you familiar with her fabrics and patterns online? Check out her online store and go meet her in person while you are in the area.

  12. I was sad that the Ravens beat the guy with the pet giant tortoise (the Wall Street Journal told me about that), but other than that, I didn’t care. As long as you had fun, I’ll support your claim to credit for the win. Have fun in Michigan!

  13. All the pictures of you look like you are having a great time; you are glowing! And that picture of you in the hat? It looks so good it could be air-brushed! Michigan agrees with you. Congratulations on the SB win. No matter who won, it was a great game.

  14. I went to the Fan Celebration at M&T Stadium!!!! It was awesome seeing Ray do his dance in person!!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip!

  15. Ahhh, you look so cute in the hat and wool coat! Love that look! But damn, if all you have to do is make cute outfits for your team to win, I’ll be wearing nothing but navy and orange all next season!

  16. Congratulations to your team, yes I definitely think you had a lot to do with it and I hope you will be officially recognised for your contribution!

  17. Okay, I know this is old new now, but you look amazing in that pic in front of the Law Quad! Seriously, it’s worth the snow just for that, right?

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