Baltimore: Factory Warehouse Sale is Back!!

Remember two years ago when I went to Fashions Unlimited factory warehouse sale in Pigtown? Well, it’s back:

Hi! Fashions Unlimited is having another factory sale. I remember telling you that I would
let you know when we were having another sale! It will be August 12- 16th from 8 am- 2:30 PM. Fabric, Lace, Zippers, Elastic, Samples, etc. Nylon/Lycras, Polartec Fleeces,etc. $0.25 Zippers, $1 Fabrics, All very discounted. Please come back if you are interested- We’d love to have people from the surrounding areas.

This is the place I got laces for $1 a yard and elastics for 50 cents a yard. I’m going to be out of town the first day of the sale.  So, please. Don’t buy up all the lace. I am seriously jonesing for more to make more of these and this. Oh, last time I was there there were GOBS of underwires. I may have to try and stock up on those too for swimwear and bras.

Should we also all ask them about making buttonholes for us? Maybe if they think there’s enough business, they’ll do it for homesewers. Just saying 🙂

If anyone is interested, I am planning on going Tuesday over my lunch break. If you’d like to meet there, just let me know in the comments or send me an email at missceliespants at gmail dot com.

I have two dresses to post. One I made practically overnight for my grandmother’s funeral. I’ll be posting at least one by the weekend I hope. Thank you for the kind words on her passing. I really appreciate it. My mom and a few aunts read my blog and I know it means a great deal to them too.



    • Is it somewhere I could reach easily with public transportation? I’d have to take the train into Baltimore one day.

      • Unfortunately, it really isn’t. While you could get in Baltimore. The store is pretty deep in an industrial / neighborhood. I don’t think the Light Rail stops there — making it not accessible. Also, I LOVE your email address name!!

    • I’m going to drive since it’s not really accessible. It’s not even really near the stadium stop since it’s in Pigtown.

      • I can meet you there during my lunch break on Tuesday, it’s about 10 mins away from my job. What time would be good for you? I hope I don’t go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff wink wink…

  1. If I could only twitch my nose and be there, I would. I hope you find so many bargains you can’t decide what to get. Have fun!

  2. Hi! You have never met me but I’m a Baltimore sewer too! I just moved back to the area from DC (yuck) and would LOVE to connect with more Bmore sewers. I work in Fed Hill so I quick trip to Pigtown might work out! What time are you guys going?

    • I’m going to try and be there right about 12:00. I’ll email everyone who is interested to confirm a time on Saturday. Yay! Welcome to Baltimore! And we thank you for the (yuck) 🙂

  3. I am SO glad I caught up on my feeder today! I am totally going to hit this sale! Looks like its only 10 minutes over from my job in Mt. Vernon. I may be able to swing lunch on Tuesday… if not I will probably do the 8 am hit before going in to work!

  4. I think I can stretch my lunch to make this work. Will probably bring a few friends too. Count me/us in!

  5. I too would love to stop by the sale, so thanks for the alert, but will be out of town Tuesday thru Thursday….although I’ll be stopping at Fabric Mart if you want me to get you anything there. Your lingerie sewing is terrific and I hope you have plenty of finds tomorrow.

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