Black Eyelet in Action

So, I didn’t post photos of myself in the black eyelet dress before because, well. I cannot find my tripod. For real. I have no idea where it is. I also could not tell you the last time I’ve used it since I’ve been low sewing and employing the photography skills of my friend and BF. So, when I was ready to do a photo shoot last week, it was nowhere to be found. At anyrate, Β I wore the dress this previous weekend while back in Brooklyn and my cousin took a few shots on my point and shoot.

 photo file_zps479ec38f.jpg

I apologize for my wrinkles. This was after sitting for three hours. I have to say, I REALLY like this dress. It’s flattering and sophisticated. It hit just the right notes and I’ll be able to wear it for ages to come.

 photo file_zps65d382e7.jpg

One of my sleeves is a little off grain. They fall a bit differently. The eyelet is a nice way to elevate the dress too.

 photo file_zps3ab598f2.jpg

I have this Danielle Nicole bag in two colors. I love it. Vegan and less than $100 dollars. Below, I borrowed my aunt’s pearls which set off nicely against the black.

 photo file_zps707990d0.jpg

In other news, I got to see my cousins again plus some. One flew in from Australia and another from Florida. And, thanks to you, my readers, I got to be all knowledgeable and explain first cousins and first cousins once removed. I also figured out another ‘relative’ that was always around is in fact my third cousin!! In the photo below I’m wearing Burda 5-2009-122 made in Feb. 2012.

 photo file_zpsfb65dde4.jpg

I will also point out that there are about five first cousins Β and two first cousins once removed missing here…

A few years ago I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s home. It was her immediate family of mom, dad, brother, a few aunts and uncles and their kids. We all fit at ONE table!! I was wondering where all the cousins were, lol. I mean, doesn’t everyone have 20+ cousins? No? Ok. Just checking.


  1. The black eyelet dress looks beautiful and you are lucky to have a big family

  2. I guess having a big family can be a mixed blessing, but it seems like a blessing to me! Thanks for showing us how the dress looks on, it’s just as lovely as I thought it would be. Very flattering!

  3. The dress looks wonderful on you, the flutter sleeves really do make it special, such a great inspiration on your part!

  4. Miss Celie, You mentioned the “sleeves” on a previous post, and they really set the dress off , just perfectly. You’re gorgeous!!
    Thank you for all your inspirations, reviews of machines, etc etc.

  5. This looks so lovely on you! I love the whole look, actually, with the pearls, glasses, and bag! Really chic.

    Your family is so beautiful! I hope you guys were able to spend some good time together, despite the circumstances. And I can totally relate to having a gigantic family! I don’t even know how many cousins I have– most of my extended family is Catholic, so there are TONS of kids. Family get-togethers are LOUD and very fun. πŸ™‚

  6. I wasn’t sure about those sleeves when I saw the sketch but they’re perfect and I love this dress on you. I have a huge family too, it’s wonderful and loud!

  7. LOL-I was in kindergarten and I was quite shocked to be in a big room full of kids without being related to any of them! What a gorgeous family you have, I think we could tell you are all related simply by the gorgeous smiles-you all have PERFECT teeth and you all smile exactly the same way (eyes ahead, chin up, full on smile)! The dress is absolutely perfect on you, especially with the pearls.

  8. I really really really like those sleeves. So nice to see all those relatives. So sad about the occasion for the impromptu reunion.

  9. Your family is lovely. It must be so nice to have so many cousins.
    The dress is the perfect style. It’s easy to wear yet chic. Enjoy.

  10. I love the dress, especially those sleeves. Oh, and I have 4 cousins. I had 5 but one died before I was born. I always thought that was a pretty low number but my poor kids only have 2! They are close in age and enjoy playing with each other but still. This is what happens when siblings choose careers instead of having families. 😦

  11. You belong on a Best-Dressed List of … Baltimore’s Elite .. or some such thing,LOL
    srsly you look fab.
    And, drum roll please …. I have 52 cousins. Yep. My dad was the youngest of 13 and they all had big families.
    My mom is an only child, so ALL of the family is on my dad’s side.

  12. That’s a lovely dress. Very simple pattern, the eyelet makes it stand out. Re the sleeve being off grain – you’re the only person who will notice that! πŸ™‚ I can see that dress being worn a lot, it’s so versatile. Great work Cidell!

  13. I’m so glad you got someone to take photos of how the dress looks on you! It looked great on the dress form but even better on you. The sleeves are a really nice touch. Just wondering how do you go about fitting the sleeve from one pattern into the armhole of another? Do you just measure the circumference of each to see if they’re compatible?

  14. Yes, to lots of cousins, 27 first cousins on my Dad’s side and only three on my Mom’s and don’t even ask me to count the second and third cousins. Like the dress.

  15. My goodness, this is such a fantastic dress! It’s the type of dress you can wear forever. You have such a lovely family as well πŸ™‚

  16. A very classy dress – no one would know it is “hand made”. Don’t you hate that word? You look very elegant. Great family, great smiles!

  17. I love the sleeves – those layered sleeves combined with the eyelet really lift this dress from simple and chic to fantastically simple chic!

  18. I love this dress, I agree that it looks sophisticated and classic. πŸ™‚ And LOL at the number of cousins. My husband has well over 30 first cousins, and I have 2…but I have many more second, third, and fourth than he does. Families are funny like that.

  19. It is such a nice turn on the LBD. Love how the fabric and sleeves turn this simple dress into something special and very you.

  20. The dress looks so good & you look great in it! I really like the sleeves – you were right in your first post about it, they really do spice it up. Thanks for posting pics so we could see it on!

  21. Lovely dress. Great work. And so nice to have such a large family that you actually see. and share things with. Haven’t seen my cousins for a very long time.

  22. The whole outfit looks gorgeous. I’m still confused about anything other than first cousins, will have to go back and read the comments on your last post!

  23. I love your dress, so chic! My condolendes on your grandmother’s passing; you wrote some beautiful posts on her. I have 21 first (!) cousins on my mom’s side, not counting the second or once removed or what-nots πŸ™‚ I adore having a large family.

  24. I come from a family that couldn’t fit close relatives in one house, let alone one table! I have 28 (?) first cousins, and so many other kinds that I can’t count them. My man, on the other hand, comes from a family with no aunts, uncles or cousins. Christmas used to be his 5 family members at one small table. So odd to me.

    Anyway, I love the dress, and I agree that it suits you so well and will be a real wardrobe staple for years to come. And congrats on your recent engagement – I’m catching up on a lot of unread blog posts, so just reading about it now!

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