The Last Wedding Post (I promise)

We got our wedding professional proofs yesterday. And, I am so thrilled I can’t sit still. I hope you can stand one last wedding related post.  And, if you can’t, I don’t blame you. I have been there. Bored off my rocker. I did poll two sewing/ internet friends and they said it was acceptable for me to do one last wedding post.

Here’s the slideshow the photographer made. And, below, one I’m working on for our post-wedding party next month. I needed to do a separate slideshow with more family photos included. It is obviously not as good as our photographer’s. Because, she’s amazing. If you need a photographer in the Tampa Bay area, I can’t recommend her enough.

I’ve been asked how we pulled off a wedding in six weeks. The answer is internet shopping and friends. We could not have done it without our friends and family.  A very talented photographer friend of mine told me years ago that expensive weddings are great to photograph because they have lots of details and are pretty. So, I was determined to (not spend a ton of money) make sure there were plenty of details to photograph.

I also got over the idea of having a timeless wedding per se. It doesn’t exist. Your wedding is of the moment because it’s what is happening to you at that moment and captured on memory card forever. I fully expect these to look dated in a few years. I chuckle now when I look at my parent’s album from the 70s or photos from the 80s. There are totally trends in wedding photography.

Finally, when you have 20 people, you can kind of do whatever you want. We used a pop-up wedding company that set up the wedding site. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner. Easy peasy and really really perfect. I was low stress and high happiness.

I just wanted to share some quick details from the wedding that made it really special.

 photo file_zpsd890f47e.jpg

It’s Veteran’s Day here in the US so I’ll start with a photo of my mom.  I am wearing the pearl necklace she gave me for my 30th birthday. The headband is an eBay find. My earrings match my ring and were a gift from our officiant and my dear dear friend. My ring is a vintage piece that he picked out with the help of my friend Liz. I had nothing to do with it other than saying, ‘I don’t want a diamond’.

 photo file_zpsfa61e219.jpg

These shoes were the devil.  Pretty, right? Evil. I wore them about five minutes (no, seriously. Five minutes) before I switched to a more comfortable pair. Who knew flats could make your feet burn like fire? Thank you Zappos for taking them back!

We chose to have an interfaith wedding since neither of us are converting and our religions are mutually important to both of us. My father walked me down the aisle instead of both my parents. We recited both Christian vows and Jewish vows and had readings from both the new and old testament. There were prayers in English and Hebrew. And, our Jewish officiant, who is an internet ordained minister, spoke about the role of marriage and the church. We also had a chuppa, Jordan wore a talit, broke glass, we signed a ketubbah (designed by an artist friend of Jordan’s) and the men in his family wore kippahs. I love that our service reflected both our religions and cultures. I’m Caribbean and he’s a nice German Jewish boy 🙂

 photo file_zps3e6cca37.jpg

Jordan wore his father’s prayer shawl. We talked about using his late grandfather’s, but it was already framed. And I got him the Baltimore Raven’s yarmulke as a gift. The buttonaires are from Etsy.

 photo file_zps46e93dbe.jpg

As are these menus and program fans. Both are from Etsy.

 photo file_zps4ae3ba8d.jpg

The fans were a total wash. It wasn’t warm, it was super breezy. No one needed a program. But, they look really good in photos.

 photo file_zpsa4c61dcf.jpg

Kind of the same for our invitations. By the time I mailed these, everyone coming already knew about the wedding. But, I wanted an invitation for framing. And, again, they look good in photos. You’d be horrified to know how much 10 nice invitations cost. I can’t fathom sending 100 of these!

 photo file_zps9b56c109.jpg

We hired a steel drummer who played Caribbean music for the ceremony as a nod to my West Indian roots. TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Before we walked down the aisle, my dad was singing to me and we were dancing to the calypso. It was g-r-e-a-t.

 photo file_zps9acbdb99.jpg

My flowers were just ok. I wanted to upgrade from the included package, but couldn’t stomach $210 for flowers. Isn’t that bananas?? I added pins to personalize them.

 photo file_zps54ab04cf.jpg

The US flag for my parents who are immigrants. The Baltimore city flag because that’s where we met. And, my sorority pin since none of my sorors could be there that day.

 photo file_zps4d3bc8c5.jpg

Here are the plaques Liz made in action.

 photo file_zps45bbfa0b.jpg

And, here is the ‘Besheret’ banner she made too. Besheret is a running joke between he and I. It’s the name of the blessings column in the Baltimore Jewish Times. It was my faux dream to get featured in Besheret when I worked for a Jewish organization. Don’t think I won’t still submit it now!

 photo file_zpsf9df6a2f.jpg

Our cake topper is really fun. Also from Etsy. Liz sent me the link while in China and I just plugged in the information to customize. She even added the headband!  The cake was a gift from my friend Julia. I was so exhausted by the fast planning that I emailed her from China. I was hysterical. I just wanted a cake and everything was crazy expensive (like $200+ for a GROCERY STORE CAKE) and they were asking me questions that I just didn’t care about (colors, flavor, fondant, etc.) She swooped in, ordered the cake and had it ready for us day of. Truly, a lifesaver.

 photo file_zps7a96e6e4.jpg

This figurines were the cake topper for Jordan’s German great-grandparent’s wedding. His grandmother brought it down from Maryland for us. Sadly, we won’t be eating cake for our one-year anniversary. We managed to leave it all in the freezer of the hotel 😦 Sigh.

 photo file_zps460d143d.jpg

I also brought these vintage cameras to Florida from home. You know what? I bought these in Australia with my mom! Heh. Again, more props to work with.

I also hired someone to do my makeup in Florida. Obviously, since I have never looked so good in my life, it was worth it. I found her through wedding vendor reviews. And, Google found us our amazing photographer.

So, that’s it. I promise. Last wedding post 🙂


  1. Congratulations!!!! You guys did a great job! By the way you looked just beautiful and your make up did look just lovely, but honestly girly every time I see you in your blog photos, I think what a striking look you have.

  2. Congratulations! You made a beautiful bride!! Love the pictures. Now you need to last as long as I have 🙂 So far 30 years and counting! Now sewing lingerie to keep it fresh LOL!!!!

  3. It’s beautiful, you’re beautiful! Nice pictures of your mom, too. I hope she is feeling well.
    I think of her almost every day. She is so proud of you, I know.

  4. You made everything so unique and so reflective of who you both are. To think you did that with a budget and in six weeks is incredible and a testament to your commitment. For the two of you and your families to works so well on everything bodes so wonderfully for your future. You are a handsome couple. I wish you a lifelong happy marriage and the joy that comes with knowing you are with your best friend.

  5. I’m not sure I congratulated you yet, but anyway: congratulations!!! You look so beautiful and happy. I don’t think many people here would object to more wedding posts. It’s amazing what you accomplished in such a short time, everything really looks perfect :-).

  6. You make a gorgeous couple — I love the picture of you and your mom. Thank you for sharing with us — I agree with the above commenters — bring on those wedding posts:)

  7. You achieved the perfect blend of all the elements necessary for a great wedding.
    I might try to do something like that for a vacation, ha!!
    I’ll take a white gown, makeup and a handsome groom, fun favors from Etsy .. and a great photographer …

    Of course the important thing is the marriage, but it’s fun to focus on the wedding!!
    (I can stand another wedding post if you need to get a little more out 🙂

  8. I have to pipe up and say I don’t mind the wedding posts at all. So fun! It’s nice that with a wedding so small you can go all out on the beautiful invitations and everything. So personal and beautiful.

    • I second this sentiment! I have enjoyed seeing the pictures; it’s so nice of her to share these special moments with us.

  9. Feel free to post more wedding pictures, etc. The happiness shines through the computer. It is wonderful to see the joy, the love, and the families coming together. You did a wonderful job honoring both of your heritages and your upcoming life together. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oh, this was just lovely! I love the slide show. I can take another wedding post, too. It’s your memories, and I am just glad you are willing to share them with me. I think you will find because your wedding is simple, that it will be timeless. Maybe ties will get narrower or wider, etc, but your dress is timeless. Your setting is timeless. You and Jordan look so happy, your families and friends look happy for you, and you had great weather on a beach! I went through a 3 circus wedding when I was young, and I swore never again. It’s really exhausting, you have to mingle and talk to too many people, and you don’t remember much of it because of all the distractions. I think your wedding was perfect. You were able to enjoy it, and it was an intimate occasion. Perfect.

  11. Thank you for sharing the beautiful wedding photos, so beautiful wishing you much happiness.

  12. I haven’t had enough of your wedding yet! It is so heartfelt, about the marriage and relationships, and not just the “stuff”. Beautiful.
    Just curious- why did you put each other’s wedding rings on your pointer fingers during the ceremony?

    • In Jewish weddings the ring is put on the right index finger. It is usually moved later to the right third finger. The difference being something to do with the old beliefs about which finger has a closer tie to the heart.

  13. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. Your mom looked so beautiful. Many blessings.

  14. I’m with everyone else, I don’t mind the wedding posts at all! I could go on and on about how much I’ve enjoyed reading them but I won’t because everyone else has already said it for me. All I can say is that these days it takes a lot to make me cry. Really. But your slide show had me in tears; the music and your pictures…actually they are and will continue to be priceless. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I liked the wedding posts. If you want to do more, I think that is great. I cried. I love your wedding. Everything was beautiful.

  16. What a privilege to look upon these faces of love, faces of life and depth which glow right through the photographs. When I want to be reminded what the look of love is like, I can return here.

  17. Oh, my, Renee! How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your treasure of photos. You and Jordan look so happy surrounded by those with whom you share so much love. Thank you, and many blessings to you and Jordan.

  18. Dear Renee, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us. I laughed, I cried; I wish both of you every happiness in the universe!!

  19. Renee,
    What beautiful pictures or a wonderful day. I have followed your blog posts for years and could not be more thrilled for you. I’ll remember your mom in my prayers.

  20. It is so delightful to see the pictures of everyone smiling and really feel the joy come through the pictures! Thank you very much for sharing (I’m reminded why I voted you best blog back for the Mobbies because your blog is so wonderful 🙂

  21. Felicitations upon your wedding! My heart goes out to your Mother and your family. But most of all, that picture of you and your Father approaching the bridge, with the description of the calypso music and your feelings about that, just makes me want to laugh in delight and cry all at the same time. What a beautiful moment.

  22. Absolutely wonderful! You make a gorgeous couple and it certainly looked like a fabulous day. Many congrats x

  23. Beautiful. Just…beautiful. You couldn’t have done a more meaningful event if you’d planned for months. Thanks for sharing your celebration with us. 😉

  24. The slide show made me cry, and my four year old declared you to be, “the most beautifulest bride evah!”

    Kids can sense things. At the first picture of your mom she asked, “why is she like that?” I said she was very sick, to which my daughter replied, “Mommies shouldn’t eveh get sick. That’s sad.” Then she cried too. (Almost didn’t share this part. Hope it’s ok)

    I can’t imagine a more beautiful wedding. Congratulations!

  25. Have loved every bit of the wedding posts, so don’t stop on my account 😉
    Absolutely love the black and white photo in the slide show of you kissing your dad. Made me tear up. Congratulations and wishing you a lifetime of joy with Jordan.

  26. yeah, don’t stop if you feel another wedding post coming on. You did look beautiful, it looks like gorgeous happy happy day. sending love and courage

  27. What beautiful photos! You both look so happy, and Jordan obviously adores you. How wonderful that you could share this day with your mom.

  28. Congratulations! Looks like it was a day filled with love, joy, music and thoughtfulness shared with family and friends. Delightful. Enjoy the rest of forever with joy. Rachel 🙂

  29. Man I am such a soppy old fool, sitting here with teary eyes. Your wedding was so gorgeous! And it made me smile about your dad and you dancing before you headed down the aisle!
    You are so right about a wedding never being timeless. My photographer made a point to capture the guests with their cameraphones out because she said it was representative of the time, in a few years there will be some new trend or technology.
    Big congratulations again!

  30. watched your video and now I am going to have to re-do my make-up before I can leave the house! (I am smiling like an idiot though). You have the most wonderful photographer who has made loads of memories for you of your beautiful wedding to keep forever. 🙂

  31. I have loved the Wedding posts. What I love the most is when you made it about you and your families and not what it couldn’t be due to circumstance. It looked beautiful and real. Congratulations again.

  32. What a great wedding! I got a little misty-it’s a real wedding when the two involved are really meant for each other. Blessings for a long and happy life together.

  33. Even if you had a year to plan, I don’t think you could have come up with a lovelier wedding. Everyone looked so beautiful and happy, but you certainly topped them all . . . such a gorgeous bride. Love the details. Wishing you and Jordan a lifetime of happiness.

  34. I don’t know about the rest of your readers, but I can’t get enough of the details! Typing with a little tear in my eye…so happy for you both!

  35. With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share! I’m so teary can’t see to type. More wedding photos, please. You were absolutely gorgeous, darling, gorgeous. God bless you both.

  36. Incredible details! I love everything that you had made – so personal. I can’t believe you got it all done that quickly. Nice job and congratulations!

  37. How lovely! My husband & I celebrated our 15th anniversary last week. Here’s to wishing you as many & more happy years together!

  38. No apologies needed, I love looking at wedding photos. And you did a wonderful job organizing a wedding in six weeks. Congrats to both of you and prayers for your mother.

  39. Very lovely ceremony and family. Don’t apologize for sharing! We need more love and happiness shared in the world. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  40. Very nice video and CONGRATS! Your wedding is a big deal post as many pics, vids as YOU WANT. Glad you were able to have a nice, stress free happy wedding. 🙂

  41. Renee, stunning, the love and authenticity shine through. Very moving. More, more… My thoughts are with your mom.

  42. I was wondering why you haven’t posted more wedding info… Do it until you’re done!

  43. I am absolutely floored by what you managed to put together in just 6 weeks. Everything looks like you had months and months to plan. Love the pictures of you and Jordan and you and your mom, and the one of your dad walking you down the aisle. I’m so glad you were able to pull everything together for what looks like a perfect day that you’ll remember forever. 🙂

  44. Renee, your slideshow was so beautiful and so poignant that it brought tears to my eyes. You were gorgeous and the love shared by your family and friends was obvious. I am sure it was a bittersweet experience for you that you will cherish forever.

  45. My hat is off to you, Mrs.! As someone who planned a wedding in 3 months, which I thought was insane, I am not worthy! The setting, your dress, the DETAILS, wow! wow! wow! Congratulations on your special day and many years to come!
    (Small weddings are so much more fun and intimate, we had about 30 people and I did a lot of things myself as well. I set each table setting up with a homemade cd of our favorite music. Even cd’s sound dated now – and that was only 12 years ago lol.)

  46. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! I can’t get enough, but don’t mind me. I wish you both an entire planet full of happiness and a long and happy marriage as in “and they lived happily ever after”.
    Your beautiful mom is in my thoughts, I too am hoping for a miracle.

  47. I am sitting here at work softly weeping… I always cry at weddings, even cyber slide show ones. but your photos are so beautiful. What an excellent photographer! The two of you, your families and friends… great shots of everyone and the love shines clear throughout. Frame the one of you putting on or fixing his boutonierre… love that one!!!
    If you are so moved please do share further wedding posts.

  48. Gosh, that video is just the best – I’m in tears! I’ve dipped in here off and on over the years, read about your sewing and bits about your life and wondered if things would ever work out for you. And now they have. You are absolutely gorgeous in those photos – practically everyone is! I’m sure it’s the happiness that must have been radiating that day. Best wishes to the both of you.

  49. I am a long time reader who has not commented often. I wanted to say congratulations and best wishes to both of you.. What a surprise when I saw these pictures today.(busy summer for me)
    You looked lovely and happy! Great job on organizing everything so quickly and so well!

  50. Forgot to add that your love for your mom shines through in the pictures and in your giving her the gift of seeing you marry. She is in my prayers.

  51. Don’t stop! It’s all so beautiful, dreamy, intimate, personalized, magical and romantic. No one looks stressed at all. You and your elves did a spectacular job, and the pictures show the joy in the hearts of everyone who was obviously so happy to be present. Many decades of happiness.


  52. Best wishes to you and congratulations to Jordan! Love the photos! Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Your wedding was beautiful and I am TOTALLY JEALOUS of the fact that you did it in six weeks and it was SPECTACULAR! Keep posting pictures (the wedding and your life). You inspire me to start sewing (I only quilt except little things like Halloween bags for the nieces, pillowcases, and such). Much love to the both of you as you begin your new life together! *HUGS*

  53. What a beautiful wedding. I wish you a long and happy life together and it is wonderful that your Mum was able to share the day with you.

  54. Wow, I haven’t looked at my sewing blogs in quite a while and was so very happy to see you got married. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful!

    So sorry to hear about your mother, I know of 4 people currently battling cancer. Such a dreadful disease. I will keep her in my prayers. Remember God is good.

  55. I am catching up on blog reading and I had a wonderful time reading through all your wedding posts. You both look so happy. And all the unique and beautiful personal details that you were able to incorporate into your ceremony is such a short time blew me away. Congratulations to both of you and wishes for a long and loving life together.

  56. I was oohing and ahhing at your beautiful photos and then HAD to comment (even though there are tons already) because…

    I left our cake in the hotel fridge.

    I wanted to cry.

    We live in Minnesota and were married in North Carolina. There was no first year cake…but it’s okay! 🙂

  57. I just found your blog so forgive the lateness. I loved your wedding! Excellent job.
    We weren’t able to eat cake on our 1st either, my bridesmaid ate it in the middle of a PMS attack.
    Blessings to you and yours..

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