Organizing Continues

So, the hardest thing about getting my sewing room organized is that my old basement sewing area was and continues to be in total and complete disarray. The great thing about this process is I’m finally seeing just what and how much I have. For instance:

I have seven automatic buttonholers.

 photo file_zpsa96ab1d6.jpg

I am not really sure how this happened…. I think a combination of factors have led to this. Mostly, I had two already, some came with machines as I purchased them, and I have no inventory control. I honestly didn’t know I had this many. I thought I had, like three. Maybe four.  Maybe I’m a hoarder? No, I’m not. Peter seems to have the same ‘problem’.  How psyched am I that I can still put my hands on the eyelet template (umm, have never used it)?

Next? Still folding fabric. Remember, my original idea was fabric would go in all the drawers. But, I have too much for all that. But, I am trying out my harder to fold fabric there. Liz got the idea to put these knits away using archival foam core (thanks for the suggestion!). Here are some poly and silk jersey knits. I just want to run my fingers over these!!

 photo file_zps9a0f7220.jpg

For now, I’ve also just dumped all my silks and slippery lining fabrics in the drawers.

 photo file_zps69a9beec.jpg

 Liz, more patient than I, also started sorting out my lace trims in bins. These are on the comic book magazine boards. Fits perfectly!

 photo file_zpsa62b7f66.jpg

These bins are now on the shelf. And, I need to track down one more.

 photo file_zps4e194b58.jpg

So, still sorting through my 20 years of sewing ‘stuff’. Slow going, but truly, worth it.

Remember that scene in Sex and the City when Carrie said she really was the Old Lady Who Lived in Her Shoe? I’m the Old Lady Who Lived in Her Sewing Room. Just 30 more years until retirement 🙂


  1. Oh honey I would happily live in my sewing room! 😀 Totally taking that comic book board idea for trims, that’s genius. I am loving how this room is coming together, it’s cheerful and has a creative feel to it, and I know you’ll enjoy it! (gotta go play with my dress form that my own amazing spouse got me for Christmas! He even got me padding so she’s shaped like me!)

  2. Is there a chance you could use a pot hanging rack attached to the ceiling? Just a thought when things get crowded down below. You are so lucky to have a patient friend who likes organizing!!!! Having a full time job and a new husband takes up enough valuable sewing room time!!!! Another thought is when winter is over and you want to make space for lighter fabrics, try space bags…fill them, seal them and suck the air out. It will protect from moths and save sooo much space…heck you can even hide them all around the house under other things!!!

    • Oh such an awesome idea mrsmole!! I will definitely be using that for my “still have them but have no idea when I’ll get to them” fabrics! I used mine to move my fabric here but never thought of keeping them in there…

  3. I have never had a crafting space this special in my lifetime, but I am a pretty good organizer. I would wall mount those spools of thread and anything else that I could. A friend of mine did that, and it worked perfectly. She also bought one of those tracks (IKEA?) for organizing kitchen odds and ends under the cabinets and hung all her scissors and other accessories. Everything is there for her to see and grab as she needs it, and it freed up all the horizontal surfaces for sewing. This is going to be so perfect when you get through organizing!

  4. oh, it IS looking Good! I know how frustrating it is to be organizing instead of sewing, but this room is really going to be great!

  5. The sewing room is looking great! I admire your stick-to-it-iveness. I keep starting my sorting project and then get distracted – like the dog in the movie Up. Instead of “squirrel?!” It’s “fabric?!” You’re inspiring me to give it another go.

  6. It is amazing what you find once you start clearing out! Keep going, it is looking great and will be worth it once you’re done. I’m slowly getting through a complete clear out of our flat and it is so therapeutic!

  7. Your collection of buttonholers reminds me of a friends husband with kitchen equipment. He sees something in a catalog that looks good totally forgetting he already has 3 or more of the item.
    My dd Alex is the organizer in my family. When I needed some help with my sewing room she took pictures and made a presentation on how to make my room work better. She also helped with the organizing itself. Her preferred payment is a Mom made garment. Your friend is a treasure! It’s looking wonderful. Be patient it will get there.

  8. I have my grandma’s old Singer and I still find parts for it at garage sales and I always purchase them knowing full well I’ve got two at home. Weird. That might be a definition of a hoarder? Eek.

  9. I am so glad I found your blog again! I’m also organizing a new sewing room, having just bought and moved into a new house. I’ve never had a room completely dedicated to my crafting, so I’m both excited and a little overwhelmed with how to organize everything. I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts, and hopefully getting some ideas!

  10. Oh, how I envy your beautiful sewing room! Mine is the sewing dungeon, an unheated basement with dark 1970s paneling. I was, however, delighted to see your Kenmore 158.10xxx machine and Singer 301 case. I have a Singer 301 LBOW short-bed that I treasure; it is my go-to piecing machine, and its straight stitch a thing of joy! Enjoy!

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