New Podcast and More Organization

For some reason, Trena and I like to take tw0-year breaks between our podcasting. You would not believe how incredibly easy it is to do now! Our latest podcast is up along with show notes. From the link you can play, download, and comment. Below, you can see us mid chat via Google.

 photo 46E59FD9-5DCD-4314-9278-9100485DD13C_zps4fvtyl9c.jpg

 And, we are up on iTunes (feel free to rate our podcast there too). I’d tell you to play from the embedded player below, but it’s not available for WordPress ::shakes fist::  This time we talk about sewing machine accumulation, current projects and other assorted sewing things 🙂

 photo 07A96C0C-354C-42E1-ACB8-2D64146F6FA5_zpsskih58o1.jpg

I’m still plugging away at the HP Windcheater. There is so much top stitching!

 photo 7EA12E27-7B1A-4290-98D2-5FD8A61BEF3F_zpssiwjdj3h.jpg

My great success this weekend was making a lovely sample double welt pocket using Kenneth King’s method. The one on the Windcheater has a zipper behind it too. That one is not as lovely (the lips are too small). But, I like the decorative impact with the exposed zipper.

 photo 7B7004C9-2F00-4AC4-B95F-A6E8607CBDD3_zps9crgs4ce.jpg

This weekend I also managed to finally get my thread hung on the walls!

 photo 940A0B63-516E-45E8-A20C-011017A03146_zpsnnc52c3q.jpg

 photo E22D06FE-4549-4F36-B67E-1D8D63C11462_zpsk2wdeioz.jpg

And, I bought pegboard to install between my shelves and countertop. It’s not gone up yet because I need to get some wood for framing.

 photo 9285AA8E-2CF2-4DF1-9F56-E83DDF8593BA_zpsik9u658o.jpg

Overall a productive weekend. I still have six bins of fabric that need folding. But, it’s just a slow going process 🙂



  1. Oh yay, I’m so excited to listen to your podcast! I’ll blast it when I’m interfacing approximately 1000 pieces for a buttondown later on today!

  2. That is great news for the podcast, you two are fun to listen ot. I am loving that welt sample, I will have to pull out my Cool Couture book.

  3. How fun! A new podcast 🙂 I just flipped it on a second ago and I have to tell you I have NOT gotten my 3/13 Burda YET either. I even contacted GLP but they said I have to wait for a few more days to see if it arrives. Ugh. I think there is some weird issue with the mail here in Bmore beyond not getting my burda as I’ve been missing other things.

    • I just called them too this morning and she said they shipped on 2/14 and many people on the east coast have not received it due to the weather. I am partly relieved but still super anxious.

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 1:05 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


      • The Burda magazine delivery gods musta heard us… I got mine in the mail earlier today! So run to your mailbox and check it!

        • I am a total lie! It was home in the mail when I got in this evening. Whew!

          On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  4. Nice slow progress on the hubby jacket…almost makes me want to start one for Mr. Mole…well almost….ha ha. Your sewing room is shaping up nicely too…

  5. That podcast was so fun! First I knew that you two did them. Please dontinue. Only those of us afflicted with incurable fabri-holism can relate to all the profound truths you’ve spoken .. 😉 The windcheater’s looking really good .. I sure can empathize with loads of topstitching. Moderatel doses, I guess.

  6. New word I created .. dontinue. … LOL. definition: don’t continue.
    Of course, I meant continue .. 😉

  7. Isn’t folding fabric an extremely time consuming task?! At least it’s more exciting than folding washing. I loved hearing your voices, it’s interesting to hear how you actually sound after reading your words for so long

  8. I am so frickin’ happy about your podcast. Your previous podcasts have gotten me through many, many day trips to Edmonton and back (12-hour day; 10 hours of driving – there and back). Can’t wait to hear it!!!!

  9. I am so excited the podcast is back! I listened to it when I first started sewing, and I have enjoyed reading both of your blogs very much since then. Can’t wait for more!

    Also, your sewing room looks like it is going to be fantastic when you are finished!

  10. I knew there was a reason I kept your podcast subscription in itunes!!! I listened last night and you may not want to know, but each of my vintage Bernina records (830 and 932) were under $400 on Craigslist. The 830 needs repair right now, but the 932 sews even better.

    • *really*. Ok. Good to know. The rapair guy who worked on Trena’s 930 said he liked the previous model better. So, I’ve got a craigslist search now and check the yahoo sewing sale group regularly. Thanks for the heads up!

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 9:23 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


  11. I know this sounds a bit weird, but I have the same exact hair color as Trena. Does she have a blog also? I just found yours by suggestion and I love what I see! I’m so happy I landed on the itunes post! I have NO excuse to exercise when I go walking in the spring 🙂

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