Under Cabinet Lighting and Peg Board

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While I may not be sewing, I’m still moving along (just as slowly) with getting my sewing room set up. Last night, my electrician installed fluorescent lighting under my cabinets in the sewing room.

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When he saw that I was putting in pegboard too, he offered to install it while he was there. I’m super irritated with the peg board (and not just because he was over until 11 p.m. doing the work!). Please note that it extends past both the cabinet and counter on the left.

And it short on the right. Grrrr. But, he didn’t actually charge me above the quoted price for the lighting (and new outlet/ switch). So, beggars can’t be choosers.

I’ve got most of my pressing tools on there now and that helps free up a drawer.

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And this task lamp to the right (on the desk) was a Valentine’s Day gift from the hubs.  I still need some storage cups for the pegboard and a few more baskets.

Overall, SUPER happy to get this task done!

Liz has promised to help me finish folding fabric for my birthday this month. So, once that’s done, I think my room will be fully operational! (I’m not counting new curtains and wall decor in ‘fully operational’).



  1. So inspired by your workroom progress. Wish I had a “Liz” to help me fold!

  2. Would you consider calling the “electrician” back to move the pegboard to the place you want it? As a woman who has done many renovations, I have found that you have to be there when work is being done because communication isn’t always what you think it is. I have also found that if it bugs you now, it will bug you later. Get it corrected and be a totally happy woman. You have a wonderful space – there is much sewing room/studio envy going on over here. Brava!

    • I’m *Really* glad you said this. I did talk to him while I was there and after it was done. He claims that’s where the studs are. I think he knew I wasn’t happy and that’s why he didn’t charge extra. I think I’m just going to take it down and do it myself. I just want it over six inches and down four. It would make a world of difference to me.

      On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 11:50 AM, Miss Celie's Pants wrote:


      • yep, that is what is so exhausting about my sewing room setup, too. I need to keep fixing and adjusting things that don’t go right. Aside from that, the space is looking amazing. You will love it when you can finally relax into it.

      • If that’s where the studs are, I’d probably leave it alone. I know that I’d sure be hesitant to use wall anchors on load bearing shelving or pegboard…there’s some fudge room there, but it’s kind of lengthy to explain, and easier if I was standing there with you, LOL!

        Love your sewing room setup though, the under cabinet lighting is something I *wish* I had in my kitchen, let alone my sewing room! And what is “sewing room decor”? Is that the projects strewn everywhere? Little bits of thread on the floor? Because otherwise it does not compute. 😉

  3. Hmmm. If the studs were the deciding factor it seems like the top cabinets would be falling down. I agree it would make me nuts – but I tried to figure out the why? It looked to me like it was lining up with the 3 bottom cabinets, and not the top row cabinets (that are theoretically hanging from nothing but wall board.) But it is hard to tell from the pictures. He was oblivious to the obvious.

  4. You could balance the right side of the pegboard with some corkboard. I have a small corkboard by my machine that is invaluable for quick saves of oddball things I will be using soon.

    • I *love* this idea! would be a great place to hang up the pattern instructions too…or maybe I’m the only one who misplaces page 2 and needs to go back and reference it?

  5. Your space is looking amazing! That corkboard idea above is great. *One Day* I will have a fully functional sewing space that I really like….one day!

    On another note, I kinda wish I could offer to come help you fold fabric. I get a great sense of satisfaction from folding fabric well and neatly, I’m known at my local Fabricland (I’m in Canada) as the woman who prefers to fold her own fabric cuts rather than have the sales associate do it, lol.

  6. It does seem more lined up with the lower cabinets and it were slid over more to the corner, whatever was hanging on it might not be a help and more a hindrance. I’m with Lori on the cork board…good for messages and pinning little bits up as inspiration. It is really coming together and I love the light from your hubby!!!!

  7. Liz is truly a great friend! Not too many people would fold fabric, but it’s probably a lot more fun with two people. Did you actually tell the electrician where you wanted the pegboard? and it can come down and be re hung. I find that design decisions should never be left to men who aren’t actually in a design field.
    The room is really looking great.

  8. A convenient way to fill that space might be to get some 1/2″ thick self-adhesive cork tiles. They are easy to cut to fit around outlets and odd spaces. I used some to cover an odd space on my kitchen wall 3+ years ago and the adhesive has held up well. I did need to order online to find the 1/2″ thick tiles (i.e. thick enough to actually hold pushpins). Hmmm, now I want to put some of the extra tiles up near my sewing area. Your sewing space looks wonderful.

  9. I’m so impressed with the design of your sewing room. I especially like the fact that you have all of your pressing tools within easy reach. May you enjoy many hours of inspiration and creativity in your new space!

  10. I’d do the cork board or cork tiles. It would also be a neat little spot for a storage cubby of some sort to balance things out. My dh does the because it’s where the stud is thing too. At least I can put lots of weight. It’s a sewing room and to me a sewing room is all about function and done is done so you can get on to the next thing. It’s looking really good-so proud for you.

  11. Hmmm have wanted a sewing room like yours for some time – so cool. Now I need to get a carpenter to install such a cabinet for me.

  12. your room is looking good. Why is it such a small detail can suck so much joy right out of something we work hard for? I’d either put it where you want it – toggle bolts would be what you’d want, not wall anchors. It’s not like the shelves in my room which are full of books and need to hold hundreds of pounds. Or Lori’s suggestion is also good. Is the pegboard far enough past the cabinets that you could hang long rulers from it?

  13. Cork board is a great idea to balance it out. You could also put up some small wall cups/buckets/caddies – they would be great for scissors and marking tools and such. You’d have more room on your pegboard then. 🙂

  14. What a fabulous space you’re going to have in just a short while…love it!!

  15. Exactly positioned peg board or NO… it’s still such a gorgeous sewing room. Really, beautiful! I guess folding is something different than “large bags of fabric stuffed in under the bed and across the bookshelves” then, yes?

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