So Close, Yet So Far

I am *almost* done with Jordan’s HP Windcheater jacket. Truly. I just need to add buttonholes and buttons and I’ll be set. I SWORE I would get it done today (we’re off for Good Friday).


But, grrr, Nigel, my MINI Cooper,  got keyed overnight  by some dickhead and I spent a bunch of time talking to insurance and getting a police report.

 photo 59F7BB90-BD9C-438C-870E-184F75D0E53A_zpst19shs29.jpg

Anywho, I wanted to finish this for Jordan so he could wear it to my (20 year!!) high school reunion in Virginia this weekend, but it looks like it’s not going to get done. It’s more important I get my stray gray hair dyed 🙂

Also, I somehow managed to lose the left sleeve lining. So, I have to cut and resew that when I get a moment. So, there’s like 2 hours of work left on this bad boy and I’ll be done. And, maybe ready to start one for myself…



  1. I get so furious at these random acts of violence…damn, what is the thrill in destroying property??? Love your husband’s rainwear. What a good-looking piece of sewing!

  2. OMG so sorry about your car! For some reason getting my car keyed is one of my frequent (irrational) fears. Hope some fun times this weekend will cheer you up!

  3. Whyyy…..why do people key cars and paint graffiti? I’m very sorry this happened to your car….

  4. Seems rather un-Baltimore? Or maybe I’ve lead a sheltered life in my time there….

    Enjoy the reunion…..20 is fun, people were much improved by then in my experience.


  5. So sorry for your car, that is awful. This coat is going to be spectacular, good luck with the last few finishes.

  6. So sorry about your car :(. Hope you have a great reunion and look forward to the pics.

  7. That jacket is really amazing! It looks like a classic that will be worn for a long time. Hope you can get your errands all taken care of easily. It really makes you wonder why someone would enjoy destroying something beautiful when we spend so much time trying to make beautiful things.

  8. WOW. Keying your car was pretty mean. But the jacket looks great. Have a safe trip and enjoy.

  9. Keying your car? *Shakes head* But congrats on your 20yr reunion, mine was a couple years ago you young thing 🙂 Def get those stry grays tamed. Have you thought of using henna or hendigo to cover gray? Revently converted to henna and converted my 23-yo no grays Nigerian babysitter to cassia oblata (‘neutral henna’). Easy to do at home, but will slightly loosen curls. My big waves are flatter :/ but the red is so gorgeous and no industrial chemicals, plus it’s cheap, so it’s a trade-off. Found lots of info and pics on black girl long hair forum. Umm… I mean, to think about after DH’s coat is done.

  10. Poor Nigel!!!!! I hope the insurance company gets it fixed FAST! Love Love LOVE the Windcheater. It’s on my short list for my hubby just as soon as I find the right fabric.

  11. Looks great! Sorry about Nigel, but the jacket looks absolutely perfect!

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