Friday Laughs: A RTW #Fail

I was recently quite taken with a whimsical Popsicle print in a dress from the Atlantic Pacific blog. I mean, I love the red, white and blue color combo and these are my favorite popsicles.

From her July 4 post

The similar dress she pointed to was a scant 34 dollars. Yes, it’s poly. But, I super love the print. So I ordered a size large and figured I could take it in if needed.

Taking in not needed.


Funny, right? That’s like a six inch gap. The bodice zipper is resting on the apex of my girly bits. I’m still not pregnant (nor trying to be). But, between the desperate need more length in the bodice and the stiff stiff crinoline at the bottom, it looks like a hoop skirt gone awry. I now see the teeny model wearing it looks a little pregnant too.

My mom always warned me about ordering clothes from catalogs (yeah, catalogs. I used to order from J.Crew ON THE PHONE  in college when I had the scratch. That was exactly twice.)


This dress could not fit worse. I can’t even tell if the print is off grain. Again, this is a Large! I tried to get a 24 year old size 0 friend to take it and she ‘politely’ declined. Heh.  Maybe this is a sign to dress my age?

I think I will be turning this into a skirt….



  1. Oh this made me chuckle. I’ve had this happen to me too. Perhaps turning this into a skirt would be the better idea 😉

  2. Can you not mail it back? I’m the queen of returns and return EVERYTHING that does not work perfectly for what I want. On a side note, what do you think about people sewing up dresses in juvenile prints like cats or elephants? I keep seeing those pop up at pattern review and think they look like something I would put on my daughter. She’s 3.

    • So, I think I could probably return it. I will say I almost forgot about it since it took three weeks to come in and came direct from China :-/ I have to figure out if it’s worth the shipping. And, I d like the print and can see a little top or such from it.

      Juvenile prints didn’t bother me that much before since I consider myself a *little *quirky. I thought I would wear this for patriotic holidays and chuckle. But, I’m reading The Lost Art of Dress and have really gotten behind the idea that I don’t need to dress like a little girl as a grown woman. So, while I like whimsical prints, they have a time and place. And, for me, they are limited to bicycles, glasses and rocket popsicles. I might even do a poodle since it’s a symbol of my sorority. But, no cats, dragons, elephants for me. And I think scale will make a huge difference too.

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  3. How about making a bodice out of plain white and adding the skirt made of the popsicle fabric. That might look cute.

  4. lol thanks for the laugh. I can’t believe that is a large. Or is that a large for a child? Why would they market that for adult women??? It obviously doesn’t fit an adult. I personally wouldn’t wear those types of prints unless it was for a themed party or something like that but that print is cute. Those used to be my favorite popsicles too!

  5. I’m with Amanda ~ you can’t return this?! If you REALLY want popsicle fabric why don’t you try making your own on Spoonflower and then making a garment that fits you!

  6. This sounds like my life. LOL. I really do think the fabric is adorable, though. If you can’t return it, the fabric would make a great trim or accent for another clothing project or even something for around the house. Thanks for sharing.

  7. RTW sizing has gone completely silly-bonkers. I can fit into some 12s, which are looser on me than some XXLs. I have not ordered clothing for myself from a catalog in over a decade, for this reason.

    A popsicle dress for summertime sounds completely reasonable to me. Wonder if you can find popsicle-shaped buttons for it?

    • Yeah, I find this comical. I’m the first to admit I’ve put on some LBS this last year. But, this wasn’t going to fit me at my smallest. I need a 3X by their measurements.

  8. I’m with Susan….new solid top and let the gathers relax to fit your waist or use the top part to make great pockets inside so you can do spins to show off your bloomers or ruffled tennis pants underneath.We all get stung from time to time…but it always makes a good post to share…keep smiling Rene, it is probably a child’s size anyway!

  9. They do say in the measurements that their large is a US size 8, which is not even accurate for a 34″ bust. But if they’re sizing to Chinese women I totally believe the sizing – it’s tons of fun shopping in Asia when I’m bigger than everything in the stores!

    • I think you’re right. I’m wearing an XL right now that I bought in China. When I told them my shoe size they giggled and shook their head’s ‘no’. So, I think if I were like an A cup, this could work. I’m a 32 band size!

  10. THIS is why we sew :-). Don’t feel alone, this looks like my attempts at RTW. I don’t think I’d even attempt a skirt. Return it, search for similar fabric..

  11. That is ridiculous! Seriously. That’s exactly why I barely ever buy things online, or from catalogs. I really do need to try things on. When I go to the store, I grab all kinds of sizes and styles of things, and it never fails that I end up leaving with items that are a size down from my “true” size or up to two sizes bigger! Sizing makes no sense.Love the Popsicles. We called those “bomb pops” back in the day.

  12. Oh, I’ve had this happen. Part of me wanted to throw myself off a bridge, the other part couldn’t stop laughing from the sheer hilarity. Ordering sight unseen can be awesome or horrible. I still do it!

  13. That’s a large?!?!?! Weird! I bought something online for the first time in ages and didn’t notice until after I’d laundered it that it’s terribly off-grain. I like the dress, but the seams shifted around so much the only time I wore it that I doubt I can stand to wear it again. Ugh!

  14. For me, ‘dress your age’ means dressing in clothes I like regardless of my age so my advice to you…go forth and wear popsicles if you like! Shame about the size though as its very cute and summery.

  15. Beware the Spoonflower fabric – I have some (couldn’t resist), but it FADES like crazy. Their print technique is not washfast. But if you like the washed-out look, then you’ll be fine.

  16. I can’t even tell how this dress is supposed to fit. What’s wrong with sizing these days?

  17. I would take this apart and make a sheer overshirt with it to wear with a white tank and leggings. That would get you the floaty look from the catalog picture (and the fun fabric) in a more flattering shape. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

  18. I don’t understand why the model’s dress has lovely floaty sleeves and yours is sleeveless – and with an armhole gap the size of a tax loophole!

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